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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"How much would you charge to haunt a cave?" - Shemp (I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE, 1948)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 5

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FEBRUARY 1977   -   Editor: Ralph Schiller

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Club News
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 1 - 4
  • Miscellaneous Stooges sightings by fans
  • Moe Feinberg, Larry's brother, appointed to the Fan Club's Honorary Board of Governors
  • Note of appreciation from Joe and Jean DeRita
  • Obituary: Supporting actress Jean Willes
  • Obituary: Supporting actor Gene Roth, killed in Hollywood by a reckless driver
  • 15 minute behind-the-scenes footage from THE OUTLAWS IS COMING discovered
  • A new printing of A Stroke of Luck
  • Moe Howard and The Three Stooges due to be published April 1, 1977
  • NBC News aired a special report on The Three Stooges Spring 1976
  • Film festivals
  • MGM producing new prints of the recently found shorts starring Ted Healy and His Stooges
  • Local TV station Stooges news
  • Cartoon appearances by the Stooges

by Sal Cincotta
Page(s): 4 - 5
Review of Abbott & Costello's AFRICA SCREAMS (1949), costarring Joe Besser and Shemp Howard

Continued on Shemp Howard
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 5
Shemp Howard filmography updates

Emil Sitka: A Three Stooges Mainstay
by Bob Frischmann
Page(s): 5 - 7
Profile of supporting actor Emil Sitka

Jules White Speaks
by Louis Comunale
Page(s): 7
Jules White comments from a letter he wrote to Leonard Maltin's Film Fan Monthly

Club Bulletin Board
Page(s): 7
Fan classified advertisements

Moe Feinberg on Stooges
by Moe Feinberg
Page(s): 8
Moe reminices about joining Moe, Larry & Curly, on a visit to the St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia's Old Shibe Park, and meeting his idol Stan Musial

Even As I.O.U.
Page(s): 8
One-sheet reproduction from EVEN AS I.O.U.

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