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The Filmography : Radio & TV Guest Appearances

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Show/Film Station/Studio Air Date/Released Host/Star Stooges
BIG WORLD OF CHRISTOPHER WELLS, THE 0000-00-00 Joe Besser (Solo)
TED & BETTY HEALY SING [title unknown] WOR-AM Newark NJ (radio) 1925-07-22 Ted Healy (Solo)
THEATRICAL NIGHTS WMCA-AM New York City (radio) 1925-08-04 Julius Tannen Ted Healy (Solo)
TESTIMONIAL FOR AL JOLSON WBBM-AM Chicago (radio) 1928-04-03 Ted Healy (Solo)
SALUTE TO COMMANDER BYRD NBC / WGY Schenectady (radio) 1929-07-27 Frank E. Gannett Ted Healy (Solo)
TED HEALY [title unknown] WBBM-AM Chicago (radio) 1929-12-17 Ted Healy Ted Healy and His Stooges
RADIO-KEITH-ORPHEUM HOUR NBC Red (radio) 1930-02-25 Ted Healy & Adelaide Hall Ted Healy and His Stooges
LOEW'S SPRING CARNIVAL WPAP-AM New York (radio) 1930-03-23 Ted Healy, Phil Baker & Dave Apollon Ted Healy and His Stooges
RADIO-KEITH-ORPHEUM PROGRAM NBC Red (radio) 1930-09-16 Ted Healy Ted Healy (Solo)
JEWISH CONSUMPTIVE RELIEF SOCIETY WMCA-AM New York (radio) 1931-03-15 Ted Healy (Solo)
PARAMOUNT'S RADIO PARTY WSB-AM Atlanta (radio) 1932-06-28 Moe, Larry and Shemp
WEARY & WILLIE IDN Network (S. CA) (radio) 1934-10-10 Ted Healy & Nat Pendleton Ted Healy (Solo)
HOLLYWOOD HOTEL - SING, BABY, SING CBS (radio) 1936-07-10 Louella Parsons & Dick Powell Ted Healy (Solo)
JACK OAKIE'S COLLEGE / aka THE CAMEL CARAVAN CBS (radio) 1937-06-29 Jack Oakie Ted Healy (Solo)
GOOD NEWS OF 1938 - MANNEQUIN NBC Red (radio) 1937-11-11 Robert Young Ted Healy (Solo)
GOOD NEWS OF 1938 - NAVY BLUE AND GOLD NBC Red (radio) 1937-11-18 Jimmy Stewart Ted Healy (Solo)
SATURDAY MATINEE WROK-AM Rockford IL (radio) 1938-07-30 Bill Traum Moe, Larry and Curly
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE / aka THE GRAPE NUTS FLAKES PROGRAM - Spoof of Information Please NBC Red (radio) 1943-01-17 Jack Benny Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE / aka THE GRAPE NUTS FLAKES PROGRAM - Jack Is Late For the Program NBC Red (radio) 1943-02-07 Jack Benny Joe Besser (Solo)
FRED ALLEN SHOW, THE / aka TEXACO STAR THEATER - Take It or Leave It CBS (radio) 1943-02-28 Fred Allen Joe Besser (Solo)
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