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"The gentlemen are going to do their native dance." "I ain't gonna take my clothes off for anybody!" - Grace Goodall & Curly (PARDON MY SCOTCH, 1935)

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Average Rating:     [3.78/10]   18 votes


Two professors take a page from George Bernard Shaw and settle a behaviorism dispute on heredity vs. environment by trying to reform three slovenly, crass handymen (played, of course, by the Stooges). A several-million-dollar bet is made, and Quackenbush sets to training his three Lizas. Several months pass, and the newborn gentlemen attend a dinner party. They behave themselves for about two minutes, before leading into a horrendous pie fight. Good line: "Why, you act as if the sword of Damocles was hanging over your head!"

A remake, with some stock footage, of HALF-WITS HOLIDAY (1947).

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Joe
Release Date
June 12, 1958
Production Type
Short Subject
16.33 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   EASY COME, EASY GO
Prod. No.:   1908
Shooting Days:   2 days   From: 1957-05-06   To: 1957-05-07

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 8.00)
Face Slaps: 7 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 25

Stooge Quotes   (1)
  • "You kleptomaniac!" "If that means what I think it does... I'm guilty."
    (Moe & Joe)

Stooge Goofs   (2)
  • Forgetting the Script
    After Larry says â€Å"There hasn't been a gentleman in our family in 50 generations!”, Moe is supposed to respond â€Å"Quit braggin'!”, but he pauses for a brief period and just looks at Larry with a mean expression before he remembers his line.

  • Line Flub
    When Sappington (Emil Sitka) brings the Stooges inside the house, he says to one of the professors â€Å"Pardon me, gen....uh...professor, the plumbers are here”. It sounds like Emil almost said â€Å"gentlemen”, probably because he was used to saying it so many other times in Stooge shorts.

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Fan Reviews   (8)
Posted 2007-08-05 16:10:39 by FourthThird
Edited 2014-11-26 07:59:53 by FourthThird

I'm editing this review again, having just watched HALF-WITS' HOLIDAY and PIES AND GUYS back to back.

Don't throw pastries at me, but... I think PIES isn't that bad.

Sure, Joe isn't Curly, and one or two of the supporting actors don't measure up to their predecessors. Still, I think Joe manages to be funny in his own way for the most part. (His best lines are ones that weren't in HALF-WITS.) And in some places Moe and Larry manage to improve a bit on their earlier performances (such as where Moe pantomimes eating a noodle).

Also, I think PIES actually has better pacing than HALF-WITS overall; the table scene, especially, flows much more smoothly here.

Granted, the last few minutes are straight from HALF-WITS, with only a couple of pointless Joe reaction shots inserted, so it loses points for that. But overall, if no one told me this short, and Joe, were terrible, I wouldn't know it just from watching.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2001-10-28 22:44:00 by Stooge
Edited 2008-06-17 05:52:41 by Stooge
A terrible remake of HALF-WITS HOLIDAY. All the redone scenes are weak and slow-paced, and Besser does a bad job stepping into Curly's role. Milton Frome as Prof. Quackenbush gave a bland performance and pales badly in comparison to Vernon Dent. And they didn't even bother to add in a new ending, even though they actually HAD a third Stooge to work with this time.

Reviewer's Rating: (2)
Posted 2002-07-19 19:48:00 by shemps#1
Edited 2006-03-23 20:49:22 by shemps#1
Not as bad as the worst Besser shorts, but bad nonetheless. I have to give a shot out to my main man Doug-E-Notsofresh (metaldams) for sending me the "missing 60" shorts. They should have left this storyline alone after Hoi Polloi.

Reviewer's Rating: (2)
Posted 2002-02-11 17:22:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2006-03-23 20:48:39 by shemps#1
Once again, another crappy remake. This almost felt like a manual on how not to remake a good Three Stooges short. Milton Frome was terrible in place of Vernon Dent & nearly all the redone gags fell flat. Moe & Larry seemed flat as well but I can only assume this was a tough one to remake. And why wasn't Besser in there throwing pies w/ Moe & Larry instead of standing next to Greta Thyssen & taking a few pies then disappearing.? 1 poke

Reviewer's Rating: (3)
Posted 2002-09-23 04:08:00 by Uncle Buzz
Definitely above average Besser, and thank God he takes a few belts in this one. I like the gag where Moe flicks his cigar ashes in Joe's mouth and later bites his nose! Greta Thysenn is drop dead gorgeous. Gene Roth fares better than Milton Frome as the two professors. One of the few Bessers I own on 16mm.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2002-05-19 02:00:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2002-05-22 06:52:00 by Mike Holme
Horrible, almost all the gags from "Half-Wits Holiday" are repeated almost word-for-word in this stinker. At least there were a few funny lines and Joe gets hit quite often. One of the only funny moments was when Milton Frome yells "Noooo!" after Larry cracks the "cat having chickens" joke.1/2 poke
Posted 2001-10-25 12:15:00 by metaldams
Guys, this short isn't THAT bad. Granted, it's not a classic, but it is at the very least watchable. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Posted 2001-06-02 17:57:00 by sickdrjoe
Like cleaning out the catbox after a month's neglect, only with more ammonia to burn your corneas.Edited by - sickdrjoe on 6/2/01 5:57:44 PM

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