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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"If you so much as breath, I'll tear your tonsils out and tie it around your neck for a bowtie!" - Moe (IF A BODY MEETS A BODY, 1945)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 145

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SPRING 2013   -   Editor: Gary Lassin

Cover Image
A candid shot of Moe and Larry, December 1963
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by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 2

Sally Starr

Hal Fryar Added to Guest List For 2013 Fan Club Meeting
by Frank Reighter and Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3

Detailed schedule, itinerary and guest list for the May 4 - 5, 2013 Fan Club Meeting in Ft. Washington PA; Hal Fryar of THE OUTLAWS IS COMING will be the celebrity guest

(Subsequent to press, the Fan Club learned that Mr. Fryar could not attend for health reasons)

HELLO POP... A Closer Look
by Richard Finegan
Page(s): 4 - 5, 16

Detailed plot, story and production details for HELLO POP (1933), one of the MGM short subjects starring Ted Healy & His Stooges; the film has been recently discovered, after decades of assumed lost in a studio fire

"Lost" Film HELLO POP Discovered
by Ron Hutchinson, The Vitaphone Project
Page(s): 5

Film historian / archivist Ron Hutchinson, of The Vitaphone Project, announces the discovery of HELLO POP (1933); the color MGM short subject starring Ted Healy & His Stooges was assumed lost since a 1967 vault fire, but a pristine 35mm has been found in a private collection in Australia... the story of its discovery, and transfer to the U.S. for restoration and eventual redistribution

Three Stooges Locations Then & Now: FALSE ALARMS
by Jim Pauley
Page(s): 6

Another L.A. location used in the filming of FALSE ALARMS (1936) identified, with photos then and today.

Visit With Ed Bernds, A (Part 2 of 3)
by Brent Seguine & James Scott
Page(s): 7 - 9

Transcription of the authors' visit and conversation with Three Stooges director & sound engineer Edward Bernds; part 2's topics cover the mid 1940s thru Ed's departure from Columbia in 1952

Sally Starr: Philly's Favorite Cowgirl
by Kevin S. Butler
Page(s): 10 - 11

Tribute to Philadelphia children's TV host Sally Starr (THE OUTLAWS IS COMING), with a detailed overview of her entertainment career

Three Stooges Supporting Players, The: Mini-Biographical Profiles
by Journal Staff
Page(s): 12 - 13

Monte Collins, Casey Columbo, Chester Conklin, Heinie Conklin

Locations, Locations, Locations... The 15th (Quindecennial) Three Stooges Big Screen Event
by Anthony 'Shemp Shady' Eden
Page(s): 14

The author's summary and review of the annual Thanksgiving weekend Three Stooges film festival, at the Alex Theatre in Glendale CA, with 2012's event featuring a "locations" presentation by Jim Pauley

Bulletin Board
Page(s): 15

Fan classified advertisements

Stooge Trivia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 15

Trivia Q&A

  This Issue Available ($3.00 US, PPD)

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