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"Yeah, but the D.A. says we can't make a case out of 11 bottles." - Shemp (TRICKY DICKS, 1953)

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Average Rating:     [9.20/10]   22 votes


The Stooges learn that their inhertance money is in the hands of a crooked lawyer named Ichabod Slipp. They come to his office only to be beaten up by Slipp, who runs off with the money. The Stooges wake up and find a clue that Slipp is meeting his partner-in-crime at a nearby theatre, and a backstage chase is on!

Most of the first 5 minutes of the film is stock footage from HOLD THAT LION! (1947).
IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Shemp
Release Date
April 02, 1953
Production Type
Short Subject
15.9 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   FILTHY LUCRE
Prod. No.:   4197
Shooting Days:   2 days   From: 1952-05-20   To: 1952-05-21

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 7.00)
Face Slaps: 26 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 1 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (0)

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Stooge Goofs   (8)
  • Cut-Off / Repeated Line
    After Slipp chases Shemp off-screen, we hear Shemp say â€Å"I'll fill ya full of ho--”, then his line suddenly gets cut off, and a few seconds later when the camera cuts over to Slipp and Shemp, Shemp repeats his line fully: â€Å"I'll fill ya full of holes like a swiss cheese!”

  • Delayed Reaction
    When Joe, Slipp's partner (Tom Kennedy) is about to punch Larry, Moe blocks Larry's face with a shield and Joe ends up punching the shield. Then Kennedy just stands there for a few seconds before he remembers that he's supposed to be acting like he's hurt, then after a few seconds, he suddenly holds his hand in pain.

  • Dubbed-In Line
    When the camera cuts over to Moe while Shemp and Larry are beating up Slipp off-camera, we hear Moe yelling â€Å"Hey, outta my way”, but his mouth isn't moving.

  • Loose Shoe
    When Larry is trying to squeeze into the hay box, his shoe accidentally falls off.

  • Repeat in music
    The last bar of the opening music is played over again.

  • Replayed Words / Dubbed-In Line
    When Slipp grunts â€Å"If I ever get my hands on you, you'll wish you've wish you've never been born!!”, not only was â€Å"wish you've” accidentally played twice in a row, but his mouth isn't moving at all for the entire line.

  • Speaking Over Each Other
    After Shemp throws the egg yolk on Slipp's face, he says â€Å"By golly, I did it!” Then he says something else, but we can't hear it clearly because Slipp is also saying something off-screen at the same time.

  • Unconnected Punches
    After Slipp's henchman punches a hole in the door, & Slipp throws three punches through the hole, none of the punches appear to connect, but the sound effect for each punch is heard.

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Stooge Trivia   (0)

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Transcript   (N)

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Videography   (2)

Fan Reviews   (12)
Posted 2001-10-01 11:40:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2015-01-14 13:42:51 by Shemp_Diesel

I'm going to wave my own personal policy against high grading the Shemp recycles--for this short anyways. Despite any lack of major change to the original story this is a very good short. Plus you get 10 whole minutes of new footage--twice the output as compared to some of the later dogs like RIP, SEW, & STITCH.

8.5 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2010-10-22 17:36:50 by [Deleted Member]
A funny remake of "Hold That Lion!". Though when I watch this, I just skip to the new footage which is more entertaining. The scene with Kenneth McDonald getting pelted by fruit is funny! Tom Kennedy is also good as McDonald's burly hemchman, who actually co-starred with Shemp in a few of the latter solo efforts at Columbia, see "Where The Pest Begins" for more info. After seeing a Screen Gems TV print of this that I proudly saved on a DVD-R disc, I never get tired of watching this short.
Posted 2001-05-30 19:20:00 by Stooge
Edited 2008-06-16 04:50:44 by Stooge
A much better remake of HOLD THAT LION than BOOTY AND THE BEAST. All the reused footage here is thankfully only at the beginning, so we get nothing but new footage for the rest of the short. In BOOTY, it was the other way around with all the new footage at the beginning, and nothing but reused footage taking up the rest of the short.
The whole chase/fight between the Stooges and Slipp & his assistant in the 2nd half is great, filled with a lot of hilarious gags and lines. And Shemp does a great job despite his health problems at the time, especially when he acts like a carnival barker. The best of the 1953-56 remakes.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2006-03-22 17:00:30 by brownfrmthesun
Edited 2006-03-23 00:23:02 by shemps#1
A really funny Shemp short with plenty of action. Speaking of Tom Kennedy's "swollen hand", didn't I see that hand in one of the medieval shorts in a blacksmith shop or something? Maybe Knutzy Knights? Anyway, two heads are better than one.
Posted 2002-10-09 09:27:00 by FineBari3
This is certainly one of my favorite Shempies, especially because it has my all-time favorite Shemp quote in it (which is in my .sig below)! Shemp is simply fantastic as the carnival barker at the end of this one (..."a large size panatella)! However, can somebody explain to me WHY Shemp is wearing cowboy boots with spurs when they enter the room with the girls putting the sash on???? He wears them for the rest of the film after that scene.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-09-29 04:19:00 by Uncle Buzz
I agree with most of my fellow knuckleheads that this one improves upon "Hold That Lion" in that the new footage is very funny. In addition to the Stooges trapping Slipp and pelting him with fruit, the scene where they hide in the wood crate and get their heads bonked by Tom Kennedy is quite good too. The final gag where they attack the Napoleon and storm the portrait (by climbing inside) is hilarious!

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2002-07-10 20:29:00 by jaronson
Easily the best remake I've seen. It would be pure classic if the stock footage was replaced with funnier new footage, but still with the same plot like a different way of finding out their inheritance was in the hands of Ichabod Slipp. It seems like Suzanne Ridgeway (the girl in the last scene with dark hair) wasn't very good with verbal acting, just physical acting since she did not have any lines in this or A MISSED FORTUNE. I guess they found it simpler for the women to use their real names since Nanette Bordeaux calls Suzanne Ridgeway Suzie when she had the money. Also speaking of Edgar Kennedy, he appeared in the Marx Brothers' DUCK SOUP as the street lemonade vendor, which was made 21 years earlier than this

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2002-03-28 07:30:00 by black banana
Just watched this on tape...hadn't seen it in many years.The first half is all from HOLD THAT LION.The second half is all new footage, most of which is OK with onemajor exception: The Icabod Slipp caught in the door scene.This scene is completely hilarious. The Stooges hit Kenneth McDonaldwith the following: Four pieces of fruit, a beer bottle, a crushed appleand two eggs. Shemp is priceless as the carnival barker.
Posted 2001-08-27 04:57:00 by [Deleted Member]
You're right, Mike- one of the greatest and most successful remakes EVER. I really wish AMC had the rights to this one. I think it's just as good as "Hold That Lion", but it's better than the second remake, mentioned by name in Stooges' post above.I too loved Shemp's carnival barker routine- and also the thing with the guy in the wall painting at the end. I love seeing their victory dance inside the painting- watch Larry at this time, because if memory serves, he does this funny thing while dancing- lifting his foot up behind him while turning his head in the direction of that leg. It looks like something a ballet dancer might do! Funny stuff!ISLIPP- you FLIPP. ®2001Edited by - ISLIPP on 8/29/01 1:17:34 AM
Posted 2001-08-26 01:18:00 by Mike Holme
The most successful remake, I thought this was a big step up from the original, and there is 10 minutes of new footage! Plus, the new footage is great, if only there were more remakes like this one. My favorite scene is when Tom Kennedy(Edgar's older brother)attempts to punch Larry but instead hits a pipe and after that his hand looks like a balloon! I think this is the best remake ever.3 1/2 pokes Mike HolmeEdited by - Mike Holme on 9/26/2001 11:19:42 PM

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2001-05-18 20:46:00 by Uncle Mortimer
Mr. Sarnecky, you took the words right out of my mouth!(ask Dunrobin) I just watched LOOSE LOOT yesterday for the first time in.... a long time, and THAT scene where Slipp's head is caught in the hole in the door, with Shemp going into the carnival barker routine, had me in stitches!! Egging on Larry and Moe to throw *more and more* fruit at Slipp's stuck head.. Shemp: "That's right, three for a dollar! Everyone's a winner!...A Bullseye!! etc. (Great scene!)...Helluva short for 1953! (If the "Hold That Lion" footage bothers ya, just skim in 5 minutes and you'll be in Stooge heaven!)
Posted 2001-01-20 13:46:00 by Mike Holme
A pretty good episode, I liked the part when they throw fruit at Slipp. They also have Slipp's henchman to deal with, which is a plus. The minus is that the opening scenes are from "Hold That Lion!" This is a partial remake of "Hold That Lion!"

Reviewer's Rating: (9)

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