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"Eureka!" "You don't smell so good, either!" - Moe & Shemp (BABY SITTERS JITTERS, 1951)

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The Stooges' apartment is a little crowded, but they do their best to raise the baby colt and search for sister Birdie's mate, a circus horse named Schnapps. The Stooges read in the paper that Schnapps has been injured, and may have to be destoyed. Knowing this would crush their sister, they set out to the circus to save him.

This film is a continuation of HOOFS AND GOOFS (1957).

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Joe
Release Date
September 12, 1957
Production Type
Short Subject
15.5 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Prod. No.:   1901
Shooting Days:   3 days   From: 1956-11-19   To: 1956-11-21

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 1.00)
Face Slaps: 3 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 1 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (1)
  • "What's the idea of spreadin' mashed potatoes on your bread... why don't you use butter?" "That's fattening!"
    (Moe & Joe)

Stooge Goofs   (1)
  • Larry's Hair
    I'm not sure if this counts or not, but at the end when Larry comes out of the back of the horse costume, his hair is wild and frizzy like it usually is. But in all the earlier parts of this short, he has the combed back, gentleman-esque hairstyle that he sports in a few other Besser shorts as well. This may not be a goof, though, because his hair could have just gotten frizzy from being inside the horse costume.

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Fan Reviews   (16)
Posted 2014-05-06 16:33:18 by stryker

What i did like about the Besser era (not THIS short) was use of more exterior footage. During the Shemp era, it's like the producers were not for filming scenes outside and mostly filmed inside..maybe budget cuts were to blame.. although that doesn't explain why they would start utilizing exterior footage more when Besser joined the team. I can only think of a small batch of shorts (or parts of them) that were not shot indoors during that era. (maybe Shemp didn't like to film outside?)

Posted 2013-11-16 20:05:29 by James Tingle

I'm sorry but that was bad. That's all i can say.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2008-08-13 19:58:04 by DocWatson

Just recently caught this one. I'm not surprised I had missed it up to this point... I wish I hadn't.

This is the sequel to one of the most horrible shorts of all time, which is to say, it manages to be even worse. It's such a shame to watch Moe and Larry stumble through this embarrassingly and to watch Joe Besser's inability to adapt his style.

This is basically a bad version of Hoofs and Goofs... I don't give this rating out very often, but please avoid it, for fear of questioning your liking for the Stooges.

BOMB!!!!! out of 4

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2007-07-06 13:43:06 by FourthThird
Edited 2008-06-17 14:48:19 by FourthThird

Whew... even as a Besser defender I have to admit this one is pretty lame. Mildly cute in a couple of places (esp. where the baby horse is shown), and the brief scene with Sitka and the horse-costumed Moe & Larry is pretty good, but that's about it. And Joe is about as annoying as he ever gets! It plays like a wimpier-than-usual piece from the Curly-Joe era -- like, say, one of the weaker wraparounds from the NEW THREE STOOGES cartoons, only much longer.

SWEET & HOT is arguably still worse, though.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2007-12-15 22:33:31 by hailstone

The worst Stooge short ever IMO and the corniest ending in Stooge history. At least the viewer only had to endure one talking horse in Hoofs and Goofs. What more can be said? The dialogue is atrocious, the story is mind-numblingly dull, and the always reliable Emil Sitka falls way short in his role.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-03-19 07:10:00 by black banana
Edited 2006-03-23 19:49:20 by shemps#1
THE WORST THREE STOOGES SHORT FILM! This is almost completely unfunny from beginning to end. A bad MR. ED episode has to be funnier than all this talking horse business. The writers must have been plastered on Schnapps (name of one of the horses) when they concocted this! I think this is weirder than CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO. The dialogue sounds made up on the spot and the Stooges actually act like they are reading off cue cards. The second half is especially dull, with an extended horse carriage ride, a boring chase with Emil Sitka and a lousy fake horse routine. There is one OK 30 second scene where Moe gives Larry the works as in days of old. 1/2 poke rating...I honestly think this is worse than SWEET AND HOT!

Reviewer's Rating: (1)
Posted 2003-11-10 17:20:00 by BeatleShemp
I find parts of this film amusing, like where the Stooges pull Birdie in the carraige, and Larry falls into the mud hole. I also got a laugh that while Emil Sitka is chasing Moe and Larry and accusing them of being "horse thieves," Joe has already found and stolen Schnapps before anyone else went looking for him. Rating: 2 1/2 stars
Posted 2003-09-14 00:03:00 by Genius In the Lamp
This was a painful short to sit through. Not one laugh was to be had from this exercise in tedium. You know the short is bad when even a trouper like Emil Sitka seems to be going through the motions. Lame premise + subfusc performances = BOMB!!

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2001-06-02 01:16:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-06-24 16:31:00 by Stooge
One of the few Stooge shorts to show continuity. It worked for YOU NAZTY SPY/I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN. It sure as hell didn't work for this. The writers must've been either completely out of ideas or extremely drunk when thinking of sequeling the disastrous HOOFS AND GOOFS. At least HOOFS had Benny Rubin as the landlord to save that short. There's not a single reedeming thing about this short. There's not even an explanation of why Bertie is still a horse when it was all a dream in HOOFS AND GOOFS. The second worst short, right behind SWEET AND HOT.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2003-06-10 20:25:00 by Pat Stooge
You ever heard of the saying that 70s films were product of excessive cocaine use?Well I think that many short subjects of the late 50s were like the product of excessive drunkeness,where writers would get drunk and write nonsense and crap like this.This is a terrible short, and its made worse by the fact that many short subjects were declining rapidly.When I watched this in 1996, I couldn't understand one word about this then in 2001 I watched again and hated it, I still do.Yes the writers were drunk when they wrote this and knew that they were losing money. Yes Hoofs and Goofs is better than this, but thats like saying Salmonella is betterthan E.coli.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-05-14 23:19:00 by BJR
An atrocity from the start, this is easily the worst short I have ever seen, though I've yet to see SWEET AND HOT.Let's review here...1. The freaking TALKING HORSE has more lines than the Stooges practically2. Moe's always nice to Joe, but here after Larry thinks of a "good idea," Moe just pats him on the head and laughs like he's his best buddy! Where's that spirit from TERTMIES OF 1938 where the idea of playing the record got Larry a slap on the head?3. The funniest moment in the short was from a supporting player -- Emil Sitka shoots himself in the foot and howls in agony, which is fairly funny.The only moment that even made me crack a smile in this short was the 30-second beef between Moe and Larry in the cabin (violence always happened when the Stooges were in that cabin, like in OIL'S WELL... and IDIOTS DELUXE). Okay, I'll admit it, it made me laugh out loud, but that doesn't excuse putting us through 16.5 other minutes of agony.0 pokes [Bomb]Grade: FRating: 0.5/10

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2001-10-06 13:35:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2002-04-30 05:10:00 by Mike Holme
I knew this short was a bomb from the minute I saw Birdie rocking the baby horse and singing! This one was incredibly unfunny. And now...KABOOM!Besser Abuse: A fork poke, slap on the chest, and a slap on the head dished out by Larry. Plus, Joe gets hit with a large tray by Moe. The abuse Besser takes is definently more than usual which is perhaps the only good thing about this short.BOMB!
Posted 2002-02-11 15:51:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2002-02-11 15:54:00 by Shemp_Diesel
I'm not sure if I can find enough adjectives to describe this mess other than it blew chunks. I still have yet to see "Sweet & Hot" but after viewing this crap along w/ other Besser stinkers like "Pies & Guys" it's hard to imagine it being any worse.No rating. Not one bit of redeeming comedy to be had. Burn the damn negatives & spare future generations this atrocity!.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-02-04 21:24:00 by BeatleMoe
Not at all that great, but a little better than SWEET AND HOT. I find this a step or two down from HOOFS AND GOOFS, but to see Moe carry his "nephew" around is just cute. Memorable Scene: Moe and Larry in a horse costume.Rating: 1 starBeatleMoe
Posted 2001-10-25 12:25:00 by metaldams
What the hell were they thinking, doing a sequel to Hoofs And Goofs? Absolutely awful. Moe and Larry have one funny scene where Moe is letting Larry have it, a throwback to the chemistry of old. This saves Horsing Around from getting a half star. 1 star out of 5.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2001-05-08 22:07:00 by BeAStooge
It's like watching "Mr. Rogers Meets Francis the Talking Mule and Mr. Ed."

Reviewer's Rating: (2)

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