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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Dear Uncle Mortimer..." - Shemp (BEDLAM IN PARADISE, 1955)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 115

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FALL 2005   -   Editor: Gary Lassin

Cover Image
Moe Howard, THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT (1962) publicity shot
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by Gary Lassin and various
Page(s): 2 - 3
Paul Winchell, Eddie Saeta, Howard Morris, Lyle "Spud" Murphy, Frances Langford

From Beautiful Downtown Burbank: A Conversation With Gary Owens
by Brent Seguine
Page(s): 4 - 5, cont. on 14
Interview with Gary Owens, sponsor of the Three Stooges 1983 star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Cut to the Chase: Charley Chase & His Influence on the Stooges
by Brian Kirkpatrick
Page(s): 6, continued on 14
Analysis of Chase's cinema style in regard to his directing credits with the Three Stooges.

SOUP TO NUTS - Three Stooges Locations: Then and Now
by Jim Pauley
Page(s): 7
Locating and investigating SOUP TO NUTS (1930) filming locations... N. Los Angeles St., then and today.

What's the West(ern) Coming To?: Shemp Westerns of the Fifties, Pt 1
by Bobby "Bruckman" Winslow
Page(s): 8 - 9
Cinematic analysis of the Three Stooges' short subject westerns, starring Moe, Larry & Shemp

Three Stooges Supporting Players: Mini-Biographical Profiles, The
by Ed Shifres
Page(s): 10 - 11
Barbara Slater, Angela Stevens, Robert Stevens, Clarence Straight

Candid Photo
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 12
"The Three Stooges wait for their turn with Santa in this late 1930s candid photo."

Non-Three Stooges Singing Roles of Christine McIntyre, The
by Richard Finegan
Page(s): 13
History and analysis of Christine's 1937 - 1945 cinematic singing roles.

Stooge Trivia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 15
Trivia questions

Scrapping Off the Veneer of the Three Stooges
by Tom Carr
Page(s): 16
Source: The Traverse City, MI Record-Eagle
A columnist wonders why the Three Stooges' influence affects his daily lifestyle.

  This Issue Available ($3.00 US, PPD)

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