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"You act as though the Sword of Damocles was hanging over your head." "Lady, you must be psychic!" - Symona Boniface & Moe (HALF-WITS HOLIDAY, 1947)

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A "war years" short. We open on the boys dressed as Japanese soliders for an advertising photo shoot. Sent out to lunch in uniform by the photographer, they are mistaken for real Japanese soliders by the cafe owner. Fleeing, they inadvertently land in a house full of Axis sympathizers, who mistake them for fugitives from a destroyed Jap submarine. Mayhem ensues when the REAL Japanese soliders arrive to keep a scheduled parlay with their comrades. Can the Stooges foil the bad guys in typical Stooge manner?

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Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
November 24, 1944
Production Type
Short Subject
16.9 min.
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Production Notes   (4)
Working Title(s):   THE NEW WORLD ODOR
Title Origin:   Origin of working title, term "The New World Order". NO DOUGH BOYS is takeoff on "No-No Boys", WWII internees who had answered "no" to a two-part loyalty question that asked them to renounce the Japanese Emperor and agree to serve in the US Armed Forces
Prod. No.:   564
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1944-04-25   To: 1944-04-28

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 5.75)
Face Slaps: 18 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 4 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (3)
  • "Oh... then you must be Waki!" "Ah, so... very, very Waki!"
    (Vernon Dent & Curly)

  • "Read that sign!" "Hey, you, no smokin'!" "Well?" "It says you, not me! N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk!"
    (Moe & Curly)

  • "Is that not a swastika?" "Yes, that is a swastika!" "Is that not a dirty rat?" "Yes, that is a dirty rat!"
    (Moe, Larry & Curly)

Stooge Goofs   (7)
  • Changing Hat
    When the Nazi spy first welcomes himself to the Stooges, Larry's hat is on sideways. Then it's on frontward in the next short.

  • Dubbed-In Lines
    When the Stooges are doing their â€Å"Is that not a swastika?” routine at the end, their mouth movements don't match what we hear them saying.

  • Forgetting the Script
    During the water seltzer fight between Moe and Curly, Moe says â€Å"Serves you right!” and Curly's supposed to give him the hand movement, but there's an awkward pause as Curly just stands there and forgets what to do next, so Moe begins to repeat â€Å"Serves you right”, and half-way through the line, Curly finally remembers what he has to do and continues with the act.

  • Missed Blow
    When the Stooges are all supposed to blow at the same time in an unconscious Vernon Dent's face to knock him down, Larry forgets to at first.

  • Moe's Pause
    When Moe is supposed to throw the cake in the Nazi spy's face, he pauses for a few seconds before doing it for some reason.

  • Self-lighting Cigar
    After Moe, takes Curly's cigarette away from him, he gets out a cgiar and starts smoking it despite the fact he never even lighted it.

  • Unintentional Fall
    When the boys are done with their acrobatic act, Curly tries to stand up, but he accidentally falls back down.

Stooge Routines   (5)
  • Fighting In The Dark
    The Stooges are fighting against a group of villains and someone turns off the lights in the room. The fight continues in the dark.

  • Hitler-like Dictator
    Used alot during the 1940's as a spoof of the Third Reich. The Stooges have great fun in impersonating Hitler, Goering and Gobbels.

  • Increasingly bigger pencils or cigars
    Curly begins to write something, but Moe snatches the pencil away. Curly then takes out an even bigger pencil then Moe snatches that away, followed by Curly taking out an even bigger pencil. This keeps going on an on until Moe takes the last pencil and whacks Curly on the head with it. This gag is also sometimes used with cigars instead of pencils.

  • Water seltzer fight
    The Stooges get into a water seltzer fight by spraying seltzer bottles in each other's faces repeatedly. One of them usually ends up holding the bottle backwards and accidentally spraying some in his own face.

  • Yelling at the Stooges during phone conversation
    When someone is talking on a phone, he/she yells at the Stooges in the middle of the call and insults them, and the person on the other line thinks that he's the one being yelled at instead.
    Also used in:  ANTS IN THE PANTRY  ·   WHAT'S THE MATADOR?  ·  

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Transcript   (Y)

Transcription by Stooge:  


[ The short opens on the Stooges posing for a commercial photo. They are dressed up as Japanese soldiers, wearing heavy eye make-up and fake buck teeth. They crouch down on the ground holding their arms up in surrender as an American soldier raises a bayonet towards them. A photographer is standing behind a camera. ]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Hold it"¦ Still! [ flashes camera ] Okay, boys, get ready for the next one.

[ The Stooges stand up from the ground. Curly reaches down the ground for his rifle and as he picks it up, it accidentally whacks Moe in the face. ]

MOE: OHH! Why"¦ you!! [ punches Curly in the stomach ]

CURLY: OOF! [ angrily ] I'll give you--

MOE: What?!

CURLY: [ kindly ] The meanest look!

MOE: Why you! [ nosehonks Curly ]


LARRY: Come on, now, break it up!

MOE: You stay outta this!

ALL STOOGES: [ arguing simultaneously ]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Come on, cut out this nonsense! The Latherneck Shaving Cream is waiting for these photos.

[ A phone rings in the background ]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Oh, there's the telephone. Now cut it out!

[ The photographer walks over to the phone and the Stooges follow him. The photographer picks up the phone. ]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Hello? [ pause ] Yes! [ pause ] Oh, yes! [ pause ] Yeeeees! [ pause ] Yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes!

ALL STOOGES: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Shut up, you idiots! [ to the phone ] I don't mean you, sir. I mean these other idiots! Uh"¦ what I m-- [ pause ] Alright, sir. I'll be right over. [ hangs up the phone ] Fools!!

MOE: Well"¦ you see, we--

PHOTOGRAPHER: Aw, go out and go to lunch!

MOE: Okay, we'll change our clothes.

PHOTOGRAPHER: No, don't take off those uniforms! I gotta get this work done as quickly as possible. I'll be back in 15 minutes. Go grab yourselves a bite. [ to assistant ] Come on, Joe, I want you to help me move some stuff.

[ The photographer and his assistant leave ]

MOE: How do ya like that?

LARRY: Aw, 15 minutes"¦ How can you eat in 15 minutes? I never heard of that.

[ Curly takes out a cigarette and begins smoking ]

MOE: Let's go and eat someplace.

LARRY: I wanna go-- How about Smitty's?

MOE: Pretty goo--

[ Moe looks over at Curly and notices him smoking ]

MOE: What's the matter witchoo, you wanna burn down the scenery?! [ points off-camera ] Read that sign!

[ The camera cuts to a sign which says "Hey, You - NO SMOKING" ]

CURLY: [ reads ] Hey, you, no smokin'!

MOE: Well?

CURLY: It says you, not me! [ continues smoking ] Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!

MOE: [ takes Curly's cigarette ] Whyyyyy you"¦

[ Moe puts the cigarette out by stomping it on the ground ]


MOE: [ to Larry ] I don't like Smitty's. Let's go to Levin's.

[ Curly takes out a bigger cigar from his pocket behind Moe and Larry's backs and begins smoking it ]

LARRY: Aww"¦ I-- You know what I heard about--

[ Moe looks over and notices Curly smoking the big cigar ]

MOE: [ snatches Curly's cigar ] Whyyyyyyy"¦


[ Moe stomps on Curly's cigar ]

MOE: I'll murder ya!

LARRY: [ to Moe ] Listen, don't go to Levin's. Cause when I went to the--

[ Curly takes out a smoking pipe and puts it in his mouth. Moe turns and notices. He yanks out the pipe from Curly's mouth, then whacks it on Curly's head. ]


MOE: Now, that's that! [ to Larry ] Look--

LARRY: I'm not lending you any more money! As a matter of fact--

[ Moe and Larry look over at Curly and notice him blowing on his right thumb as if it's a cigar. Then he pours some cigar powder over his hand and pulls out a match. He flicks on the match and holds it close to his thumb to light his thumb. Soon, Curly starts blowing out real smoke from his thumb like an actual cigar. Moe and Larry stare in astonishment, then Curly blows some smoke towards their faces. ]

CURLY: Nyuk nyuk nyuk--

MOE: Why you!

[ Moe opens Curly's hand, but there's nothing in there ]


MOE: [ slaps Curly ] Get goin'! Go onnn!


MOE: [ pulls Larry's hair ] Come on!

LARRY: Ooh, wait--

[ The Stooges leave ]

[ The scene ends ]

[ The next scene begins with a close-up of a newspaper headline, which reads "JAP SUB BLOWN UP OFF SHORE - U.S. COAST GUARD DEALS DEATH BLOW - 3 JAPANESE SOLDIERS ESCAPE: CITIZENS WARNED TO KEEP A SHARP LOOKOUT". The camera pulls back and reveals that a waiter inside a restaurant is reading the paper. He walks away to the back kitchen. ]

[ The Stooges enter the restaurant and take a seat at an empty table. Larry notices a basket of bread on the table. ]

LARRY: Oh, boy - bread!

[ The Stooges each take out a roll of bread and begin eating it ]

MOE: [ muffled ] Service!!

WAITER: [ off-camera ] Service, comin' up!

CURLY: [ muffled ] Hurry up!

[ The waiter re-enters with a tray holding three glasses of water. He places each glass of water next to each Stooge. ]

LARRY: [ muffled ] Mmm"¦ this tastes good.

CURLY: [ muffled ] I like it very, very much.

MOE: [ muffled ] What's new today?

[ The waiter gets a suspicious look on his face, then takes another quick look at the newspaper headline in his pocket about the escaped Japanese soldiers. Thinking the Stooges are real Japanese soldiers, he raises his empty tray and whacks Moe and Curly on the head. ]


[ The waiter whacks the tray on Larry's head, bending it over his head and keeping it there as Larry sits frozen in a daze with his mouth still full of bread ]

[ Curly and Moe get up and slowly start walking towards the waiter with angry expressions. The waiter fearfully backs away and runs into the kitchen. Curly follows him. ]

CURLY: [ muffled yell ]

MOE: [ muffled ] Why you imbe--

[ The kitchen door swings towards Moe and knocks him down on the floor ]


[ Inside the kitchen, Curly walks towards the waiter while holding up a knife ]

WAITER: Put that knife down!

CURLY: [ muffled ] You look for trouble, eh?!

[ The waiter throws a bowl of dough off-camera towards Curly then ducks out of the way. He peeks back off-camera at Curly and gets a surprised expression. ]

[ The camera cuts to Curly with the dough all over his face and the empty bowl over his head. Curly takes off the bowl, then swipes the dough off of his face. He throws the dough at the waiter's face. ]


[ The waiter slowly walks towards Curly, as Moe and Larry enter the kitchen behind Curly ]

WAITER: [ rolls up sleeves ] Why you! I'll tear ya--

[ The waiter aims a punch towards Curly, but Curly ducks and the waiter punches Moe behind Curly instead, bumping Moe into Larry ]


[ Curly stands back up, then stomach-butts the waiter backwards towards the hot stove. The waiter's behind gets burned by the stove. ]



[ The Stooges exit the kitchen through the back door ]


[ The waiter sits in a bucket of water, putting out the smoke from his behind ]

WAITER: [ relieved ] Ahhh"¦ ahhhh"¦ ahhhhhhhhhh"¦.

[ The waiter stands up out of the bucket, then picks up the phone and dials ]

WAITER: Hello? Police department?

[ Outside the restaurant, the Stooges are laughing to each other. Curly takes out a cigarette and lights a match. ]

CURLY: Say, I wonder what's bothering him? We didn't do anything to him.

LARRY: Yeah"¦ Say, maybe we ate too much of his bread.

MOE: He must be nutty! I--

[ Moe does a double-take, then looks down at his and the other Stooges' Japanese soldier uniforms ]

MOE: Boy, are we dumb!

CURLY: Speak for yourself, John!

MOE: Shaddup! He thinks we're Japs!

[ Curly and Larry look down at their uniforms ]

ALL STOOGES: AH HA HA HA HA HA! He thinks we're Japs! HA HA HA--

[ The Stooges lean against a nearby wall and suddenly fall through it ]


[ A loud thud is heard after the Stooges fall inside the wall. The camera cuts inside the room that the Stooges have landed in, which looks like the entrance room to a house. The Stooges get up from the floor and try to find their way back out the trap door they fell through, but they can't. ]


[ The Stooges look around the room, and Curly and Moe have their backs to each other ]

MOE: [ calling out ] Hello there?!

CURLY: Hello there!

MOE: Where are you?

CURLY: [ calling out ] Right here!

[ Moe turns around and notices Curly behind him, then looks at Curly angrily ]


[ A Nazi spy named Hugo enters the room ]

HUGO: [ salutes ] Heil Hitler! Greetings, my friends and allies. How did you get in here??

CURLY: Through the "allie"! [ points to trap door ]

HUGO: Oh, I was afraid you wouldn't make it. Have you seen the paper?

[ Hugo hands the Stooges the newspaper with the same "JAP SUB BLOWN UP OFF SHORE" headline as the one shown before ]

LARRY: [ whispers ] He thinks that's us!

MOE: He's a Nazi spy. Watch your step and try and act like Japs.

CURLY: [ in Japanese accent ] Oh, so!

ALL STOOGES: [ in Japanese accent ] So! So sorry! Sank you!

HUGO: There's lots of work to be done. We must not fail! [ salutes ] Heil!


[ The Stooges salute and accidentally slap Hugo on the head ]


ALL STOOGES: So sorry, please!

HUGO: Yeh -- which one of you is Naki?

LARRY: Uh"¦ me Naki!

HUGO: Which one is Saki?

MOE: Me Saki.

HUGO: [ to Curly ] Oh"¦ then you must be Waki!

CURLY: Oh, so - very, very Waki! [ snaps his fingers several times, flicks them across his chin, then barks at Hugo ] RRUFF!!

HUGO: Yeh -- [ laughs ] Come with me. I introduce you to the ladies.

CURLY: Oh, dames!

[ Curly does a double-take and covers his mouth quickly while Hugo looks at him suspiciously ]

CURLY: HAAHH! [ smiles nervously ]

HUGO: Follow me, gentlemen.

[ The Stooges look behind themselves ]

LARRY: Oh, that are us!

[ The Stooges follow Hugo inside of a room where three German ladies are waiting ]

HUGO: Ladies - meet Nippon's three greatest saboteurs.

CURLY: Aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw! NYARRR!

HUGO: May I present Theilia Pumpernickel"¦ Amelia Schwatzbrut"¦ und Celia Schweivok.

[ The ladies bow their heads forward ]

MOE: They are all very well-"bread".

CURLY: I take mine toasted! Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk--

[ Moe elbows Curly hard in the stomach ]


HUGO: Would you boys care for some refreshments?

ALL STOOGES: Ohh"¦ sank you!

[ The Stooges walk over to the refreshments table ]

CURLY: Hey, we'd better get outta here before they find out who we really are.

MOE: No, we'll stick around. If the real Japs show up, maybe we can grab 'em.

LARRY: Yeah, then we'll be heroes and live happily ever after.

CURLY: If they don't kill us first!

[ Moe flicks Curly's nose ]


MOE: Don't be so "pessiristic"!

AMELIA: [ to Hugo ] They're not real Japanese!

HUGO: I know it - they're spies. But as soon as I find out why they're here"¦ we liquidate them!

[ Hugo leaves and the ladies walk over to the Stooges ]

CELIA: So"¦ you are Naki, Waki, und Saki?


CELIA: I would've hardly recognized you. Remember the winter garden in Berlin, when you had your acrobatic act?

CURLY: NYAAGH! Acrobatic act?!

[ Curly wiggles his finger around inside his ear for a few seconds, then pops the finger back out ]

CELIA: Remember you tried to teach me jujitsu?

AMELIA: Jujitsu? Isn't that wonderful?

THEILIA: Oh, please show us how.

MOE: Ohh, no can do this. No"¦ military secrets, thank you!

AMELIA: But aren't we your allies?

MOE: So! We be going into conference"¦ [ to the other Stooges ] Naki, Waki, come backi.

[ The Stooges walk away from the ladies and huddle together ]

CURLY: What does she mean "jujitsu"?

MOE: She wants a wrestle.

CURLY: That I can do!

[ Moe grabs Curly by the neck ]


MOE: Go on - fake somethin'.

[ The Stooges walk back over to the ladies ]

MOE: We are showing. Naki first, ma'am.

LARRY: To grabbing wrist"¦ [ grabs Theilia's wrist ] And grabbing arm"¦ [ grabs Theilia's arm ] Sodu"¦ jerk!

[ Larry spins Theilia around and throws her backwards, causing her to land into a chair which slams backwards into the wall ]


MOE: [ to Amelia ] Grabbing arms"¦ So!

[ Moe grabs Amelia's arms and speaks fake Japanese, spins her around, then throws her backwards, causing her to land on sharp knitting needles on the couch ]


THEILIA: Are you alright?!

MOE: [ to Curly ] Next"¦

CURLY: [ to Celia ] Now, to relaxing. I don't have to hurt you. Put right arm out so"¦ [ holds out right arm ]

CELIA: Like this?

[ Celia grabs Curly's right arm, trips him down on the floor, then spins him around several times ]


[ After spinning Curly, Celia releases him in the air and he crashes head-first through a wall ]

CURLY: Ahh! To getting me out, prease! [ speaks Japanese ]

MOE: Coming back, please!

[ A bird on top of Curly's head outside the wall tweets loudly ]

CURLY: Somethin' are on my topside singing!

[ The bird chips a few musical notes, then bops Curly's head with its beak two times ]

CURLY: Get it off, please.

[ The bird bops Curly's head with its beak once more ]

MOE: That are numbskull!

[ Moe and Larry walk over to Curly ]

MOE: Coming out, chucklehead!

[ Moe begins pulling Curly's head out from the hole ]


[ Curly's head is released from the hole ]


[ Curly waves his hand back-and-forth in front of Moe's face several times, then Curly walks forward. As he bends down to pick up his hat, Moe accidentally bumps into his behind. ]


[ Celia walks up to Curly, then Curly turns around and is surprised to see her ]

CURLY: NYAAH! Oh, so sorry!

[ Hugo walks back in the room ]

CELIA: [ laughs nervously ]

HUGO: What ist los here?!

CELIA: Don't be excited, Hugo. They were teaching us jujitsu. I knew these boys when they did an acrobatic act at the winter garden.

HUGO: Ja, acrobatics? I love to watch! Come on, boys, do something!

LARRY: So sorry, out of practice! Have forgotten routine!

HUGO: Nonsense - real Japanese never forget! Come on, do something!

CELIA: Ja, do the foot-to-foot dance.

CURLY: Oh, much rather to dancing cheek-to-cheek!

[ Curly dances in-place for a while, then shuffles backwards ]

CURLY: La-da-da-da-deeee, la-da-da-da-daaaa, la-da"¦

[ Curly dances closer to Celia, but Moe grabs him back ]

MOE: HALT!! [ to Hugo ] Excuse him, please. Conference [ to the other Stooges ] Naki, Waki, come backi.

[ The Stooges walk away from Hugo and the ladies, and huddle together again ]

MOE: We better do somethin' before that guy gets suspicious. Try and do the stuff that they did in the acrobatic act last night.

LARRY: Ooh, yes!

CURLY: Okay.

MOE: Ready, hup! [ to Hugo and the ladies ] Are watching stunt now"¦ sitting down, please! Thank you!

[ Hugo and the ladies take a seat on the couch as the Stooges begin their acrobatic act ]

[ The Stooges toss a napkin around, then they stand together in a line with Moe in the middle. Curly and Larry hold their feet behind Moe's legs and stretch their arms out. ]


[ The Stooges toss the napkin around a few more times, then stand together in a line again with Curly in the middle this time. Moe and Larry hold their feet behind Curly's legs and stretch their arms out. ]


[ The Stooges suddenly lose their balance and fall down on the floor. They quickly get back up. ]


[ Larry runs forward, does a cartwheel and slams on the ground. Moe and Curly follow by falling on the ground as well. Curly begins spinning around like a top. ]


[ The Stooges each crawl on their backs towards each other ]

[ Hugo and the ladies applaud ]

[ The Stooges stand back up, and Moe and Curly circle around each other ]

CURLY: Aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw!

MOE: [ speaks fake Japanese ]

CURLY: Aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw!

MOE: [ speaks fake Japanese ]

CURLY: Aw-aw-aw-aw!

[ Moe knocks on Curly's head several times, making a loud sound ]

CURLY: [ looking away ] Come in?

[ Moe slaps Curly ]




[ Moe plants his hand on top of Curly's head. Curly forcefully pulls Moe's hand off, then while holding Moe's hand, they both move their legs around and begin dancing in circles. ]

MOE: [ sings fake Japanese ]

[ After dancing, Curly plants his hand under his own chin. Moe kicks Curly's elbow, causing Curly to accidentally punch his own chin. Curly then stomach-butts Moe, bumping him backwards into Larry. ]


[ Moe pulls back out the napkin, and the Stooges toss it around. When Curly gets the napkin, he throws it down on the ground and it automatically bounces back into his hand. Then he blows his nose with it. ]

HUGO AND LADIES: [ laughs ]

[ Larry lays down on the floor and Curly grabs his hands ]



[ Curly tries leaning up on Larry's hands, but Curly's weight causes Larry's hands to slam into the ground. Then Curly begins wiggling Larry's arms around as if they have no bones. ]

CURLY: HMMM! [ looking up ] Sank you!

[ Moe lifts Larry up from the floor, then Moe lays down on the floor. Curly is about to grab Moe's hands. ]

MOE: No Waki - Naki!

CURLY: My misaki! [ backs away ]

[ Grabbing Moe's knees, Larry flips forward over Moe and lands safely on the floor ]

[ Hugo and the ladies applaud ]

MOE: Thank you.

[ Moe lays back down and Curly walks over to Moe ]


[ Curly grabs Moe's knees and tries to flip forward, but he ends up falling down over Moe's face ]


[ Moe lifts Curly up a little, then bites down hard on the back of Curly's foot ]


[ Moe stands back up ]

MOE: Hippopotamus no good for this trick. [ points at Curly ] Hippopotamus!


MOE: And now, we do very beautiful trick, called "Tree High". Top man stand on middle man head with toe. If falling, are smashing head, spilling brains and blood. Veeeeery beautiful!

CURLY: Who are going to do that?!

MOE: [ points at Curly ] Top man!

CURLY: Me no top man!

MOE: Top man! [ slaps Curly ]

CURLY: Me no top man! [ slaps Moe ]

[ Moe and Curly angrily stare at each other, then look over at Larry, who's casually standing around. After a few seconds, Larry realizes Moe and Curly are staring at him. ]

LARRY: [ nervously ] Top man!


[ Curly cups his hands and Moe jumps into Curly's hands, then stands up on top of Curly's shoulders. ]



LARRY: [ running ] HIYA!

[ Larry tries to grab Moe's hand so he can reach the top, but Moe ends up getting pulled down and all the Stooges crash to the ground ]


[ Hugo and the ladies look at each other with disappointed expressions ]

MOE: Oh, that was very bad!

[ The Stooges stand back up ]

MOE: Now are doing muuuch better trick - veeeery much harder, called "Tree High--" [ holds hand up high ]


MOE: "--Low"! [ holds hand down low ]

[ Curly smiles ]

MOE: If bottom man not careful, breaking every bone. Thank you!

CURLY: Who are going--

MOE: [ points at Curly ] Bottom man!

CURLY: NGAAAH-HHHH!! No bottom man - top man!

MOE: I say bottom man! [ slaps Curly ]

CURLY: I say top man! [ slaps Moe ]

[ Moe bows down, followed by Curly bowing down. Suddenly, Moe slaps Curly's head down, causing Curly to fall on the floor. ]

CURLY: [ nods head ] Bottom man!


[ Curly crouches down the ground. Moe gets on top of Curly and crouches on his back, followed by Larry getting on top of the pile and crouching on Moe's back. ]

LARRY: [ raises arm ] WHOOIA!

MOE: [ raises arm ] WHOOIA!

CURLY: [ raises arm ] WHOOIA!

[ Curly suddenly tips over, causing all the Stooges to crash down on the floor ]

MOE: [ to Curly ] Get up!

[ The Stooges stand back up ]

MOE: That are concluding the performance. Thank you!

[ Hugo and the ladies rush over to the Stooges ]

HUGO: That was great! That was wonderful! You know, I never saw anything--

[ A phone rings in the background ]

HUGO: Yeh-- excuse me. [ leaves ]

MOE: Very hard. Must have refreshment. Sank you!

[ The Stooges rush over to the refreshments table ]

CURLY: Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo!

MOE: Now listen, pla--

[ Curly puts the opening of a seltzer bottle into his mouth ]

MOE: [ snatches bottle ] What's the matta with you?!

CURLY: Gimme that!

MOE: You got it! [ sprays bottle into Curly's face ]

CURLY: I'd like to see ya do that again!

[ Moe sprays the bottle into Curly's face a second time ]

CURLY: He did it! Why you! [ grabs back bottle ] Gimme that!

[ Curly tries to spray the bottle at Moe, but he accidentally sprays it into his own face ]


MOE: Serves you right!

[ Curly pauses and just stands there ]

MOE: Serves you r--

[ Curly waves his hand back-and-forth in front of Moe's face, then raises his hand higher and higher and Moe follows it. Curly sprays some water from the bottle into Moe's face. ]

MOE: HUUUYUGHH! [ grabs Curly ] Wh-- [ stops suddenly ]

[ Outside the door, Hugo is meeting with three real Japanese soldiers ]

HUGO: I'm glad you arrived safe. I have some impostors in there! Follow me.

[ Hugo and the Japanese soldiers enter the room ]

MOE: [ to Curly ] Watch your p's and q's.

CURLY: Don't forget to dot the i's!

MOE: Yeah"¦ [ eyepokes Curly ]


MOE: Shh!

HUGO: [ to the soldiers ] Come on!

[ Hugo and the soldiers walk up to the Stooges ]

HUGO: So - you are Naki, Saki, and Waki, huh?! You're all "Waki"! Grab them in the name of The New World Order!

[ Curly and Larry spray seltzer bottles into the soldiers' faces. Moe picks up a cake and shoves it into Hugo's face. ]

HUGO: BBBLLLGH!! Ooh, you swinehundt! [ pulls out gun ] I'll fix you!!

[ Moe grabs Hugo's arm to stop him from firing the gun ]

MOE: Hey, Curly, quick! Turn off the lights!

[ Curly flips the light switch down and the room goes black ]

HUGO: Quick! Don't let them get away!

[ Hugo's gun fires several times, followed by loud punching and groaning sounds ]

CURLY: Hey, Moe! Hey, Larry! Turn on the lights! I think I got one!

[ Moe flips the light switch up, turning on the lights ]

[ One of the soldiers is shown hanging unconscious on top of the chandelier ]

CURLY: So there you are, eh? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[ The other two soldiers run up to Curly and gang up on him. One aims a punch at Curly, but Curly ducks, causing him to punch to other soldier accidentally. ]

CURLY: Wait a minute! [ holds out right fist ] Look at that.

[ As the soldier looks at Curly's right fist, Curly bops the soldier's head with his left fist and knocks him on the ground ]

[ Moe flips back down the light switch and the room goes dark again ]


[ Hugo's gun fires several more times ]

[ A thud sound is repeatedly heard ]


[ Curly flips up the light switch and the lights come back on. Curly looks off-camera in shock. ]


[ The camera cuts to Moe, who's slamming Larry's head into the ground repeatedly, not realizing who he is ]


CURLY: Hey, Moe! The wrong Jap!

[ Moe looks at Larry in shock ]

MOE: Whaddaya doin' in my hands! [ slaps Larry ]

[ Curly flips back down the light switch and the room goes dark again ]


[ A bonking sound is repeatedly heard ]

CURLY: Turn on the lights. I got two of 'em! I'm bumping their heads!

[ One of the Japanese soldiers flips up the light switch and the lights come back on ]

MOE AND LARRY: [ off-camera ] OOUCH!!

[ The soldier looks off-camera in shock ]

[ The camera cuts to Curly, who's bopping Moe and Larry's heads repeatedly ]


[ Curly stops when he realizes who he's bopping together ]


[ The soldier flips back down the light switch and the room goes dark again ]

[ A loud crash sound is heard ]


[ A water spraying sound is heard ]

CURLY: HAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hey, fellas, turn on the lights! I got another one!

[ The lights turn on and we see that Curly is spraying a seltzer bottle into a soldier's mouth and the water is spraying out of the soldier's ears ]

[ Hugo sneaks up behind Curly and kicks Curly in the behind ]


[ Curly turns over to Hugo ]

HUGO: You swinehundt! Now I get you!!

CURLY: Why you!

[ Hugo grabs Curly by the neck ]

CURLY: Ooh"¦ you"¦ ooh"¦

[ Moe suddenly jumps on Hugo's back ]

MOE: Take your hands off!!

[ Larry flips back down the light switch and the room goes dark again ]


CURLY: Get 'im over here, Moe! Get 'im over here!

[ A ripping sound is heard ]

HUGO: Look out for my clothes, you're tearing it!

[ Larry flips up the light switch and the lights come back on.  Larry looks off-camera in shock ]

HUGO: [ off-camera ] Look out for my clothes!

[ The camera cuts to Moe and Curly tearing Hugo's clothes off, revealing Hugo in his long-johns covered with swastika designs ]

[ Moe punches Hugo in the stomach ]


[ Larry walks up to Hugo while carrying a globe ]

LARRY: So you ratzies wanted the world, eh?! Well, take it!!

[ Larry smashes the globe over Hugo's head, then the Stooges blow into his face, knocking him down backwards onto the floor unconscious ]

MOE: Ahh"¦ [ points to Hugo ] Is that not a swastika?

CURLY AND LARRY: Ja, this is a swastika!

MOE: [ points to Hugo ] Is that not a dirty rat?

CURLY AND LARRY: Ja, this is a dirty rat!


Videography   (1)

Fan Reviews   (12)
Posted 2001-09-29 14:42:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2015-01-24 14:07:01 by Shemp_Diesel

I wonder if Curly momentarily forgot what he was supposed to do when Moe says "serves you right" then Curly just stares at him for a few seconds prompting Moe to start to repeat his line until Curly starts doing his magic, hand waving gesture. It certainly doesn't feel like a scripted moment.

7.5 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (7)
Posted 2010-06-15 15:25:22 by Carrie The Canary
Very, very funny.

Yes, it is a bit uncomfortable watching such silly stereotypes, but the Stooges are so hilarious I got past it.

The interplay between the three in the acrobatic scenes is classic. "No top man. Bottom man!". "Spilling brains on floor.....very, very beautiful". Moe's double-talk Japanese is a riot.

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2010-06-11 18:48:45 by JWF

Very funny knockabout Stooge comedy! Coming as late as it did (1944), Curly is especially in top form. While the use of some stunt men is pretty obvious, it does look like the Stooges did do a lot of the acrobatic act on their own. Moe really looks as if he is standing on Curly's shoulders in one scene. In another, Larry is kneeling on top of Moe, who is kneeling on top of Curly. Of course they all tumble down, and while it probably was pretty harmless, it was still fun to see them performing it on their own.

Laugh out loud scene for me was when Larry is laying on the floor during the acrobat sequence, extends his arms up for Curly to climb on, and Larry's arms collapse and crack like peanut brittle.

The "lights out" fight could have been better. It was staged to better effect in "Who Done It".

Overall, totally hilarious violent slapstick with an un-PC theme (like most shorts and cartoons of the time). Definitely one of the Stooges best wartime shorts.

Posted 2003-08-07 02:55:00 by Pat Stooge
I know about how the mood of the country was in 1944,but man this short is racist!The most racist I've seen,it was wrong for the stooges to make fun of the Japanese, just terrible.No this wasn't funny,it was inane.

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2001-05-30 19:42:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-06-21 19:53:00 by Stooge
A hilarious short. The boys act kinda strange in this, but they're still funny as the Japanese soldiers. A very fast paced short, and the acrobatic scenes are a hoot. The fight at the end is also a highlight.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-07-28 01:19:00 by [Deleted Member]
Even today, there's nothing wrong with making fun of the Nazis or any other Fascist or dictatorial government, be it Japanese, German, or whatever. The problem back then was that while the Germans were basically only ridiculed for their current government, the Japanese tended to be attacked as an entire race. Whenever people go to war with a nation whose people are of a particularly different culture or appearance than their own, they fail to separate the people from their government. A sad commentary on human nature.
Posted 2002-02-12 23:08:00 by Emir of Shmow
No Dough, Boys was a pretty good short. I like all of their World War II short films...making fun of the Nazi's and the Japanese. You wouldn't find anything like that today, but it makes sense for the time period in which it was made. If it was made now, it'd be making fun of Usama bin Laden and all his terrorist buddies. Anyhow, I give it 3 eyepokes."Acrobatic act?!"-Scott

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2001-07-20 10:00:00 by Genius In the Lamp
I found this one pretty hilarious. Curly smoking his fist, Curly getting his head caught in the wall (with the bird pecking on his head), the acrobatics (especially the bouncing handkerchief and Curly spinning on his side), and the fight sequence were all funny. Vernon Dent does his usual great job as the villian (complete with swastika long-johns), although I would have liked to have seen more of Christine McIntyre (and who can blame me?).

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2001-05-30 01:41:00 by Mike Holme
Great short, I loved the fight scene at the end and some of the gags they had in there were pretty funny. The only short in which the stooges do acrobatics. 3 1/2 pokes Mike HolmeEdited by - Mike Holme on 9/30/2001 8:49:51 PM
Posted 2001-05-20 11:44:00 by Nicole
An okay short. It's a tiny bit hard to watch, but still a must see. Oh yeah, and the reason that they show this episode and not "Yokes..." might be because, in this one, the actual Japanese don't act silly, it's the Stooges who act stupid as Japanese. With "Yokes...", its the Japanese who act like their stupid, so it's not shown for that reason. Okay, now that I've bored you enough, I'll stop typing now.
Posted 2001-03-26 12:54:00 by Airdale
I think it's a winner and it took mea half hour to post this because I didn't know the title (saw the short byaccident Sunday morning).....Nacky,Wacky, come backy....
Posted 2001-03-25 12:28:00 by sickdrjoe
Once again, I'm mystified. This is a funny, fast 'n' furious 2-reeler that I'm seemingly alone in liking, let alone liking a LOT. Curly seems fine to me; his use of the high-pitched voice (or lack of use) never seemed to be illness-related to me; I always thought he was gradually decreasing the pitchthroughout the 40s. (Later, when he WAS sick, his problem was speaking clearly.) This is certainly better than BUSY BUDDIES and IDLE ROOMERS, for sure. The boys made up as Japanese soldiers had me laughing constantly (Larry pulling out the teeth!) I'm starting to notice more and more PC comments about the shorts, which might explain the cold shoulder this one gets. Good lucktrying to turn Moe into Alan Alda! The Stooges are the ultimate eye-poke at political correctness to begin with (thank the Lord!)

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