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"The body of your friend Slug McGurk was found wrapped up in newspapers. Now, I know you can't believe everything you see in the newspapers..." - Shemp (TRICKY DICKS, 1953)

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The Panther Brewing Company is having trouble making deliveries on time, so they hire three new delivery men (the Stooges). When they make a delivery to the local golf course, the boys decide to take some time out to practice for the company golf tournament, and then proceed to demolish the course.

The golf course used in the film was actually Rancho Golf Course, on Pico Blvd. in Beverly Hills, located across the street from 20th Century Fox studios.

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
November 28, 1935
Production Type
Short Subject
16.5 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   210
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1935-10-09   To: 1935-10-12

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 5.50)
Face Slaps: 18 Eye Pokes: 4 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (7)
  • "How're we gonna shoot golf without guns?"

  • "Well, Jasper. What did you shoot?""I shot a seven but they wouldn't give me the money."
    (Moe and Curly)

  • "He's pointin' to where you are!""You mean he's pointin' to where I was!"
    (Curly and Moe)

  • "C'mon! What's'a'matter with 'ya?... 'Ya nuts?!"

  • "Now quiet down, will ya? I'm getting better... See, the pieces are gettin' smaller!"

  • "I just hired three new men, and everything's gonna be alright now... I hope."
    (Tiny Lipson)

  • "Press." "Press." "Pull... eeyuuhh!"
    (Moe, Larry & Curly)

Stooge Goofs   (14)
  • Barrel Stack
    Before Bud Jamison gets out to loading dock to meet his new employees, as Moe and Larry lift the first barrel to Curly, you can see the prop mounting bracket and pole supporting the barrel Curly's straddling, to keep him from falling off that unstable group of barrels.

  • Boom Mike Visible
    Boom Mike Shadow can be seen swinging out of view on the right side bottom of screen on the road going up the hill as the stooges escape from the golf course.

  • Changing Street
    When we see the barrels rolling down the hill, they show a hill looking down that looks like a one-way street. But in the next scene, the same street is suddenly wider with train tracks down the middle. According to poster BeAStooge from the messageboard, there were three streets involved in the filming of that scene, and were brought together as one in the editing room.

  • Crew Visible
    When barrels rolling thru intersection the second time, what appears to be Crew members can be seen in the reflection of the picture window in the corner store under the Exlax Sign.

  • Curly's Clothes
    When the foreign gardeners are complaining to the cops about the Stooges, the camera cuts over to the Stooges and they're over by the golf ball washer helping Curly put back on his clothes. However, when they were shown a few seconds ago, they were nowhere near the golf ball washer and Curly already had his clothes on.

  • Gardener's Hat
    When one of the foreign gardeners walks up to Larry, his hat is on his head. Then the camera cuts to a close-up of him, and his hat is suddenly his hand.

  • Leg Lifting
    When the barrels are rolling down the hill, the cop directing traffic lifts his leg up before a barrel knocks him over. This is because the barrels were being pulled by wires, and he was standing on a wire.

  • Lying Down Again
    After the cop gets knocked over by a barrel, he sits up from the ground, but in the next shot, he's still lying down on the ground, then he sits up again.

  • Off-Camera Voice
    When Moe is raising the beer barrel up to Curly on a rope, it sounds like you can hear the director shouting in the background.

  • Reappearing Golf Club
    When Curly leans his golf club over the ball washer, it accidentally falls down, but it's back up in the next shot.

  • String Visible
    After Moe's club knocks off Curly's tassel from the top of his hat and it rolls into the hole on the green, the string is visible just as the tassel enters the hole.

  • Stunt Doubles in Wrong Position
    When the beer truck pops out of gear and rolls backwards spilling all the barrels, scene shows stunt doubles racing up the hill towards the truck. With Curly on the curb side and Larry on the outside, then when scene shows the actually stooges, Curly and Larry have switched positions and then when scene shows the stunt doubles racing back down the hill they have switched positions again.

  • Switching Hands
    When Moe says to the guy â€Å"Pick out your ball, stranger!”, Curly has his golf club in his right hand. Then the camera shows a closer shot of the man, and Curly's club is suddenly in his left hand. Then it's back in his right hand in the next shot.

  • Visible Wires
    You can see the wire holding up Moe when he's standing on top of the barrel, the wirepulling one of the beer barrels when a whole pile of them fall out of the truck, and the wire attached to the ball from the top of Curly's hat when it falls in the hole.

Stooge Routines   (2)
  • Press, Press, Pull
    The Stooges enter a private place saying that they're from the press. Each walk by the front desk with a little button saying "Press." Curly, with his usual brainy self, says, "Pull." Curly's button usually has some part of it still attached, as it was ripped off of something in the men's room.
    Also used in:  EVEN AS IOU

  • Several things hidden in shirt
    Curly has several things hidden inside of his shirt. When Moe bops him on the head, however, all the things in his shirt fall out.
    Also used in:  HOI POLLOI  ·   HALF-WITS HOLIDAY

Stooge Trivia   (0)

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Transcript   (Y)

Transcription by Xraffle:  

[The short fades in and we see a sign that reads, "Panther Brewing Co. Home of Panther Pilsner – Beer." Then the camera fades to the outside of Panther's office. His door reads, "A. Panther President." Jones walks up to the door, opens it and walks up to Panther who is on his desk writing something down.]

PANTHER: Um. Ahem! Say Jones! Did you issue a notice to our employees announcing our annual golf tournament?

JONES: Yes sir! And all the men seem very enthused about it.

PANTHER: Aw! That's fine. There's nothing like golf to keep a man physically fit. [taps stomach with both hands]

[Panther looks at Jones' stomach]

JONES: Yes sir. [Sees Panther looking at his stomach. He looks at his own stomach and realizes it's sticking out. He quickly sucks his stomach in.]

[Panther clears his throat]

[The phone rings and Panther picks it up.]

PANTHER: [clears throat] Panther speaking. What? Oh I'm so sorry. I'll take care of it immediately. [hangs up phone]

PANTHER: I'm sick and tired of having complaints from our customers about late deliveries. My own golf club just called me about an order only placed three days ago. Why can't we make deliveries?

JONES: We've been having trouble in the delivery department. But I just hired three new men and everything's gonna be alright now…I hope

PANTHER: Well it better be. Where are these new men? I'd like to see them.

JONES: Right out there, sir. [points off-camera]

[The camera cuts to outside where the stooges are loading their truck with barrels of beer. Curly is on top of the barrels of beer on the back of the truck. Moe and Larry are trying to load the truck with the barrels. Larry is holding on to one end of a rope and at the other end of the rope is a big metal tong which attaches to a barrel. Moe attaches the metal tong tool to one barrel]

MOE: Ease up! Come on, take it away. Take it away.

[Larry pulls the barrel upwards]

[Curly grabs the barrel off the tong and yells in fear that he might drop it]

MOE: Hey! Take it easy.

CURLY: Woo woo. Don't worry, I got it.

MOE: Yeah

CURLY: Yeah. What'll I do with it?

MOE: Hold onto it. That'll be the first one we deliver.

[Curly shakes the tong off the barrel, where it falls on Moe's head]

MOE: Ohhh!

LARRY: How's that?

MOE: Fine.

[Moe hits Larry in the face and Larry's head remains tilted to the right]

LARRY: Oh, my neck!

[Moe hits Larry on the right side of his face and Larry's head comes up to its proper straight position]

MOE: How's it feel now?

LARRY: Alright.

MOE: That's good. [slaps Larry with both hands] Come on, what's the matter with you? Nuts?

MOE: [Attaches the tong to another barrel] Take it away.

[A man in a suit walks by and hands Larry a letter]

MOE: Take it away!

LARRY: Hey! What's this? [shows Moe the letter]

MOE: [grabs the letter and reads it] What do you know about that?

LARRY: What?

MOE: A hundred bucks!

LARRY: A hundred bucks!

CURLY: A hundred bucks!! Count me in! [Drops the barrel in his hand, where we hear it break, and he climbs down from the pile of barrels]

MOE: Second prize, $50. Third prize, $25. Fourth prize, a keg of beer.

[Curly walks in on-camera]

CURLY: What is it? What do we have to do?

MOE: Shoot golf!

CURLY: Ohhhh! Hunting!

[Moe tries to poke Curly in the eyes with his two fingers, but the rope attached to the tong is in the way and it catches his finger]

CURLY: Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

[Moe slaps Curly]

MOE: Get out!

[Larry starts pulling the barrel of beer up]

MOE: I'll show you all about this golf stuff, see. [grabs a broom] You grab yourself a long stick with a gimmick on the end of it. Like that, not as big as that. You walk up to the batting place, see? And then you take a mighty swing.

[Moe tries to swing the broom, but he hits Larry in the head who lets go of the rope that's attached to the barrel of beer]


PANTHER: Come on---- [The barrel falls on his head, with beer spilling all over him]


[Jones helps get the barrel off of Panther's head]

PANTHER: [Looks at the spilt beer all over him] Uhh!! Ohh! Get outta here and get going, you!

JONES: New men!!

[The stooges quickly get into the truck and drive away. The camera cuts to outside where the entrance is. The stooges drive away. Curly, who is on the top of all the barrels that's on the truck, knocks off the "Panther Brewing Co." sign.]

[The scene ends and a new scene begin. The camera is showing a sign that says, "Rancho Golf Club." The camera cuts to outside right in the middle of a golfing place where we see people golfing.]

[The stooges drive by and stop. They exit the truck]

MOE: Alright get 2 barrels off--- [looks around]

MOE: What do you know? We're right in the middle of one.

LARRY: The middle of what?

MOE: A golf place!

CURLY: [Looking up] I don't see any golfs.

[Moe hits Curly's head]

CURLY: Oh! Look at the golfs! [points up]

[Moe and Larry look up as well]

MOE: Now's our chance to sneak in an hours practice. And it's a cinch to win that hundred bucks. Come on.

CURLY: Wait a minute! [grabs Moe] How we're gonna shoot golfs without guns?

MOE: Come on, Buffalo Bill!! [takes his pinky, sticks it under Curly's nose, and pulls him]

CURLY: Yaaaahhhh!! Oh! Oh! Hoh!

[The stooges walk off camera]

[The camera cuts to inside the room where the golf club members are in]

[The stooges enter the room and look surprised]

[The stooges walk past the desk clerk who stops them]

DESK CLERK: Pardon me gentlemen!

[The stooges look behind them]

MOE: You mean us?

DESK CLERK: Yes. Are you members of the press?

MOE: Well, ah--- [Curly steps forward]

CURLY: I used to be. But I didn't do any pressing. I went through the pockets. Sort of a dry cleaning. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Ny---

[Moe slaps Curly's head]

CURLY: Ohh!!!

DESK CLERK: Why, you gentlemen, misunderstand. Why, this tournament is just for ladies and gentlemen of the press.

MOE: Well I---- [A stranger pushes Moe out of the way.]






DESK CLERK: Yes sir.


DESK CLERK: Yes sir.

[The relief desk clerk walks up to the desk clerk]

RELIEF DESK CLERK: I'll take care of things now. You go and see that the banquet table is set.

DESK CLERK: Yes sir.


[The desk clerk leaves]

[The stooges walk out of the gentlemen's lounge. Curly hums while he walks and closes the door behind him. They walk up to the relief desk clerk to show their fake "press" badges.]

MOE: Press

LARRY: Press


RELIEF DESK CLERK: Hey you ah---

CURLY: Woo-woo-woo [as the stooges run towards the locker room]

[The stooges run into the locker room]

CURLY: Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk

MOE: Boy! That was quick thinking.


[A rude guy, who is with a partner, pushes Larry out of the way]

RUDE GUY: Pardon me!

LARRY: [Looks at the two guys as they walk away] Hey! This looks like a kids game. They're wearing short pants.

MOE: Why don't you be quiet? That's the kind of clothes they wear in this game. Come on!

[The camera cuts to the outside of the shower room where three guys walk out of the shower]

SHOWER GUY #1: I shot a perfect 78.

SHOWER GUY #2: Yeah, for the first hole. Haha.

SHOWER GUY #1: No really! It was a ripping game.

SHOWER GUY #2: I'll bet it was.

SHOWER GUY #1: Lord Douglas, he made it in--- [looks inside his locker] Say! Where's my golf pant?

SHOWER GUY #2: How should I know?

SHOWER GUY #1: I had them here when I---

SHOWER GUY #2: Where are my shoes?

SHOWER GUY #3: And mine too. And where are my socks?

SHOWER GUY #1: I can't find a bloody thing here.

[The camera cuts to the entrance of the golf course. The stooges enter]

[Two strangers pass by the stooges]

STRANGER #1: I shot a birdie yesterday.

STRANGER #2: You did? That's great.

MOE: Well Jasper! What did you shoot yesterday?

CURLY: I shot a 7 but they wouldn't give me the money.

MOE: Hahaha! You did! That's great. Hahaha! [Slaps Curly] Come on.

LARRY: You know I shot---

MOE: Yeah!! Go get a bag of bats, killa!! Come on!

[Larry grabs three bags of golf-clubs and hands them to Curly for him to carry. The stooges walk towards the golf course]

[The camera cuts to the middle of the golf course. There we see golfer #1 trying to make a golf shot. Three other golfers and a caddy are standing behind him in silence waiting for him to make the shot]

[The caddy repositions the bag of golf clubs he has on his shoulder. While repositioning them, it makes noise. Golfer #1 stops trying to make his shot and stares at the caddy]

CADDY: I'm very sorry sir.

[The stooges enter and drop their bag of golf clubs making a lot of noise]

LARRY: Yeah, well it's a nice day out.

MOE: Hi ya boys! Nice day for golf, ain't it?

GOLFER #1: Quiet please!

MOE: Oh you got secrets, eh!

[Golfer #1 tries to take his shot, but just as he hits the ball, Moe takes a bag of clubs and dumps the clubs on the ground. This distracts golfer #1 and his ball lands on the sand]

GOLFER #2: Sorry old man, you're in a trap!

CURLY: Trap? What do they catch around here?

GOLFER #1: Pests!!

CURLY: Oh! They got them here too?

MOE: Go ahead, get started. [looks at Larry]

LARRY: Alright.

[Larry positions his golf ball right by the golfers. Just as Larry is about to hit the ball, golfer #3 taps Larry]

GOLFER #3: Say!! You know you're supposed to follow us?

CURLY: We don't follow nobody.

MOE: I should say not. Come on fellas! That open ground out here. Let's go this way. [points at the other direction]

LARRY: Think you own the place? [positions his golf ball behind golfer #3]

[Larry and golfer #3 try to take a shot at their own golf ball, not realizing that they're right next to each other. When Larry swings his golf club, he hits golfer #3 in the rear. The three golfers and caddy leave]

LARRY: Those guys are just beginners.

MOE: You're telling me.

LARRY: Yeah. Watch this fellas! [Positions his ball a little further, swings at it, and misses]

[They look out to see where the ball went]

CURLY: There it is! [points to the ground to show that Larry missed the ball]

MOE: Quiet!!

MOE: Go ahead, Porcupine!

[Larry swings his golf club at the ball and hits it]

[The camera cuts to three guys playing golf at the other end of the golf course. They see the golf ball coming towards them and they duck]

ANNOYED GUY: Hey you! Fore!!

CURLY: Five!


MOE: Seven!

CURLY: [raises Moe's hand] Sold to the man with the spittoon haircut.

MOE: Oh! Getting personal, eh! [Slaps Curly]

[Curly sets his golf club next to a Golf club cleaner]

[Curly strikes the golf ball, but his golf club gets caught on one of the legs supporting the golf club cleaner]

CURLY: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk. [Swings at the golf ball and misses.]

CURLY: Mmmm. [He looks out and sees a guy hit a golf ball.]

CURLY: Ah!!! Mmm. Mmm. Ah!! Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo. [Hits the golf ball]

CURLY: Look I hit it.

[The ball hits the tree and bounces back and hits Moe's forehead]

MOE: Ohh!!!

CURLY: What happened?

MOE: Nothing. [Strikes at Curly and misses. Instead, he knocks off the cotton ball that's on top of Curly's hat]

CURLY: Ahhh!!!

LARRY: Look!! [Runs towards Moe and point off-camera]

[The camera cuts to the cotton ball rolling into the hole]

LARRY: It fell in the hole!

MOE: Just my luck.

[Moe takes a strike at his golf ball]

[The camera guts to an older man playing golf and three women are behind him]

MOE: Hi ya, toots. [looks at women]

MOE: [Stops the older man] Pardon me before you bat that ball. Did you pick up my ball?

OLDER MAN: Most assuredly not!!

[Moe picks up the ball that the older man was using]

[A strange man comes up to Moe from off-camera]

STRANGE MAN: Now pardon me!! Did you pick up my ball?

MOE: I should say not!!

[Larry and Curly enter from off-camera]

MOE: Did you pick up the gentlemen's ball. [looks at Larry]

LARRY: Why, no!!!

[Moe turns to Curly]

CURLY: Oh, I did not!!

MOE: You did not what??

CURLY: I still didn't.

[Moe bonks Curly on the head]

[Curly runs in place, keeps on wooing, and a plethora of golf balls fall out of his pocket]

MOE: Pick out your ball, stranger!

STRANGE MAN: [Picks up a random ball] I think this is it!

OLDER MAN: Come on girls! Play golf!

MOE: Spread out! [Pushes Larry and Curly out of the way]

[The camera cuts to a guy who swings his golf club at a golf ball. The golf ball flies over to the stooges and hits all three of them on the head one by one.]

MOE: [looks at Larry] Oh a wise guy. A head clunker, eh!

LARRY: No, it came from back---

[Moe slaps Larry on the forehead]

MOE: Get out of here!

CURLY: He didn't do it.

MOE: Then you did. [Slaps Curly on the face]

[Curly grabs Moe on his arm as a way of getting back at Moe]

CURLY: Mmmm!

MOE: [Slaps Curly on the head] Get out. Get out before I--- [Attempts to swing the golf club at Curly]

[Moe looks down and sees all the golf balls Curly dropped. He takes a swing with his golf club and misses. He grabs several golf clubs from the golf bag and takes several swings. All the balls go flying and land on a bunch of people on the golf course and they get knocked unconscious]

[The camera cuts to two women washing their golf clubs on the golf club cleaner]

[Curly enters from off-camera and sees the women washing their clubs]

CURLY: Oh! A washing machine. I didn't know it was Monday.

[Curly grabs a pair of socks out of his pocket and starts washing and humming. The scene fades to a new scene where we see Curly in his underwear hanging up his washed clothes. He's singing while he hangs them up. Moe enters from off-camera. Curly sees him and stops singing]

MOE: What are you doing? [grabs Curly's washed socks off his hand]

CURLY: My washing!

MOE: Oh! Lady Godiva, eh!!

[Larry enters from off-camera]

LARRY: Hey!! All ye samey!! Washy shirty?

MOE: Hey!! [walks up to Larry] Any of your clothes in that line?


MOE: Then stay out of it. [slaps Larry]

[Moe attempts to eye poke Larry but Curly holds Moe's arm. Moe gets mad and pokes Curly in the eyes.]


MOE: What do you want?

[Moe tries to poke Larry in the eyes and slap him, but Larry keeps holding his face. Finally, after several attempts, Moe finally is able to poke Larry in eyes.]

CURLY: Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk

[Moe turns to Curly. Curly holds his face. Moe hit's Curly in the stomach and forehead.]

MOE: Why I! [Moe sticks out his fist, Curly hits it, and Moe bonks Curly on the head]

CURLY: Ahh!!!

[The scene ends and new scene begins where we see Curly crawling on the floor. As he crawls, he hits his head on a tree trunk. He stops, makes an annoying gesture and continues crawling.]

[The camera cuts to a golfer who hits a golf ball. Curly walks up to him]

CURLY: Pardon me. Did you see my ball?

ANNOYED GOLFER: Yeah, it's up in the tree. [point up]

[Curly looks up where we see the ball stuck up in the tree. Curly strikes the tree with his golf club, but the club ends up stuck up in the tree as well. He tries to pull on the branches, but the ball doesn't fall. He falls down. He gets up, looks off-camera and walks away.]

[The camera cuts to Larry who tries to make a golf shot. He sees two small roots sticking out. Determined to get the roots out of his way, he pulls one out. But, when he tries to remove the second root, it gets longer never ends, causing it to mess up that part of the golf course]

[The camera cuts to Moe who tries to take a swing at his golf ball. He misses and hits a hole on the ground. He pushes the ball aside with his foot, where he attempts to make another shot]

[The camera cuts to Curly who chops down the tree]

CURLY: Ahahaha.

[Gardener #1 sees Curly chopping the tree and runs up to him]

GARDENER #1: Whatsa matta wit you? Whatsa matta wit you choppin down the tree? You think you're George A Wash?

[The scene cuts to Larry who is still trying to pull the root out of the ground. The ground is now all ruined. Gardener #1 runs up to him]

GARDENER #1: Say! Say! What's a matter? What's a! I tell a my boss! Hey! Look. He makes a some more of this.

[The camera cuts to Moe who is still trying to swing at his golf ball. This time we see the golf course full of holes on the ground. Gardener #2 enters from off-camera, sees what's going on, and runs up to Moe.]

GARDENER #2: Hey! Whatsa matter? What are doin'? What are you choppa choppa choppa! What are you doin'? You got a shovel here!

MOE: Aw! Now quiet now will ya. I'm getting better. See, the pieces are getting smaller.

GARDENER #2: I'll call the police. He's a crazy!! Oh! [Gardener #2 runs off-camera]

MOE: So's your old man!! [Moe takes a few more shots and still makes more holes on the ground. He throws his golf club down in anger, throws the golf ball, and walks towards the direction he threw the ball at]

[The camera cuts to the two gardeners who are complaining to three policemen]

GARDENER #1: It's a pick and a shovel And it's a no golf!

GARDENER #2: Yeah. They use a the ax and they choppa the tree.

GARDENER #2: That's a them over there! [points to the stooges]

CURLY: He's pointing where you are.

MOE: You mean, he's pointing where I was. Come on! Let's go!

CURLY: Woo-woo-woo!

GARDENER #1: That's a them over there!

POLICEMAN: I see 'em. Come on!

[The stooges run to the truck and drive away. Curly is sitting on the back of the truck next to the barrels of beer. In the middle of the street, the stooges run over a rock and a barrel on top falls over.]

CURLY: Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk. [Barrel falls on his head] Oh. [Barrel rolls down the street] Wait! We lost a barrel.

[The camera cuts to the street where we see the barrel rolling]

[The camera cuts to the stooges who are already out of the truck. The truck is stopped right in the middle of a hill]

MOE: What's the matter?

CURLY: There goes one! [points off camera and another barrel falls down from the truck]

MOE: How do you like that? Come on!

MOE: Stop that barrel. Come on. Hurry up.

[The stooges chase after the two barrels]

[The camera cuts to a police officer who is guiding traffic. He gets hit by the barrel and falls. The stooges run up to the police officer]

MOE: Whoa!
CURLY: Woo-woo-woo
[Moe and Curly say this simultaneously]

[The stooges run away from the police officer]

[The stooges reach the top of a hill where the barrels stop]

MOE: I'll get this one. I---

[The barrels start rolling the opposite direction towards the stooges. Now, the stooges try to run away from the barrels]

[The camera now cuts to the truck, where we see the emergency break slip by itself. Now, the truck moves backwards, hits the edge of the sidewalk and all the barrels on the truck fall down and roll down the street]

[The stooges run towards the truck, they see all the barrels rolling towards them, and they quickly turn around and run away as they yell.]

MOE: Come on! Hurry up!

[The camera cuts to the police officer again. He now sees that all the barrels coming towards him and he runs away towards the sidewalks.]

[The camera cuts to Curly, who runs behind a pole to avoid being hit by the barrels. A barrel hits a rock and goes up in the air.]

CURLY: Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. [Barrel hits his head] Oh. Hmm. Hmm. Whoa. Wooo! [Wipes his face harshly with both hands]

[More barrels are coming towards Curly]

CURLY: Whoaa!!

[The camera cuts to Moe who is running away from a barrel. The barrel reaches near him and he jumps, and ends up running on top of the barrel as it rolls.]

MOE: Whoa!

[The camera cuts to Larry who stops when he sees a tree. He climbs up.]

[The camera cuts to Moe who is still running on top of the barrel. It starts slowing down]

MOE: Easy now! Easy! [Another barrel hits the barrel he's standing on and Moe falls] Oww!!

[The camera cuts to Larry who is still on top of the tree. A barrel rolls by him. He sticks his tongue out at it. Then another barrel hits some sacks on the ground, goes up in the air, and knocks Larry off of the tree. Larry lands on the ground that has wet cement. Larry struggles to break free, but can't. The cement layer sees this and throws down his cement tool in anger.]

CEMENT LAYER: Well, would you get outta there?

LARRY: Yeah, help me get out would ya?

[The camera cuts to the street where we see a police officer blow his whistle. The barrels are all over the street.]

[The camera cuts back to Larry, who is still stuck in the cement. Moe and Larry run up to him.]

LARRY: Get me outta here!

MOE: Nothing doing.

CURLY: You think we're going in there!

[Two barrels hit some sacks, they go up in the air and they hit Moe and Larry.]

CURLY: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk. Ohh!!

MOE: Whoa!

[Moe and Curly fall into the cement]

MOE: Boy! If I could get my hand out this, I'd crack your head open.

CURLY: Can't get it out?

MOE: No.

CURLY: Sure?

MOE: Positive.

CURLY: Ehhhhhhh!! [sticks his tongue out]

[Moe slaps Curly in the face with his hand full of cement]

CURLY: Ohh!! Woo woo woo woo woo!! [The scene fades out]

---THE END---

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Fan Reviews   (14)
Posted 2013-07-04 11:58:50 by Sledgehammer
Edited 2013-07-06 20:59:24 by Sledgehammer

Pure classic from stem to stern. Highlights:

CURLY: How are we going to shoots golfs without guns?
MOE: C'mere, Buffalo Bill (shoves pinky up Curly's nose as Curly howls in agony)

MOE: Press
LARRY: Press
CURLY: Pull (nyah)...

GARDENER TO CURLY (were Italian gardeners supposed to be a stereotype, BTW?): "Why you chop-a da tree? Who you think you are, George a-Wash?"

THE INVISIBLE MAN apparently pulls the handbrake on the Stooges' truck ensuring the ensuing chaos

CURLY goes completely bonkers as he gets bombarded with beer barrels, running in place and running both his hands down his face frantically.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-11-21 14:06:06 by sages4stooges
This is one of my all time favorites. In addition to what has already been mentioned, I like how the Stooges split up at the golf course, each creating their own showcase of mayhem. As for the cheesy special effects with the beer barrels, that is actually part of the charm. It adds to my enjoyment to picture serious people working hard to plan and execute these gags--and seeing what they were able to come up with given the limitations of the technology at the time.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-07-15 12:56:03 by Final Shemp
A personal favorite of mine, Three Little Beers puts the Stooges in one of the easiest sports to screw up, golf. No matter the outcome, a Three Stooges short on the subject couldn't possibly have been as painfully unfunny as Caddyshack.
::crickets chirp::
O.K., maybe that's just me.
The Stooges antics on the golf course are tremendous. Their uncertainty of what the rules actually are, the Stooges immediately decide that anything goes and start shooting balls in each direction.
"It fell in the hole!"
(dismayed) "Just my luck."
The chase scene is a gas, ensuring those who watch the short will be left with a laugh coming out of their gut. There's nothing more to ask for.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 4 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-05-07 23:17:04 by Bud_Jamison
"There is nothing like golf to keep a man physically fit." "NEW MEN!"Classic Jamison and 4 star Stooge performance. Highest rating for this masterpiece!

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-04-08 18:43:19 by Shemp_Diesel

Another early 4 poke classic.

"What are you doing?"

"My washing."

"Oh, Lady Godiva eh."

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2004-01-16 19:56:00 by Justin T
One of the best, the antics on the golf course are awesome and the ending with the barrels rolling all over the place is great.Still don't know why one of the scenes is missing from the Three Smart Saps DVD version,good thing I taped it intact of TV many years ago.4 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2003-12-05 23:11:00 by CurlyQuuu
Being one who finds the idea of the game of golf ridiculous anyhow (whack a ball, to chase it, to whack it again, to chase it... and they say the Boy's were not so bright?). I love this short! Though the original premise of them being beer deliverymen seems a bit strained and unneccesary (I guess they had to get them at the links somehow?), it doesn't detract from when the real mayhem ensues. On the course itself. I think only Three Little Pigskins outdoes this short for totally ruining a sport. From Curly's laundry, to Moe's divets getting smaller. This is a true classic. Has to be up there on the top ten list of Stooges Shorts (ok... maybe just my own list). As to the flubs (especially the beer barrel issues), I'd have to say "consider the time, and the cost of special effects, and the style of filming they were doing in those days". Not exactly going to stand up to the visual demands of the viewer of today. But that's not so much imporant as the hilarity it causes, strings and all!Classic moments are of course the "Press.... press.... pull" gag from the vending machine. And the strut Moe show's off as he chases his ball is funnier everytime I see it!
Posted 2003-06-14 03:02:00 by ImNotMe
I think this episode would rate in a "Top Ten" best Curly episode list. I just wish the episode came "complete" on DVD. I had to splice the missing scene from my crappy laser disc and make a complete copy for my collection. I thought we all bought DVD to get better versions of videos? Oh well...
Posted 2003-05-27 14:53:00 by nanasnicknacks
I liked this Three Stooge Classic because The Stooges make fun of the game of golf. And the street where the Three Stooges were losing their barrels off of their truck is Strand Street in Santa Monica. There is a house on that street that sits back off of the street. That is the same house that my parents stayed in for a few weeks after we came out to California in the 1960's. I couldn't believe it when I saw it and even showed my kids. They were amazed too.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2002-12-16 13:21:00 by Super service
This is truly a classic. Not just for Curly, but for all the Boys.For those who have not seen it; enjoy. From Curly riding the beer barrels, to the Boys devising a plan for gaining entry into the CC, all the golf course scenes...Just take yer time and see "Men(geniuses) at Work"At yer service day and night, we do the job and do it right...

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-02-12 00:52:00 by Emir of Shmow
Three Little Beers is by far one of the Stooges' best short films. The whole "golf-place" situation is great. And the barrels chasing them down the hill tops it off. I give this one 4 eyepokes."I say, Jasper, what'd YOU shoot yeste'day?"-Scott

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-10-19 22:00:00 by Genius In the Lamp
As great as the 1940-42 shorts were, I really love the early shorts. There seemed to be a chaotic charm about the first several shorts, and "Three Little Beers" is certainly no exception. If anything, it's one of their all-time best. My favourites scenes were when Curly used the ball-washer to do his laundry (Moe: "Aaah, Lady Go-Diver"); the famous "press-press-pull" bit; Curly chopping down the tree to get to his ball and club (the noises he makes when the tree comes down always cracks me up); and the gravity-defying beer barrels rolling down the streets, especially the one that knocks Larry into the cement. Even the inconsistent film quality can't get in the way of this totally off-the-wall short.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-10-10 12:13:00 by BuffaloBillius
This is one of the greatest shorts ever, along with "Uncivil Warriors" and "Disorder in the Court". Curly cutting down the tree to get the club and the ball is great, and so is Larry getting hit on the head with the beer keg. 4 pokes.
Posted 2001-09-13 02:14:00 by [Deleted Member]
Great short. Without a doubt, one of Curly's best! From beginning to end, you rarely go five seconds without laughing. It's shorts like this that give me insight into the mystery of why there are more Curly fans than Shemp fans. One funny thing that's gone unmentioned, (well, two in one)- After Curly asks "How are we gonna shoot golfs without guns?" Moe does his best pinky-nose pull while Curly does his best yell pain. The Howard brothers sure had "chemistry", as they say.ISLIPP- when the beer keg breaks on Bud Jameson's head. ®2001

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