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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Get my other pair of socks... they're standin' behind the stove." - Curly (LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD, 1942)

The Filmography : Radio & TV Guest Appearances

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Show/Film Station/Studio Air Date/Released Host/Star Stooges
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS NBC 1976-04-23 Jack Perkins (segment reporter) Miscellaneous Appearances
HOLLYWOOD: THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER ABC 1982-05-16 Burt Reynolds Miscellaneous Appearances
CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING - The Three Stooges CBS / CBS News 2012-04-15 Charles Osgood Miscellaneous Appearances
CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING - Almanac: Moe Howard Birthday Anniversary CBS / CBS News 2011-06-19 Charles Osgood Miscellaneous Appearances
MAKE 'EM LAUGH: THE FUNNY BUSINESS OF AMERICA - Slip on a Banana Peel: The Knockabouts PBS 2009-01-21 Billy Crystal Miscellaneous Appearances
STOOGE FOLLIES, THE WFLD-TV 1984-02-26 Jeffrey Forrester Miscellaneous Appearances
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - Masters of Comedy Syndicated 1985-11-01 Mary Hart & Rob Weller Miscellaneous Appearances
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - Hollywood Walk of Fame Syndicated 1983-08-31 Mary Hart & Ron Hendren Miscellaneous Appearances
ADDED ATTRACTIONS: THE HOLLYWOOD SHORTS STORY TCM 2002-06-02 Chevy Chase Miscellaneous Appearances
TEMPO! - The Stoogeum WLVT-TV PBS39 2007-10-27 Grover Silcox Miscellaneous Appearances
TED HEALY AND HIS STOOGES Donaldson Books 2005-01-01 Miscellaneous Appearances
THREE STOOGES STORY, THE GoodTimes / Paul Harris Prod 2000-09-01 Miscellaneous Appearances
LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN - Joan Howard Maurer NBC 1983-02-09 David Letterman Miscellaneous Appearances
HOLLYWOOD INSIDER USA Network 1985-05-06 Sandie Newton Miscellaneous Appearances
CLASSIC COMEDY TEAMS Movietime/Bergman-Harris 1986-01-01 Steve Allen Miscellaneous Appearances
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - 1990 Three Stooges Convention Syndicated / Paramount 1990-07-28 Leonard Maltin Miscellaneous Appearances
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - The Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Syndicated / Paramount 1990-10-15 Mary Hart & John Tesh Miscellaneous Appearances
TO TELL THE TRUTH NBC 1991-04-30 Alex Trebeck Miscellaneous Appearances
LEGENDS OF COMEDY - Guest Stars of Film and Radio: The Fabulous '40s Disney Channel/Readers Digest 1993-02-21 Miscellaneous Appearances
Burger King - Are You Hungry? Commercial 1985-07-12 Miscellaneous Appearances
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