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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Don't be a chimp, ya chump! 'Ya can't believe all that stuff... that's a campaign promise!" - Moe (THREE DARK HORSES, 1952)

The Filmography : Film and TV Tributes to the Stooges

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Show/Film Station/Studio Air Date/Released Host/Star
54th DAYTONA 500, THE FOX / FOX Sports 2012-02-26
ABOUT A BOY - About a Balcony NBC / Universal Television 2014-11-25
AGENT CARTER - The Edge of Mystery ABC / Marvel Productions 2016-02-23
ALF - Keepin' the Faith NBC / Alien Productions 1986-10-20
ALIEN NATION - Chains of Love Fox / 20th Century Fox TV 1989-11-27
ALL IN THE FAMILY - The Dinner Guest CBS / Tandem Productions 1978-03-12
ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING Warner Brothers 1949-11-26
AMAZING STORIES - Fine Tuning NBC / Amblin Entertainment 1985-11-10
ANGER MANAGEMENT - Charlie Dates Kate's Patient FX Chan. / Estevez Sheen Prods 2012-07-26
ARMY OF DARKNESS Dino DeLaurentis / Universal 1993-02-19
BARNEY MILLER - The Doll ABC / Four D Productions 1981-03-26
BARNEY MILLER - The Spy ABC / Four D Productions 1979-01-18
BEANY & CECIL SHOW, THE - The Capture of the Dreaded Three-Headed Threep ABC / Bob Clampett Productions 1962-10-06 Beany & Cecil
BIRTH OF A NOTION Warner Bros. Looney Tunes 1947-04-12 Daffy Duck
BLUE BLOODS – Flags of our Fathers CBS / Panda Productions 2015-12-11
BOB - Michiana Moon TVLand / Paramount 1997-03-23
BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE - A Pound of Flesh CBS / MTM Enterprises Inc. 1975-01-25 Bob Newhart
BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE – Confessions of an Orthodontist CBS / MTM Enterprises Inc. 1974-02-23 Bob Newhart
BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE – It Didn’t Happen One Night CBS / MTM Enterprises Inc. 1978-02-18 Bob Newhart
BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE – My Son, the Comedian CBS / MTM Enterprises Inc. 1977-11-19 Bob Newhart
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