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"The only thing stoppin' me from shooting you birds is, I'm short of bullets." "Oh, I got plenty of bullets. I can lend you... nyyaahh!" - Kathryn Sheldon & Curly (ROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES, 1940)

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Vagrants Moe, Larry and Joe answer a want ad for merchant seamen, and arrive at the futuristic house of eccentric Professor A. K. Rimple, and his beautiful assistant/daughter. Rimple's house is actually a rocket ship, and the Stooges find themselves shanghaied for a trip to the planet Sunev (Sunev is Venus spelled backwards, but don'tchu tell somebody, it's a secret!). Exploring the planet surface, the Stooges are captured by amazon cannibals and inadvertently saved by the arrival of a giant-sized reptile monster. Returning to the ship, the boys accidentally knock out the Rimples, and are left to pilot the ship to safety by themselves before the monster destroys it.

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Joe
Release Date
April 18, 1957
Production Type
Short Subject
16.3 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   ROCKET AND ROLL IT
Prod. No.:   4253
Shooting Days:   3 days   From: 1956-08-27   To: 1956-08-29

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 1.00)
Face Slaps: 3 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 1 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (6)
  • "I don't wanna die! I can't die! I haven't seen THE EDDIE DUCHIN STORY yet! And I did so wanna... [sob]"

  • "Sunev is Venus spelled backwards, but don'tchu tell somebody, it's a secret!"
    (Benny Rubin)

  • "How's American Can?" "It's slipping too, but Pinpoint Pimple is up 6." "It is? Squeeze it!"
    (Larry & Moe)

  • "We have landed on Sunev!" "And the sunev we leave, the better I'll like it!"
    (Benny Rubin & Joe)

  • "The air-test gauge show the air outside to be the same as on Earth!" "Oh, smog!"
    (Doreen Woodbury & Moe)

  • "Pay strict attention to flora and fauna." "Oh boy, dames!"
    (Benny Rubin & Joe)

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Fan Reviews   (10)
Posted 2002-02-11 16:35:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2014-12-25 10:03:31 by Shemp_Diesel

The first of the Besser space trilogy. Not as teeth-gratingly bad as Outer Space Jitters or Flying Saucer Daffy but still nothing all that great either. Benny Rubin provides some pretty good entertainment doing his old german man character again & the women are all nice to look at. Overall, I would say this short is in the same ballpark as "Merry Mix Up", not exactly terrible but nothing that ranks with even an average Curly or Shemp.

4 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2014-05-10 15:28:01 by Carrie The Canary

I suppose this short has a kind of tawdry charm to it. The aging Stooges saddled with the ill-fitting Joe Besser do the best they can, but they don't have much to work with. It seems that Jules White knew that this production needed something to bring it up to speed, so bring on the girls! Aye aye aye, be bop! Some of the girls look like it is all that they can do to keep from bursting out laughing while saying that line, the whole thing is so ridiculous.

Benny Rubin is a hoot as always.

And Doreen Woodbury is a real treat. Oh my God, a genuine actress! What is she doing here? Sad that she came to a tragic end not long after this was filmed.

Looks like they couldn't think of an ending, so why not "we made the whole thing up" or "it was a dream"? Works every time. Instant ending.

All in all, summing up my thoughts on this short: Aye aye aye....be bop!

Posted 2007-10-08 13:19:34 by FourthThird
Edited 2007-10-08 13:33:09 by Dunrobin

OK Besser short, neither among the best or worst in my book. The best of the "space trilogy," I'd say. Some parts show me that Joe could pull off funny material quite well, on the rare occasions when someone actually bothered to give him any; for example:
Moe: "You're not scared, are you?"
Joe (shaking head "no" emphatically): "Yes."

Memorable to say the least
Posted 2006-11-23 16:07:19 by [Deleted Member]

Space Ship Sappy was one of the few Joe Besser-era Three Stooges films that was not a remake of either a Shemp or Curly Three Stooges flick. But like almost all the Besser films, it's not funny but the Amazon woman make it memorable when the tie the guys to stakes and tickle torture their feet. I would like to know who thought of the tickling scene and why it was part of the story - just for laughs, watching the women overpower and via tickling humiliate the Stooges? The professor's daughter thinks the Amazon gals are "tickling them to death" but the girls don't finish the job. In fact, it appears they want to eat Moe, Larry and Joe Besser alive before the dinosaur scares them away. So, why have them tickle the Stooges?

Posted 2006-04-07 16:43:49 by Bangsmith
This short is probably the best Joe Besser short, which makes it the eqivalent of a bad Curly or Shemp episode. Only the Besser remakes are nearly as good, and that is because they were originally written for Shemp or Curly! The Amazons add a slightly risque element, as the Stooges all take turns kissing them, before realizing that lips are not quite what the girls want to taste! Like Heavenly Daze, the surprise ending forces one to re-evaluate the plot. As in Stone Age Romeos, the Stooges are revealed at the end as liars who made the whole thing up!

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2006-03-25 10:40:22 by shemps#1
Of the two outer space shorts Space Ship Sappy is much better than Outer Space Jitters, but that isn't saying much. Benny Rubin puts in a good performance as Professor Rimple, making up for his awful performance in the disaster that is known as Hoofs and Goofs. The bit with the Amazons was pretty good, and the Professor's daughter made for some decent eye candy. Otherwise this short tends to drag in spots like the vast majority of Besser shorts do.

My Rating: 1.5 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2002-10-17 22:10:00 by Zoe
I just saw the short , I had'nt seen it for over 15 years,and boy did it bring back memories.I think it very charming and funnyshort. I esp. like the amazons scene when they first met the boys there is an undeniable erotic sentiment in them so they can trick the boys.And then the tickling scene was just outrageous fun!i think the boys were genuinely ticklish, anybody else agree?Now I see why they usually censor the tickling scene on reruns, because if you watch Joe Besser and the girl tickling his foot frame by frame you will see that Joe had an incredible hardon bulging in his pants, and every so often you can see the amazon staring at it with glee!!!You would never know it except by the frame by frame. Buteven without the frame by frame you can see how turned on and into it Lorraine Crawford got! she perhaps more than the other two girls.Finally I'd like to compliment the professors daughter (Doreen Woodbury) she added much spice to the short, her hot voice and excitement really fired things up. if anyone wants to see a really hot looking chick check out the professors daughter frame by frame at the scene just after they land on sunev and she turns around saying, Father! then proceeds to give the atmospheric readings check her out frame by frame there and you'll see what I mean!Zoe

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-06-16 03:23:00 by black banana
One of three shorts in the Joe Besser space trilogy.The Stooges answer an ad for three adventurersand meet Professor A.K. Rimple (Benny Rubin) and headfor Venus (Sunev) and the Moon. Upon landing onSunev, they meet gorgeous female cannibals and runaway from a giant lizard (stock Columbia footage no doubt).After crash landing their rocket ship back home, we learnthe whole thing was just an award winning tall tale for theLiar's Club. Good film for fans of silly 50's sci-fi stuff.The other two Besser space films are similar to this in caliber."ay ay ay be bop!"

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2002-05-19 05:08:00 by Mike Holme
A great Besser short, even though the amazons tickling the stooges' feet was the funniest part of this short, there were many other very funny scenes making this my second favorite Besser short.3 1/2 pokes
Posted 2002-04-29 17:10:00 by BeatleMoe
I finally have this version uncut. It is a scream. They each get a slap in this. The part where they get those enormouse flu shots was funny, as was the eggs that flew into the ship, hitting Moe. I even liked the part where the Stooges were getting tickled to death. A riotRating: 3 starsBeatleMoe

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