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"I tell ya Moe, I couldn't find that water shut-off." "Shut-off... shut up!." - Larry & Moe (SCHEMING SCHEMERS, 1956)

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The Stooges are artists who fall in love with three models, Larraine, Moella and Shempetta. They go to ask their father for their hands in marriage, a request he denies when he recognizes them as the "hoodlums" that accosted him earlier. And the chase is on!

Although the Three Stooges are billed as playing all the parts in this film, that is not the case. In the lobby scene, Charlie Cross makes a brief appearance reading a newspaper.

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Moe, Larry and Shemp
Release Date
July 06, 1950
Production Type
Short Subject
15.75 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   4141
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1949-03-14   To: 1949-03-17

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 2.00)
Face Slaps: 3 Eye Pokes: 4 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 1

Stooge Quotes   (1)
  • "I'm crazy about the one with the big bangs. You know, those folded satchels under his eyes. He really sends me!"

Stooge Goofs   (6)
  • Miss-Pairings
    In the opening sequence, "Larraine" describes Moe as her boyfriend, and "Moella" talks about Larry; by default, that would pair "Shempetta" with Shemp. But for the rest of the story, the pairings are Larraine & Shemp, Shempetta & Moe, and Moella & Larry.

  • Moe's Arm
    After Moe opens the door and hits Shemp and Larry with it, he accidentally hurts his arm squeezing into the door.

  • Mysterious Ringing Noises
    You can hear strange ringing noises in the background throughout the chase scene, especially during the part where Moe (as the father) is running around in circles in fast-motion.

  • On-the-Set Injury
    As the Stooges (dressed up as women) are skipping towards the door, Moe's heel accidentally slipped in real life and it twisted his ankle, and so as not to ruin the take Moe tried to hop into the next room to get out of the camera view. However, he ended up tripping over the bed inside the room, and then hit his head on the bed leg and knocked himself out!

  • Redubbed Line
    When Larry (as Larraine) says â€Å"Just to you, dear”, he's (she's) really saying â€Å"Only” instead of â€Å"Just”.

  • Stunt Double's Face
    When the Stooges throw cake in the father's face, you can see the face of Moe's double and he doesn't look a thing like him.

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Transcription by xraffle:  

[The short opens up with this note: "All parts in this picture are played by The Three Stooges"]

[The first scene begins inside Moella's bedroom. Moella is putting lipstick on]

MOELLA: Larraine! Shempetta! Aren't you ready yet?

[Larraine and Shempetta enter the room]

LARRAINE: Ok, we're almost ready.

SHEMPETTA: Coming! We're coming! [stops] Oh, I did it. I did it. I got a run. [fixes her stocking]

MOELLA: Hurry girls! We'll be late for our portrait sitting.

SHEMPETTA: Gosh I wouldn't wanna keep that handsome debonair artist waiting. Oh, when he smiles at me.

LARRAINE: You know, I'm crazy about the one with the big bangs. You know, those folded satchels under his eyes. He really sends me.

MOELLA: Ah hahahaha. Mine is the handsome one. He has such a gorgeous head of skin. Oh, let's hurry girls. We'll be late. [grabs her stuff off the table]

SHEMPETTA: Yes, let's hurry!

[The girls all talk at the same time as they stroll out of the bedroom. They all try to exit the door together. Larraine and Shempetta bump into the walls beside the door, while Moella falls down.]


SHEMPETTA: Why did you do that?

LARRAINE: Be careful!

[The scene ends and a new scene begins in the art room. Moe is sculpting a statue, Larry is making a head sculpture out of clay, and Shemp is drawing a boat upside down. As the stooges work, they sing]

STOOGES: [singing] Zee lollipop. De lollipop. Da la la la lollipop.

MOE: Woo woo.

STOOGES: [singing] Zee lollipop. De lollipop. De la la la lollipop.

MOE: Zee Frenchman knows just what to eat. He eats something so nice and sweet.

STOOGES: [singing] Zee lollipop. De lollipop. De la la la lollipop.

SHEMP: [singing while he draws his boat] De la la la lollipop. De la la la la--- [Moe walks up to him]

SHEMP: [sees Moe] Hello pop!

MOE: What's the idea wasting your time on junk like that? What's that supposed to be?

SHEMP: That's a bird's eye view of a boat.

MOE: A boat?

SHEMP: Certainly! [takes his picture and turns it upside down to show Moe that he's drawing a boat]

MOE: Hmm. So it is. [points to Shemp's eyes] What are those things?

SHEMP: Eyes! Boat of them. Get it? Boat! Haha--- [Moe eyepokes Shemp] Oh!!

MOE: That's just like you, doing everything backwards. Now I need some help. I wanna finish my statue before those beautiful girls arrive for a portrait sitting. [to Larry] Hey porcupine! We need some help. Come on.

LARRY: Right!

[Larry walks up to Moe]

LARRY: Ready?

MOE: [to Shemp] Nishtick

SHEMP: [to Larry] Nishtick

LARRY: Nishtick [gives Shemp a little tool]

SHEMP: Nishtick [gives the tool to Moe]

MOE: [to Shemp] Anna-canna-ponor

SHEMP: [to Larry] Anna-canna-ponor

LARRY: Anna-canna-ponor [gives Shemp a chisel]

SHEMP: Anna-canna-ponor [gives the chisel to Moe]

MOE: No! Anna-canna-ponor [hits Shemp on the head with the chisel]

SHEMP: Oh! [to Larry] No! Anna-canna-ponor [hits Larry in the head with the chisel]

LARRY: Oh! No, a--- [turns around to hit someone, but no one is there] Oh! Anna-canna-ponor [gives Shemp an ax]

SHEMP: Anna-canna-ponor [gives Moe the ax]

MOE: That's better.

SHEMP: [to Larry] What's that on your neck?

LARRY: That's a mole.

SHEMP: That mole's walking. Hold still and I'll kill it. [takes a hammer and hits Larry's neck with it]

LARRY: Oh! You did that on purpose. [grabs the hammer from Shemp]

SHEMP: No, I didn't.

LARRY: Yes, you did.

SHEMP: No, I didn't.

[Larry tries to hit Shemp with the hammer, but Shemp ducks causing Larry to accidentally hit the head off of Moe's statue]

LARRY: I'm sorry Moe. The hammer did it. [gives Moe the hammer]

MOE: Oh yes, it was an accident. [takes the hammer]

LARRY: Thank you.

[Larry turns around and Moe hits him in the back of the head with the hammer]

LARRY: Oh! Whoooaaa!

[Larry falls on his head sculpture that's made out of clay. When Larry removes the clay from his face, a long piece still remains on his nose making him look like he has a schnozzola.]

LARRY: Am I mortified. It's sabatoogy, that's what it is. Why you!

[Larry grabs the clay and walks up to Moe]

LARRY: Why you! You ruin my masterpiece.

MOE: And you decapitated my beautiful statue. [grabs the clay from Larry's nose] Why you!

LARRY: Ohh! [Moe hits Larry in the head with the clay] Oh!

LARRY: Oh yeah? [throws the clay at Moe. He ducks and the clay hits Shemp]

MOE: Hahahahahahahaha. Oh hahaha.

[As Moe laughs, Shemp and Larry signal to each other. They both throw the clay at Moe and he ducks again, so they end up throwing the clay at each other]

MOE: Hahahaaa. Now look, you fellas. Those girls will be here any minute. Come on now and get busy.

[Shemp throws the clay on Moe's face and he hits him this time. The scene ends.]

[A new scene begins in the art room. The girls are posing while the stooges are painting]

[Larry is painting. He refills his paint. He puts his paintbrush and cigar down when he refills it. As he does all this, he can't keep his eyes off the girls. So, he mistakes a paintbrush for his cigar and he puts the paintbrush in his mouth. He then uses his cigar to paint thinking it's the paintbrush. He realizes his mistake, so he removes the paintbrush from his mouth and wipes his mouth with a tissue.]

LARRY: [to Moella] Now let's get you posed.

[Larry walks up to Moella]

LARRY: Now Miss Moella. If you'll just--- Say, do you know you're awfully cute. [pinches Moella's face]

MOELLA: Fresh! [pushes Larry's hand away and a paint mark ends up on her face]

[Cut to Shemp and Larraine]

SHEMP: Oh, Miss Larraine. Would you turn your pretty little face just a little? [turns Larraine's head] And if you'll put your hand by--- [holds Larraine's hand and looks at it] Oh that is a dainty little hand. You cutie you!

LARRAINE: You handsome you.

SHEMP: You say that to all the boys, I bet.

LARRAINE: Just to you, dear.

[Larraine squeezes Shemp's hand without realizing that he is holding a tube of paint. The tube squirts all over Shemp's face]

LARRAINE: I'm so sorry.

SHEMP: Oh you little devil you. [takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes his face]

[Cut to Moe and Shempetta]

MOE: Shempetta. Tilt. [tilts Shempetta's head] Haha

MOE: Ooohooo!! [Shempetta kisses Moe's hand]

[As Shempetta kisses Moe's hand, Moe places his other hand on a thermometer hanging up on the wall. The thermometer reaches its limit and squirts]

MOE: Ooohoohoohoohoohoo!

[Moe takes his hand away from the thermometer]

MOE: Ah! [pinches Shempetta's face] Cutie pie! Eeehh!

[The stooges continue with painting]

MOE: [to Larry and Shemp] Ready boys?


MOE: [to the girls] Alright ladies, you may pick up your flowers and hold your pose.

[The girls pick up their flowers and pose. Ants are inside the flowers and they end up crawling all over the girls. The girls become very itchy. Shempetta starts scratching, then Moella starts scratching as well, and then Larraine scratches also.]

[The stooges turn around to look at the girls' pose, so the girls quickly stay still and stop scratching. As soon as the stooges turn around to resume their painting, the girls continue scratching]

[The stooges turn around again, so the girls quickly stay still and stop scratching. This time, the girls are in a different pose. The stooges look annoyed and they turn around to resume their painting. The girls continue scratching again.]

[The stooges turn around again, so the girls quickly stay still and stop scratching. Again, the girls are in another different pose. The stooges look annoyed and they turn around to resume their painting. The girls continue scratching again.]

[The stooges turn around again, so the girls quickly stay still and stop scratching. As soon as the stooges turn around to resume their painting, the girls continue scratching]

[Moe turns around and Shempetta quickly stays still. This time, she's in a different pose. She is sitting there with her arm sticking out. Moe does a double take and wipes his painting. As soon as Moe continues painting, the girls continue scratching.]

[The girls continue to scratch for a while. The camera slowly moves and shows Shempetta, Moella, and Larraine scratching. The camera shows a picture of an older man and woman. Those two also begin scratching]

[The camera cuts to Moella and Shempetta scratching. Shempetta stands up and removes the pillow from her seat]

SHEMPETTA: Ants! [throws pillow]

[The pillow lands on a hook which is above the piano. The pillow rips open and the feathers inside of it fall into the piano.]

[Shempetta sits down. Moella and Shempetta try to pose again. Larry looks at Moella. He looks annoyed, so he walks up to her.]

LARRY: Miss Moella, you lost that mood. That beautiful expression you had on your face. I want you to look ecstatic. For instance, what would you do if a man got on his knees and he said, "Darling, I love you. Will you marry me?"

MOELLA: [stands up] Of course I will. Sweetheart

LARRY: Darling.

[Larry hops into Moella's arms. Moella carries Larry over to piano]

MOELLA: Ah hahahaha. Girls! We're engaged.

LARRAINE: [referring to herself and Shemp] So are we!

SHEMPETTA: [referring to herself and Moe] We make it unanimous. Hmm. [hugs Moe]

MOE: [as he hugs Shempetta] Ehehe! Ehh!

[Larry plays "Here Comes The Bride" on the piano and feathers start coming out. Larry stops, looks at Moella, and then continues to play. The scene ends.]

[A new scene begins inside the girls' apartment. The girls are sitting down on the couch while their father is standing up confronting them]

FATHER: But artists! Of all people, artists! Besides, I don't know anything about these men.

LARRAINE: But they're nice men and they love us.

SHEMPETTA: And we love them too.

FATHER: Ah, nonsense! I won't give my consent until I find out what kinda bozos these guys are. And I'm going to find out right now. [leaves the apartment]

MOELLA: [to Larraine and Shempetta] I do hope the boys make a good impression on father. I'll die if my romance is broken.

LARRAINE: [to Shempetta] So will I.

[Moella stands up and places her knitting needles on the couch. While Larraine is sewing, she accidentally pokes Moella in the rear with the needle.]

MOELLA: Ahhh! Ooohh!

LARRAINE: Oh! Oh sister! Oh sister dear. Please relax. Sit down.

[Moella sits down on the knitting needles]

MOELLA: Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oh help me. I'm losing my mind.

LARRAINE: Hold it. Hold it. I'll get it.


[Larraine pulls out the needles from Moella's rear]

MOELLA: Ahhhh!

[Larraine and Shempetta look at the needles and they're all bent]

SHEMPETTA: [looks off-camera] Look, it's getting late. The boys'll be here any minute.

[Cut to the hallway. The stooges are on their way to the girls' apartment. Moe is holding a box of candy, Shemp is holding a box with a cake inside of it and Larry is holding ice cream.]

MOE: [to Larry and Shemp] Now you guys watch your behavior. We gotta make a hit with the girls father.

[The stooges get ready to open a door, but the girls' father comes out through the door and hits the stooges in the face while opening it]


MOE: Why you!

SHEMP: Wreck my cake! Why don't ya look where you're going?

FATHER: Why don't you go where you're looking?

SHEMP: Oh, a tough guy eh? [flings the father's nose]

FATHER: Tough enough to handle you birds. [twists Shemp and Larry's nose]


MOE: Let 'em go! [hits father on the head with the box of candy]

[Shemp takes the cake out of the box]

SHEMP: Hey, uh, mister!

[Shemp throws the cake in the father's face]

MOE: Give it to 'im boys!

FATHER: Why you!

LARRY: He needs some ice cream.

FATHER: What's going on here?

[Larry stuffs the ice cream inside the father's shirt]

FATHER: What's this? Oh!! Oh! Oh! Oh oh! Oh oh! I'll fix you for this. I'll work it---

[Shemp pushes the father away with his foot. The father hits the wall and a plant falls on his head knocking him out.]

FATHER: Ohh ohh ohh oh!

SHEMP: [to the father] That'll teach you a lesson. [to Moe] Bouncing doors on people's faces. Come on.

[Moe opens the door and hits Larry and Shemp in the face]


MOE: What's the matter with you guys?

SHEMP: Oh oh!

[The scene ends and a new scene begins in the girls' apartment. The stooges knock on the door]

GIRLS: Come in!

[The stooges walk in]

MOE: Ah!

STOOGES: Good evening ladies!

GIRLS: Good evening gentlemen!

SHEMPETTA: Father has refused his consent until he meets you.

LARRAINE: He's on his way to your place right now.

SHEMP: Now, don't worry, you beautiful little heads. Your father will go crazy over us when he meets us.

MOELLA: Oh I hope so.

LARRY: Oh, he'll be proud to have us as son-in-laws.

[Father walks in looking all beat up]

MOELLA: Papa!!

GIRLS: Wha happen??

FATHER: I met three gangsters---

[Father sees the stooges]

FATHER: That's them.

[Father grabs a gun and runs after the stooges.]

FATHER: Why you!

LARRY: Wait a minute.



[The stooges run away.]

STOOGES: [as they're running] Whoa!

[In the room where the stooges are running, there is another room connected to it. The two rooms are connected with drapes. The drapes are open. The stooges run to the other room while father runs after them. The stooges enter through the door with the father running after them. The stooges run to the other room and enter through the door. The stooges run to the other room again, they place a bench there and continue running. The father comes in through the door and as soon as he approaches the other room, he jumps over the bench. The stooges enter through the door and when they approach the other room, they trip over the bench and fall. The father enters through the door, sees the stooges on the floor and he shoots Moe, Larry and Shemp in the rear]

FATHER: I gotcha rat! [as he shoots] Take that! And that! And that!


[The stooges continue running. The father stays by the other room and he puts the bench aside. The stooges enter through the door, they close it, and they stand there. The father sees them and he shoots Moe, Larry, and Shemp in the rear again.]


MOE: Oh!



[The stooges open the door and run out. Father continues shooting, but he's out of bullets]

FATHER: I'll get 'em. Here I come. [runs through the door]

[Moe runs out of the other room and then through the door. Shemp and Larry stand by the other room, they stick out their foots to try and trip the father. However, father stops at the table to refill his gun with more bullets. Moe runs out of the other room and trips over Larry and Shemp's foot.

MOE: Oh oh! [falls]

LARRY: Oh! [grabs Moe] Now listen dad--- [realizes it's Moe] It's Moe! I'm sorry.

MOE: Get outta here. [bonks Larry's forehead]


SHEMP: Why don't you--- [Moe grabs Shemp's nose and bangs it] Oh! Oh oh!

[Father loads his gun with more bullets and he shoots Moe in rear]

MOE: Oh!


[The stooges run through the door and they stay there. The father runs after the stooges. As soon as the father gets ready to run through the door, Moe closes it on the father's face. The father falls on the floor. He gets up, opens the door and the stooges are still standing there listening]

FATHER: Why you!

STOOGES: Ahh! [they run away]

[Before father runs after them, he closes the door. The stooges come out through the other room and approach the door. They stand there. The father comes out through the other room and approaches the stooges]

STOOGES: Wait a minute.

[Father turns his gun around and gets ready to hit the stooges with it]

FATHER: I'll get you!

[The father runs towards the stooges. As he runs, Moe opens the door. The father runs through the door and runs into the wall and gets knocked out. Moe closes the door.]

MOE: That's that. [points to chair] Look!

[Moe grabs a uniform from the chair]

MOE: Hey! With this fur collar we can--- [the stooges huddle and then they run off camera]

[Father revives and he opens the door. He runs through the door and through the other room. He runs through the door and then through the other room again several times. He ends up running around in circles. As he runs, the stooges come out from the behind the window curtains. They are disguised in beards and are dressed up as Scotchmen.]

MOE: Here he comes.

[Father eventually gets out of breath and stops running. The stooges then pretend to be playing bagpipes. The father approaches them]

FATHER: Did you see three men about--- [raises his hand to describe the height of the stooges]

MOE: Hoot mon! Hoot hoot!

LARRY: They went that way lad! [points off-camera]





STOOGES: Hoot hoot hoot!

FATHER: Hoot hoot! Uh, thank you! [walks away]

SHEMP: Hoop hoop! Hoop!

[The father continues to runs around in circles again several times. He continuously runs through the other room and through the door. The stooges hide behind the curtains. The father eventually gets out of breath again. So, he stops running and he sees shoes popping out from under the window curtains]

FATHER: Mm. Hmm. [takes his gun and gets ready to use it as a club]

[The father walks up to the curtains]

FATHER: Ah hah! I gotcha! [hits the curtains several times] Ahh ahh eeh eeh ahh. Yeah, come out! Come out I say. [opens the curtains and nobody is there]

FATHER: They got away. Consonate!!

[The father pulls the curtains and the pole on top falls down and hits him on the head.]

[The stooges come out from behind the chair and they stand right by the other room.]

STOOGES: Nyehh!!! [teasing the father]

FATHER: Why you!! [runs after the stooges]

SHEMP: Whoa!

[The stooges close the drapes on the other room. The father tries to run through the drapes but he bumps into it and falls down. The stooges open the drapes and they are holding the bench, which is what the father ran into.]

MOE: [to Larry and Shemp] Nice work boys

SHEMP: Hahahaha.

[The father gets up]

STOOGES: Ahh! Ehh!

[The stooges run away and enter through the door. Rather than running through the other room like before, the stooges just run all the way to the end of the room. The father runs through the door and into the other room. He runs around in circles again. He eventually gets out of breath. So, he stops and searches the room as he catches his breath. He approaches the couch and looks around it.]

FATHER: I'll find 'em. I'll find 'em. Where are you? Where are you?

[Father sits down on the couch and it turns out that this isn't a couch after all. It's the stooges hiding under a big blanket. As soon as the father sits down, the stooges wrap the father up inside the blanket.]

LARRY: [as he wraps the father up in the blanket] I got him.

SHEMP: [to Moe who's head is stuck under the blanket] Come out. [Moe gets his head free]

MOE: Got him?

LARRY: Yeah.

MOELLA: No no boys! Boys!

LARRAINE: Be careful. Don't hurt papa.

[The stooges finish wrapping the father up. The stooges carry him over to the chair]

MOE: Come on.

LARRY: That a boy!

[The stooges set the father on the chair]

LARRY: Now relax. You won't get hurt.

SHEMP: Now will you consent to our marriage?

FATHER: Never!

SHEMP: Do your stuff Moe.

FATHER: You'll regret this. I warn ya! I warn----

[Moe takes off father's shoe and tickles his foot. The father starts laughing hysterically]

SHEMP: Will you consent?

FATHER: Never! Never!!!

[Moe continues tickling and the father continues laughing]

FATHER: [as he's laughing] Oh, help! Murder! [laughs]

SHEMP: What do ya say?

FATHER: Nnn--- Yes I consent.

[Moe stops tickling]

MOE: Oh, now we can get married.

LARRY: Right!

MOE: [to the girls] Darling.

SHEMP: Baby! Sugar!

[The stooges run up to the girls. They leave the father on the chair all wrapped up in the blanket. The father struggles to free himself.]

MOELLA: Darling.
[The girls say this simultaneously]

[The stooges hug their girlfriends]

LARRY: Baby!

MOE: Sugar club!

[Dissolve to a new scene where we see the stooges and the girls looking at a baby crib]

SHEMP: [looking at the baby crib] Junior! Ah ah ah ah ah!

MOE: [looking at the baby crib] Mergatroid, Da da da da da da da!

MOELLA: [to Larraine] Mergatroid is a darling.

LARRY: [looking at the baby crib] Baby doll. Ah ah!

[In the crib are three babies that look exactly like Moe, Larry and Shemp. The babies are drinking milk. Each of them has their own nipples to drink from. Their nipples are connected to the same container of milk. Baby Moe steals the nipple from Baby Shemp. Baby Shemp starts crying. Baby Shemp takes back the nipple and squirts milk on Baby Moe's face. Baby Moe eyepokes Baby Shemp and Baby Shemp starts crying. Baby Shemp continues to drink his milk from the nipple, but Baby Moe steals it again. Baby Shemp cries again. Baby Moe steals Baby Larry's nipple as well. Baby Shemp and Baby Larry fight with Moe to get their nipples back. Baby Larry can't get his nipple back, so he cries. Baby Moe slaps Baby Larry. Baby Shemp and Baby Larry cry while Moe drinks the milk. The scene ends.]


Videography   (1)

Fan Reviews   (10)
Posted 2013-04-20 14:39:31 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2013-04-20 14:40:20 by Shemp_Diesel

Well, what can you say about this one. I give Jules and Felix and the stooges credit for trying something different, but this doesn't come close to being as good as another "experimental" short, Cuckoo on a Choo Choo. It doesn't seem like much was put into this short beyond the gimmick of having the stooges play all the parts & some of the gags such as the seemingly neverending chase scene provide few laughs. And I have to agree with a comment from below that maybe a Vernon Dent would have been better cast as the angry father, much like his hilarious angry dad from Scrambled Brains.

I don't know what else to say, except that this is easily the worst Shemp short that doesn't contain stock footage. I rate it a 3 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating: (3)
Posted 2010-01-24 16:16:25 by Clayhammer366
Edited 2010-01-24 17:33:30 by Dunrobin

And people say "Cuckoo on a Choo Choo" was strange. This short takes the cake for being bizarre as the stooges make for 3 of the homeliest dames you could imagine, playing their own girlfriends.

It was a decent attempt at something different, I just wish more laughs had been on the menu.

2 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2009-07-11 20:53:51 by xraffle
Edited 2009-07-11 22:53:08 by xraffle
One of the better Shemp shorts, in my opinion. The part where the stooges do their Ze Lollipop bit was hilarious and Larry's Jimmy Durante "Am I mortified" bit was also a classic. The scene where the stooges paint the girls is also a very funny scene. The best part is where the father chases the stooges around the house. Moe really gives a nice convincing peformance as the father.
The one complaint I have with this shorts is the stooges falling in love with the women (who are also played by the stooges). It can be a bit creepy at times, especially the part where Shempetta kisses Moe's hand. This is why I can't give this short a perfect 4 pokes.
3 out of 4 pokes.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2009-06-24 16:53:26 by Justin T

A very weak short. I will give them credit for trying something different by have the Stooges play all the parts in this short, but it just doesnt work. The gags are weak, and I didnt find myself laughing very much. I did like Moe as the father of the girls, but that was about it. Definatly not one of their best.

1.5 pokes out of 4

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2009-06-24 09:40:38 by BeAStooge

White and Adler deserve some credit for trying this mult-role gimmick as something different in the Stooges canon of shorts, but SELF-MADE MAIDS is a mediocre result. As the boys got older, and Adler's scripting efforts began "phoning it in," the White productions lost spontaneity in the early 1950s; particularly in comparison to the work of Bernds and Ullman in the McCollum unit. MAIDS displays several of White's shortfalls, such as his propensity for directing over-the-top performances with excessive camera mugging, and keeping sight gags going too long, e.g., the chase scene, and the closing bit with the babies.

White still managed some good efforts later in the decade (GOOF ON THE ROOF), but he was a prolific comedy director... not a great director. He needed energetic talent in front of the camera, and strong support behind-the-camera, to compensate for his shortcomings. He had that in the early 1940s, but in his 1946 efforts with Curly, and now with SELF-MADE MAIDS, we can see why many of his original 1950s shorts (and the remake's new footage) are not held in the highest regard.

1.5 pokes out of 4

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2009-06-22 20:53:32 by metaldams

Interesting experiment in which Moe, Larry, and Shemp play all the roles, but I think the short fails because there's simply too many Three Stooges type characters. Great Three Stooges scenes usually involve the boys as themselves wrecking havoc on each other with Home Depot's inventory or playing off straight men or other unique characters. In SELF MADE MAIDS, the boys act like themselves, which is fine, but as women and babies, they also act mysetriously like The Three Stooges, and it gets to be overkill after a while. Moe as the father doesn't act like a Stooge, per se, but he's too small in stature to be taken seriosuly as a threat. Vernon Dent was more convincing as an angry father in SCRAMBLED BRAINS.

Buster Keaton played all the roles in the first half of THE PLAYHOUSE much more convincingly. He played several character types and played each role convincingly and really showed off his versatility as an actor. The Three Stooges play all the roles in the same manner, and the entire short seems one dimensional as a result. This is a shame, because other experimental shorts of the early 50's like HE COOKED HIS GOOSE and CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO show the boys able to tackle non-Stooge like parts.

The gags themselves are pretty lame as well. The bugs in the flowers and foot tickling scene take little imagination. The only thing I really like about this short is Larry's Jimmy Durante impersonation. Easily one of the top 10 worst Stooge shorts.

1.5 pokes out of 4

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2000-07-25 12:39:00 by Stooge
Edited 2008-06-15 21:39:55 by Stooge
It was a very clever idea having the Stooges play all the parts. Unfortunately, the execution of this was disappointing and didn't turn out as good as it could've been. This relied too much on the Stooges playing all the parts for all the laughs, and they forgot to work actual funny gags and storylines around it. There are also many scenes that go on too long, especially the chase scene. It was basically just the father running around in circles over and over and that got old. The ending wasn't that funny, either. Seeing the Stooges as their own babies at first was funny and the gag should've ended after a few seconds, but the scene just goes on for, like, 2 minutes with them just drinking milk and crying.

Reviewer's Rating: (2)
Posted 2003-05-27 17:11:00 by Pat Stooge
This was the first stooge short I saw back in October 1994, man that was long time ago,but this made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair,then in May 1996 I saw again and it was still funny.This short is like the sequel to "Three Hams on Rye" man its sooooo stupid and pointless its makes you crack up hard I mean the dialouge is mindless.Man I'm snickering thinking about this one this is one of my favorites.
Posted 2001-08-22 03:43:00 by [Deleted Member]
I remember this short like I saw it a year ago. With the boys playing all the parts, they must've really been tired!Here, we get to enjoy the Shemp version of "Ze Lollipop". Moe does the woo-woo's as Curly did them in "Wee Wee Monsieur" when they did this song. In this Shemp version, at the end of the song, Shemp keeps singing "La-la-la-lollipop!" over and over. The last time he sings it, he gets as far as "La-la-la-la...." when Moe gets in his face. Shemp says to him, "Oh hi Pop!" Great line!Later, when the boys were disguised as Scotsmen, imitating the sound of bagpipes, I fell over laughing! The expressions on Moe's face while tickling the father's feet was hysterical! It's a good short, mixing "Scrambled Brains", "The Sitter-Downers" and of course "Wee Wee Mosieur". I highly reccomend this to any die-hard Stooge fan, but a casual fan? I dunno.ISLIPP- you YIPP. ©2001
Posted 2001-04-29 13:16:00 by B. Bopper
This is an OK short. Seeing the Stooges play as women was pretty funny, but the short is slow and filled with only a few laughs.

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