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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Hello? Yes! Yes! YES! No! No." [click] "What was it?" "Wrong number." [Slap!] - Shemp & Moe (CRIME ON THEIR HANDS, 1948)


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While rehearsing a new opening bit for their children's television program THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, Moe, Larry and Curly Joe are evicted by their landlady for cooking in the rooming house. Searching for a new apartment, the Stooges travel to Professor Danforth's (Emil Sitka) house in Lompoc. Professor Danforth is convinced that Martians will soon invade Earth, and persuades the boys to help him guard his new invention... a military craft with the ability to move on the ground like a tank, in the air like a helicopter, in the water like a submarine, and even orbit like a spacecraft. Danforth's butler is a Martian spy in human disguise, and he attempts, successfully, to frighten the Stooges away. Fleeing to their television studio, the Stooges learn that their ratings are falling, and the producer doesn't care for any of their new animation ideas. He gives them 10 days to come up with a ratings gimmick, or he'll cancel the show. Danforth arrives on the scene with a deal: he'll create a new "electronic animation" machine for them to use in their TV show, if they return to his house and help with the helio-tank invention. Meanwhile, the Martians have sent two more spies, Ogg and Zogg, to prepare for the invasion. After Danforth's vehicle is finished and given a test run by the Stooges, the Martians steal it and mount their own "ray gun,", to destroy selected Earth targets. The Stooges sneak onto the craft and attempt to stop the Martians!

Most of the first two reels of the film is stock footage, taken from THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK (1960) television pilot. Filmed in color, footage was printed in black & white and reused for ORBIT. However, due to plot, character and casting revisions, virtually every scene with Emil Sitka (Prof. Danforth) is new, not stock footage.

Costars Edson Stroll (McHALE'S NAVY) and Carol Christensen were interviewed in 2003, appearing in The Three Stooges Journal # 108 (Winter 2003).

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Moe, Larry and Curly Joe
Release Date
July 04, 1962
Production Type
Feature Film
87 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   8666
Shooting Days:   11 days   From: 1962-04-06   To: 1962-04-27

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 0.00)

Stooge Mayhem is not available for this episode.

Stooge Quotes   (3)
  • "What'a'ya usually do when somebody mails you a bomb?!" "I mail it back!"
    (Moe and Curly Joe)

  • "You're headin' for the General!" "Look out, you'll knock 'im on his brass!"
    (Curly Joe & Larry)

  • "I don't know whether to call it a seagoing-helio-tank, a landgoing-helio-sub, or an airborne-what-in-hell..."
    (Emil Sitka)

Stooge Goofs   (5)
  • Camera error
    In the scene where Prof. Danforth's daughter is introduced, after she leaves, the camera is about to fade-out too early when there's still a few seconds left in the scene, so the fade-out stops.

  • Change in location
    When Galveston says "I just want something different from ordinary cartoons", Prof. Danforth is walking away from behind him, but he's already behind the Stooges suddenly in the next shot.

  • Cut off
    After Galveston says "It's gonna be the end of the trail", he opens his mouth and is about to say something else, but it suddenly cuts to the next scene.

  • Repeated shot
    When the two MP soldiers about to crash straight into a bookstore, the camera shows a brief shot of the bookstore and the camera begins to rise up for some reason at the end. This is because that shot was reused from a few minutes earlier when the Stooges were about to crash the helicopter-tank-submarine into the same bookstore but flew above it at the last minute.

  • Sound effect error
    Each time Moe slaps Larry on the head during the echo scene, the slap sound effects come in too late.

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Fan Reviews   (9)
Posted 2001-04-28 17:12:00 by Stooge
Edited 2015-01-04 02:39:40 by [Deleted Member]
2t8ONA http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2011-01-22 23:48:09 by diddymuck
I hope someone other than just me noticed...When the boys are piloting the vessel over a body of water, they look at the video monitor which is positioned above them while they occupy the bottom right corner. Larry says "hey look, water!" Curly Joe: "yeah, BLUE water!" Then all three do a chorus of the Hamm's Beer theme song. "Nya Nya Nya Nyaaaa....sky blue waaAAAAAAH-TERRRRR!"

That's right. The Three Stooges were the inspiration for Mystery Science Theater 3000. And that's the truth.
Posted 2010-05-23 01:30:54 by Shemp_Diesel

I think my favorite moment in this film might be Moe asking Derita "what do you usually do when somebody mails you a bomb?" And, of course Joe's smart ass remark is "I mail it back." This was a good, but not great movie, although with the Derita era, good is the best you can hope for (much like the Besser years).

3 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (7)
Posted 2008-10-13 00:14:33 by falsealarms
Edited 2008-10-13 00:20:43 by falsealarms
Sure, this isn't as good as their classic shorts. But it's a fun way to spend an hour and a half. The opening scene in the apartment was very good, as were the scenes in the TV studio, in the garage, and the shower scenes where the craft was chasing after Curly Joe and the woman next door. The pop culture references were interesting too - i.e The Twist, Disneyland, the toothpaste commercial. Moe mentioning the idea of a mail bomb caught my ears. He did it towards the end of the movie. The love angle between the daughter and Captain Andrews didn't add much to the movie and could have been left out.Anyone comparing their 60's movies to their shorts will be letdown, but taken as its own entity, it's not bad at all. The Sci-Fi genre has grown by leaps and bounds since 1962, so it's excusable if certain things in here look a little primitive.A solid 3 stars.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2003-09-14 13:44:00 by CurlyQlink41144
I saw it this morning on AMC too. I didnt like it at all. The part where they were driving in the tank/submarine/helicopter thing was way too long. The martians were pretty corny looking too. There werent any good or funny scenes in this except for some of Moe or Larry's lines. If you are thinking about buying this on video dont.
1 poke since this is a stooge movie.

Reviewer's Rating: (2)
Posted 2003-09-14 12:52:00 by shemps#1
I caught this one on AMC early this morning, and I wasn't impressed. Let's start with the Martians, they looked too much like a poor man's Frankenstein for my taste. Then there's Derita, who basically just stood there with his D cups. He wasn't the least bit funny. I wanted to beat the crap out of him everytime he did the "momentous" bit. The rocket/sub/tank thing was stupid as well.

On the plus side, Moe, Larry, and Emil did give decent performances, and this movie is better than "Daze", but that is not saying much. My search for a halfway decent Derita feature continues.

Reviewer's Rating: (2)
Posted 2001-10-23 01:03:00 by Mike Holme
This is a good effort, but there are better stooge films out there(ex: "Three Stooges Meet Hercules" and "The Outlaws Is Coming!"). Curly-Joe does get a few good one-liners as Shemp D. mentioned, but some parts seem a bit childish like the martian plot and also the cartoon sub-plot helps in the childishness. The boyfriend/girlfriend plot appears at its stupidest in this one because at least the relationships in "Three Stooges Meet Hercules" and "The Outlaws Is Coming!" fit with the plot. I thought the best part of this film were the scenes in which the stooges are in the garage with the machine.3 pokesEdited by - Mike Holme on 1/5/2002 1:45:46 AM
Posted 2001-09-25 17:36:00 by jaronson
This was a great feature and one that Curly Joe wasn't credited a lot for. It had a great plot, but didn't have enough physical comedy or any other comedy as others said. I also didn't hear a lot of the sound effects like the face slapping sound. The only scene that was really funny was when Curly Joe was in the bathroom taking a shower when the model came in.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2001-05-08 22:02:00 by BeAStooge
Uninspired, disjointed production, primarily done to find a home for "Three Stooges Scrapbook."

Reviewer's Rating: (4)

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