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"We're gonna be paupers... paupers!" "Are you kiddin? We're not even married." - Moe & Shemp (SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS, 1947)

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The Stooges again run a fish business. Curly suggests that they buy a boat to catch their own fish. "That would eliminate the middleman and the profit would all be ours." They buy sailor outfits, with Curly masquerading in a real Captain's uniform, and are mistaken for Japanese when their boat sinks and they raise a paint-splattered rag to signal for help.

A reworking of the Laurel and Hardy short TOWED IN A HOLE (1932).
IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
March 17, 1945
Production Type
Short Subject
17 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   4006
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1944-09-27   To: 1944-09-30

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 1.00)
Face Slaps: 4 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (4)
  • "That's enough! When you didn't know what you were talkin' about, you really had somethin'!"
    (Moe, to Curly)

  • "Shut up!!" "Are you talkin' to me?" "Naw, I'm talkin' to the fish." "Don't call me a fish!" [SLAP]
    (Larry & Moe)

  • "Don't Chop the Wood Mother, Father's Coming Home With a Load"

  • "Hey, Harry James." "Aww, I'm not that good." "You said it!" (whap!)
    (Moe & Larry)

Stooge Goofs   (18)
  • Backwards Logo
    The shot of Vernon Dent's character falling into the ice cream cart is reversed, as you can see the writing on the cart is backwards.

  • California License Plate
    In the first scene, when the boys get out of the truck to check the radio, you can see the word "California" on the license plate. In two shots, the license plate is shown again with the word "California" blacked out.

  • Clothing Switcher-oo
    Curly takes Vernon Dent's uniform and which fits him perfectly. Yet when Vernon Dent has to put on Curly's clothes, they are way too small.

  • Cut-Off Line
    After Moe says to Curly â€Å"Lettin' the water out?! You're gonna sink us!”, he grabs Curly by the neck and starts to say his next line, but Curly cuts him off by saying (probably an ad-lib) â€Å"That's appreciation, that is!”

  • Delayed Response
    After Larry says â€Å"It's a good thing I had a spare boat”, Moe is supposed to respond â€Å"What spare boat? With this guy on the back?” but he's too busy helping Curly in the boat, so a few seconds later, he finally says his line.

  • Fish jumps back into the boat
    When Curly's fish jumps around the boat, it actually jumps in the water twice and then jumps back into the boat!

  • Microphone in the Shot
    At the beginning of the beach scene, you can see the shadow of a crew member placing a microphone in the background.

  • Rod hits bottom
    When Curly drops his fishing pole in the water, you can see it hit the bottom.

  • Sleight of Hand
    In the opening scene, Larry blows his horn holding it in his right hand as he blows twice into Curly's & Moe's ears. After he blows into Curly's ear for the second time, he moves left to catch Moe again, with the horn in his right hand, but as it cuts to the close-up of Moe & the actual second blow, Larry's now holding the horn in his left hand.

  • Stepping on Moe's Line
    After Moe throws the steering wheel at Curly but misses, Curly starts to yell â€Å"What are we gonna do now?!” too early while Moe is still speaking, so Curly quickly stops.

  • Studio Set
    The fishing sequences obviously take place in a studio tank. The stage lights are reflected in the "ocean" water.

  • Too much cloth
    When Moe's rear is being chopped by the propeller, there is excessive amount of cloth flying in the air; enough to make several pairs of pants!

  • Unintentional Hit
    As Curly picks up the anchor, he accidentally knocks the fishing pole over with it, but in the next shot, the pole is back where it was.

  • Unintentional Slipping
    During one part of the fishing scene, Moe accidentally slips in the boat next to Larry and almost falls in the water, then there's an awkward pause for a few seconds, followed by Moe ad-libbing â€Å"Move over there! Move over there!” to Larry.

  • Unintentional Splash
    As Larry is saying â€Å"We're getting' someplace!”, Moe accidentally splashes water in Larry's face, causing him to yell when he says â€Å"someplace”.

  • Wheel pops loose
    When Curly pulls the dock pole and has it accidentally hit Moe, you can see the boat wheel pop loose after Moe sways in a daze.

  • Wrong grab
    When Moe smacks Larry in the neck with the horn in the beginning of the episode, Larry initially grabs his forehead, then he grabs his neck.

  • Wrong Way, Curly / Visible Protection
    When Curly begins drilling a second hole in the boat, he accidentally turns the drill the wrong way at first. Also, you can see sponge pads under his knees during that part, which was apparently put there so his knees wouldn't get hurt kneeling on the boat.

Stooge Routines   (1)

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • The final short to feature the Columbia "torch lady" in the opening credits.
    Source: BOOBY DUPES (1945)
    Added by MR77100 on 2009-04-30 09:15:37
    Status: Confirmed

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Transcript   (Y)

Transcription by xraffle:  

[The stooges are driving down the street in a car selling fish.]


[Larry is blowing on his blowing horn]


[Larry blows on his horn again]


[Larry blows on his horn again]


[Larry blows on his horn again]


[This time, Larry blows his horn right in Moe's ear. Moe's hat starts to move up and down. Moe quickly grabs his hat to stop it from moving]

MOE: Hey! Harry James!

LARRY: Aw! I'm not that good.

MOE: You said it. [Takes the horn away from Larry and hits him with it.] Get out you!

CURLY: Hey fellas, stop the car, stop the car.

[Moe jams on the breaks]

MOE: What's the matter?

CURLY: Something's the matter with the radio.

[The stooges exit the car and remove the top off the front. They see the needle malfunctioning on the record player]

CURLY: It's going crazy with the heat.

MOE: You're crazy with your inventions.

MOE: [Takes the record out and looks at it] What's the name of this thing?

CURLY: [Points to the record label] Don't chop the wood, mother! Father's coming home with a load.

MOE: [Throws the record away and turns to Larry] Remind me to chop his head off. [The record flies back and hits him in the back of the neck] Ohh!

CURLY: [Grabs another record from the truck] Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!

MOE: [Takes the record away from Curly] Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!

[Moe hits Curly in the stomach and hits his head with the record braking it]


[Moe hits Curly again in the stomach and hits his head with the record braking it]


WOMAN CUSTOMER: Hey fishmen!

CURLY: Keep those rackets quiet!

MOE: Shut up! A customer! Come on.

[The stooges run up to the woman]

MOE: Yes, madam!

WOMAN CUSTOMER: What kind of fish have ya?

MOE: Tuna fish. Codfish.

LARRY: Smelt fish, dog fish

CURLY: First tuna.

LARRY: Second tuna.

MOE: Barracuda.

CURLY: Bass.

MOE: You don't shut up, I'll knock ya in the head.

WOMAN CUSTOMER: How 'bout some cat fish?

MOE: [singing] Cat fish.

LARRY: [singing] Cat fish.

CURLY: [singing] Cat fish.

[Curly opens the back door of the car and cats jump out. Curly sees an eaten fish]

CURLY: Hey! Look! A skeleton fish!

WOMAN CUSTOMER: A skeleton fish! Oh! [runs away]

MOE: Didn't I tell ya to keep that door closed? Now, we gotta go out and buy more fish.

[Curly places the 'skeleton fish' on the back of the car]

CURLY: No we don't. If we had a boat, we could catch our own fish, then we wouldn't have to buy any. That would cut out the middleman and the profit will all be ours.

MOE: Hey genius! Say that again!

CURLY: If we had a boat. And the middleman and the fish on the left side. And---

MOE: That's enough! When you didn't know what you were talking about, you really had somethin'

LARRY: Yeah, but how we gonna get a boat.

MOE: Yeah, how we gonna get a boat. Let me see. The point is---

[Sits on the back of the car to think, but he ends up sitting on the 'skeleton fish' and all the bones get caught on his rear]

MOE: Oooh oh oh oh! Ooooh! Something bit me. Ohh. Ohh.

LARRY: Come here. Grab those.

[Larry and Curly remove the bones out of Moe's rear one by one]

MOE: Oh! Oh! Oh!

CURLY: She loves me. [pulls out a bone]

LARRY: She loves me not. [pulls out a bone]

MOE: Oh!!

[The scene ends and another scene begins inside a tailor's shop. Moe is trying on a captain's uniform]

MOE: Oh boy, a double striper. And a perfect fit! I'll take it. [tells the salesman]

CURLY: Don't forget this was my idea. I wanna be captain.

MOE: Until you have more stripes than I have, I'm the captain.

CURLY: I wanna be captain.

MOE: See that? [grabs Curly's nose and pulls him into the ironing machine]

CURLY: Oh oh oh please! Oh, don't do that, Moe!

[Moe irons Curly's head]

MOE: Now, who's the captain? Who's the captain?

CURLY: Aye aye captain!

MOE: Alright! [takes Curly's head out]

LARRY: Aye aye captain.

MOE: Follow me.

[Larry and Moe leave]

CURLY: Oh! Hmmmm.

[The captain enters]

CAPTAIN: Here! Press this uniform for me right away.

CURLY: But I'm not the---

CAPTAIN: Listen, I'm in a hurry and my girl's waitin' for me. She don't like to wait. Make it snappy! [gives Curly his coat and hat and walks behind wall to get changed]

CURLY: Hmmm. Hmm. Oh! [looks at the captain's uniform] Hmmm. Where's the pants?

[The captain throws his pants to Curly from behind the wall]

[The camera cuts to Moe and Larry who are in front of the tailor shop]

LARRY: Well, now all we need's a boat.

MOE: Leave it to me. I know where there's millions of 'em.

LARRY: Aye aye.

MOE: Aye. [salutes to Larry and his hand hits Larry's face]

LARRY: Aye!! [holds his face in pain as Moe and him walks away]

[The camera cuts to Curly inside the shop. He finished putting on the captain's uniform]

CURLY: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

[The scene transitions to a new scene outside the shop. Curly just left the shop and is admiring his uniform]

CURLY: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

[Curly sees two beauties, but a man walks up to them and they walk away together]

MAN: Hi ya babes.

CURLY: Hmmm.

[Curly runs after them, but he sees two other beauties, one of which is the captain's girlfriend. He quickly runs up to them]


OTHER BEAUTY: Oh, really?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: You have no idea.

OTHER BEAUTY: Oh, grand!

CAPTAIN's GIRLFRIEND: It doesn't make any---

CURLY: [catches up to the beauties] Hi ya babes!

[The beauties first look angry, but when they see Curly's uniform, they begin to like him]

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Oh, hi ya captain.

CURLY: What's cooking?

[Moe and Larry walk by]

MOE: Hi captain!

CURLY: Hi ya!

[Moe and Larry stop because they finally realize it's Curly]

MOE: Oh captain! Oh well!

[Moe and Larry squeeze Curly's face, Moe pulls his tongue, and they hit his stomach]

CURLY: Oh oh oh!

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Why you bullies!

[The beauties hit Moe and Larry in the stomach. Due to the impact of the hit, they each land in garbage cans]


CURLY: Let that be a lesson to 'em! Pardon me. [closes the garbage cans Moe and Larry are in]

CURLY: Shall we? Hehehehe!

[The scene ends and a new scene begins where we see Curly and the beauties walking down the beach]


CURLY: Do you mind if we sit this one out?


OTHER BEAUTY: See ya later captain! [leaves Curly and the captain's girlfriend]

CURLY: Oh, don't hurry back!

[Curly and the captain's girlfriend sit down at the beach. Curly removes his hat]

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: My what a beautiful head of bone you have! [rubs Curly's head]

CURLY: Ow wa wa wa wa wa! I bet ya tell that to all the boys.


CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: [Looks off-camera] Oh!

CURLY: What's the matter?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: There's my boyfriend!

[The camera cuts to the outside of the tailor shop where we see the Captain in Curly's small clothes. He looks angry and is walking towards Curly and his girlfriend]

CURLY: Nyah ah ah!

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: You better get out of here. If he finds you here with me, he'll kill you.

CURLY: If he finds me here in this suit, he'll do worse than that. Nyah! [leaves]

[The scene ends and a new scene begins where we see the captain's girlfriend sitting down alone at the beach. Behind her is a mound of sand where Curly is hiding underneath. On the end of the mound is a case which is covering Curly's head]

[The captain walks up to his girlfriend]

CAPTAIN: Hey! What's the idea not waiting to me? Were you with another guy?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: My! What a uniform does cover up!

CAPTAIN: If I do catch the guy that copped my uniform, I'm gonna twist his head off and use it for a football. [sits down next to his girlfriend]

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Maybe you'd better run along and try to find him.

CAPTAIN: Hey! Are you tryin' to get rid of me?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Oh no! No! Of course not!

CAPTAIN: Well it's a good thing because if I ever caught another fella messing around with you, I'd I'd…Well I'd better not, that's all.


CURLY: Achoo! [The case opens and closes as Curly sneezes]

[The captain looks around wondering what that sound was]

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Achoo! Oh, I must be catching cold!

[The case opens and closes again to allow Curly to breath. Since the mound and case is behind the Captain and his girlfriend, they don't see it]

CAPTAIN: [feels the mound] Gee! That sand is soft!

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: It's terribly warm, ah. Could you get me an umbrella?

CAPTAIN: Aw! I'm not so hot.

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: You would be if you were in my place…I mean I'm terribly warm.

CAPTAIN: Aw alright! You tomatoes are all alike. You always want something. [walks off-camera]

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Pssst! Pssst! [taps the mound]

[She opens the case]

CURLY: Has he gone yet?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: I think [looks off-camera] No! [closes the case quickly to hide Curly]

[The captain enters with the umbrella]

CAPTAIN: Here's your umbrella.


CAPTAIN: I'll stick it in this mound. [gets ready to stick the umbrella on the mound where Curly is under]


CAPTAIN: Why not?

CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIEND: I'd rather be in the sun.

CAPTAIN: Oh, you must be going crazy with the heat.

[The captain begins sticking the umbrella in the mound]

CURLY: Ohhhh!

[The captain struggles to stick the umbrella in the mound]

CURLY: Oh! Eeeee!

[The captains sticks the umbrella even harder into the mound]

CURLY: Yaaahaaaaa!

CAPTAIN: Thought this sand was soft. [He pushes the umbrella into the mound really hard]

CURLY: Hmmm!

[The captain removes the umbrella and now he takes it and makes one big push into the mound]

CURLY: Ohhh! Don't do that! No!! [breathes heavily]

CAPTAIN: I'll get it this time. [He now pushes the umbrella into the mound with a lot of force]

CURLY: Ohhhh ohhhhh Ohhhh ohhh! [Curly burst out of the mound of sand and pushes the captain away.]

[The captain gets pushes into an ice cream cart. His head is caught into the cart of ice cream]


[The ice cream guy tries to help the captain get his head free. Finally, he is able to get his head out and we now see the captain with his head full of ice cream]

[The scene ends and new scene begins where we see the stooges buying a boat from a salesman]

CURLY: It looks swell! [looks at the boat]

SALESMAN: Why, she's as solid as a rock.

CURLY: Yeah. [bangs on the boat]

SALESMAN: Hey! Don't do that. You see ah, the paint might not be dry. Why, you know you can go anywhere in that boat. I sailed it from China.

MOE: Say! With our car thrown in, how much cash would you want?

SALESMAN: Well, I'll consider ah…two hundred.

MOE: We'll---

CURLY: Two fifty

LARRY: Three hundred

CURLY: Five hundred.

LARRY: Seven hundred.

CURLY: Hmm. Nine hundred.

LARRY: Twelve hundred.

CURLY: Listen, you ain't scarin' me. One thousand!

MOE: Look mister! All we got is our car and three hundred dollars in cash. [gives the cash to the salesman]

SALESMAN: I'll take it. [takes the cash] Well, goodbye boys. [goes off-camera]

MOE: Goodbye.

CURLY: See, if you'd kept your mouth shut, I woulda got it for a thousand. You know he proves--- [Moe grabs Curly's neck and chokes him] Oh don't do that please!

LARRY: Wait a minute. Wait a minute! [stops Moe] What a sucker! Wait 'til he tries to run our car.

MOE: I never thought of that. Hahahaha.


[We hear the voice of the salesman laughing]

SALESMAN: Hahahahahaha. Wait 'til you try to run that boat. Hahahaha. [leaves]

CURLY: Eeeeh Eeeeh!

[The stooges quickly check the boat to make sure everything is ok with it. Moe goes under the boat. Curly climbs on top and as soon as he steps into the boat, his foot breaks through the boat and he steps on Moe's face]

[Moe bites on Curly's foot and then hits it with a hammer.]

MOE: Psst. [calls Curly]

[Curly sticks his head through the hole]

CURLY: You think it'll leak?

MOE: No! I'll fix it.

CURLY: Well, I thank you.--- [Moe nose-wrenches Curly] Oh Oh please, Ow wah wah wah wah wah wow

[Moe hits Curly's face with the wrench]


MOE: Now come down here and fix that hole.

[Moe gets out from under the boat and Curly climbs down]

CURLY: Hmmmm. Hey! Look what you did to my nose!

MOE: Yeah. [Hits Curly's face with the saw]

CURLY: Oh! [Moe saws Curly's chin] Ow wah wah wah wah wow!

MOE: Now come down here and fix that hole. [points to Larry] And you help him! [throws his saw on the floor]

[Moe gets on top of the boat and sits down. Larry and Curly are under the boat trying to fix the hole. They grab a piece of wood and place it over the hole]

CURLY: This ought to do it. Nail it.

LARRY: Nail it.

[Larry and Curly nail the wood onto the hole not knowing that Moe is sitting on top of the boat]

MOE: Ow ow ow ow ow! Oh!

CURLY: That sure is hard wood.

LARRY: Try another one.

[Moe stands up on top of the boat. Larry and Curly nail another wood on the bottom of the boat and they nail on Moe's foot. Moe sees his foot being nailed on and he pulls his foot out of his shoe]

MOE: Hey fellas!

CURLY: Well, we did it.

LARRY: Yeah.

MOE: Yeah! Got a spare hammer?

LARRY: Here's one. [gets a hammer from the floor and hands it to Moe]

MOE: Thanks. [hits Curly and Larry in the face with the hammer]


MOE: I'll murder you!

[Moe climbs down from the boat and Larry and Curly climb on top. Moe sees Larry and Curly on top and he doesn't bother chasing after them. He walks up to the propeller of the boat and turns it]

MOE: Everything is loose on this thing. [bends down to pick up something and his rear ends up touching the propeller]

LARRY: Hey! Let's try the motor.

CURLY: Yeah! Hahaha! [turns on the motor]

[The propeller starts moving and it slices the back of Moe's pants. Pieces of Moe's pants go flying]

MOE: Oh ohhhh! Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh!

[Larry and Curly quickly shut off the motor]

LARRY AND CURLY: No no no no no!

MOE: Come here you guys!


MOE: Come here, I tella ya.

CURLY: No Moe!

[Moe climbs up the boat to chase after them, but Curly and Larry quickly climb down. Moe climbs down the boat still trying to chase after them.]

MOE: I'll murder you.

CURLY: No no!

MOE: Get my hands on you!

[The scene ends and a new scene begins. The stooges are on the boat in the water]

CURLY: Look! It floats!

LARRY: Yeah, it's better now than when we bought it!

MOE: Shut up, you guys. I'm superstitious. Let's get started. Turn her over.

LARRY: Turn her over.

CURLY: Turn her over. Hmmm. [Curly shakes the boat]

MOE: Hey hey hey hey!

LARRY: Hey! What are you doing?

CURLY: You said turn her over!

LARRY: The motor, you dope!

[Curly turns on the motor and the boat starts moving, but it's still tied to the pole]

MOE: Boy! She sure runs smooth.

CURLY: Yeah, it's a little slow ain't it?

MOE: Well, what do you expect after all--- [turns around and he sees that the boat is still tied]

MOE: Why you mallet head, we're still tied. Pull that rope off!

[Curly pulls the rope. The wood that the rope is tied to falls down and hits Moe on the head]

MOE: Oh!!

CURLY: Nyah ah!

MOE: What happened? [continues driving the boat]

[The scene ends and a new scene begins where we see the stooges in the middle of the water getting ready to fish.]

CURLY: I reckon this must be a good spot, I reckon. Nya haha!

MOE: Shut up and throw out the anchor.

CURLY: Hmmm. [Throws the anchor into the water] Hey I---

MOE: Never mind! Be quiet and start fishing!

CURLY: Hmmm!

CURLY: [bangs a metal object onto the boat and it makes a clinging sound.] What a sinker!

[The metal object is attached to the end of Curly's line. As soon as Curly gets ready to throw his line into the water, he accidentally hit's Moe's head with the metal object]

MOE: Oh! Why you! I'll murder you. [grabs the steering wheel]

CURLY: No no Moe. Not that Moe. Don't do that Moe, please!

[Moe throws the steering wheel at Curly, he misses and it lands into the water]

MOE: Why! I'll murder you. What's the idea of slapping me with the bait?

CURLY: What are we gonna do now?

MOE: We'll feel our way home. Be quiet and start fishing!

LARRY: Shut up!

MOE: Are you talking to me?

LARRY: No, I'm talking to the fish.

MOE: Don't call me a fish! [slaps Larry]


MOE: What's the matter with you! Go on! Fish!

[Moe puts his line into the water and almost falls in]

MOE: Move over there. Move over there.

LARRY: Ah alright!

CURLY: Hey quiet! I think I got a nibble!

[A fish jumps over Curly's line in the water]

CURLY: Hmm! [moves his line to the part of the water the fish jumped to]

[A fish jumps over Curly's line in the water again]

CURLY: Ah! Hmm! [moves his line again]

CURLY: Come on I dare ya, come on.

[A fish jumps over Curly's line in the water]

CURLY: Hmm. Hmm. [Places his fishing pole on the boat, but it falls into the water] Ah! Hmmm!

MOE: Sit still.

CURLY: [Grabs a bait] Oh! Bait! [Holds onto the bait, sticks it into the water with his hand and holds a wooden club] Come out, come out wherever you are! Ow! [strikes the water with the club] I'll get you yet.

[A fish pops out of the water and spits water at Curly, but it misses]

CURLY: Ya missed me, Nyuk nyuk nyuk ny--- [The fish spits out water again and it gets Curly right in the face] Oh! Hmm!

CURLY: A sandwich! [Takes a bait and sticks it in the water] Come and get it! Come and get it!

[The fish spits out water again and it gets Curly right in the face.]

CURLY: Come and get it. [He strikes the water with the club]

[Curly sticks his finger into the water]

CURLY: Come and get it. Come and get it. [The fish bites Curly's finger] Oooh! Oh! Oohh! Ahhhhhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! [tries to strike the fish with his club]

CURLY: Ahhh! [pulls his hand out of the water and he places the fish onto the boat]

MOE: Boy! That's a beauty! How d'ya get it?

CURLY: On my hang nail!

MOE: Hang nail!

[The fish jumps up and down on the boat]

MOE: Get him quick before it gets out of the boat.

[Larry and Curly go after the fish. Curly accidentally hits Moe with the club]

MOE: Oh! Oh! Get him quick fellas! Hit him on the head with something.

[Curly grabs an ax and tries to go after the fish. Now, he accidentally hits Larry with the ax]

LARRY: Oh! Oh! Oh!

MOE: Get over after him, there. Give him a right hook. Left hook him!

[Curly sees the fish on the boat and tries to hit it with the ax, but he misses and chops a hole in the boat. Water is now coming into the boat]

CURLY: Nyah ah ah! Hey fellas!

MOE: What is it?

CURLY: The water's comin' in the boat.

MOE: Ya lunkhead, you chopped a hole in it. Now get back there and let the water out. [Curly goes to the other end of the boat]

LARRY: Come on.

MOE: Come on! Bail out. [grabs a pot]

LARRY: I haven't got my parachute.

[Moe hits Larry on the head with the pot]

MOE: Get a pot. Get a pot.

CURLY: [grabs a hand-drill] Oh! A water letter-outer. Haha. [drills a hole into the boat] That's one. [drills another hole]

[Larry and Moe are quickly trying to get the water out of the boat with their pots, but Larry is splashing water all over Moe]

MOE: What are you doing? [slaps Larry] Get out of here. I--- [looks off-camera and sees Curly drilling holes] Hey! Hey! Hey you!

[Moe walks up to Curly]

MOE: What are your doing?

CURLY: I'm lettin' the water out.

MOE: You're lettin' the water out! [grabs Curly] You're gonna sink us. I ought to---

CURLY: That's appreciation, that is.

[The scene ends and new scene begins where we see the boat full of water and is about to sink. The stooges are still trying to empty the boat with their pots]

LARRY: We're getting someplace!

CURLY: Hahahahahaha.

[The boat sinks and the stooges are in the water]

LARRY: Ohhh! Hey! Look out.

MOE: Hey look out! Save every man from himself.

LARRY: Hey. Ship ahoy!

MOE: Ship ahoy!

[Curly swims away]

LARRY: Hey come here!

CURLY: Hey hurry up.

[Moe and Larry climb into their spare boat. Curly swims over to them and tries to climb into the boat]

MOE: Take it easy kid.

LARRY: Come on.

MOE: Come on up here. [pulls Curly by the nose to help Curly get into the boat]

CURLY: Oh! Ow ow ow ow!

LARRY: It's a good thing we had a spare boat.

CURLY: Ow. Hey! Hey look out!

LARRY: Come on!

MOE: Come on!

[Curly climbs into the boat, it tilts and water starts going into the spare boat]

MOE: What spare boat? With this guy on the back. Take it easy. [tells Larry] Get the other end. Run up the other end.

[The scene ends and a new scene begins where we see the stooges empty the water out of the spare boat. They now emptied all the water out of the boat completely.]

MOE: That's that.

LARRY: Well we saved this board.

CURLY: I saved the Victrola.

MOE: Yeah, but ya sank the other boat, you nitwit, I ought to rap you--- [Attempts to punch Curly but he sees a plane in the sky] Hey fellas look! [points up]

MOE: Going north? [yells]

LARRY: Come on! [yells]

CURLY: My way! [yells]

LARRY: Wait a minute! I don't think they can hear us.

MOE: They can't even see us! Hey! Hand me that pole. I'll tie this rag on it. Hold it up!

[Curly grabs the pole and holds it up]

CURLY: Hey! That rag's got paint on it.

MOE: The better to see us, my dear. [attaches the rag onto the pole]

MOE: Haha. Have it in a jiffy.

LARRY: Hurry up before they get away.

MOE: Give me that pole. [waves the flag not realizing the marking that's on the rag]

MOE: Here we are down here. [yells]

LARRY: The flag! [yells]

CURLY: Come and get us! [yells]

PILOT: They're Japs alright! Let 'em have it.

[A bombs lands on the water and explodes]

MOE: What was that?

CURLY: A flying fish.

MOE: I wish I had our poles. [continues waving the flag]

LARRY: Yeah. Hey!

[A bombs lands on the water and explodes]

MOE: Fish nothing! It's bombs.

CURLY: It's a bomb!

MOE: They think we're Japs. [points to the marking on the flag]

LARRY: Hey wait a minute. [yells]

MOE: Hey! [yells]

LARRY: You got the wrong party--- [yells]

[A bombs lands on the water and explodes]

MOE: What's we do now? Hey, it's the stooges. [yells]

CURLY: Stop. Stop. [yells]

MOE: Hey wait a minute. Give me that propeller. Give it to me right here. [Curly hands Moe the propeller]

[Moe take a phonograph and attaches the propeller to it]

[A bombs lands on the water and explodes]

MOE: Come on, they're finding the range.

LARRY: Yeah hurry up!

CURLY: I wish I was home on the range.

MOE: Oh boy!

[A bombs lands on the water and explodes]

[Moe turns on the phonograph, the propeller spins, and he put it into the water]

MOE: Hang on. Here we go!

[The boat drives away and the scene fades out]


Videography   (4)

Fan Reviews   (7)
Posted 2010-05-12 02:15:21 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2015-01-16 10:49:05 by Shemp_Diesel

The best part in this one might be Larry yelling "shut up" and Moe's reaction.

"Are you talking to me?"

"No, I'm talking to the fish."

"Don't you call me a fish." *slap*

And aesthetically speaking, Rebel Randall is one of the finest looking dames to ever appear in a stooge comedy. Yowsers!

8 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2011-01-16 06:16:34 by diddymuck
Another rare one second whack moment...brief but soooo funny! Curly doing his spot on impersonation of a ship's whistle. Rolls me on the floor every time I hear it.
Posted 2001-10-01 23:34:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2006-03-25 09:20:08 by shemps#1
This one is even better than 3 pokes, I think the only problem here is the scene with Curly on the beach because it strays from the plot and seemed to be a little bit of a time-filler. I even thought the fishing part was good, but for some odd reason, Curly doesn't get hit in the fishing part even though he seems to accidentally hurt Moe the most while Larry seems to get Moe's wrath for saying stuff. Perhaps Del wanted to even out the attention given to Curly and Larry since Curly had that big beach scene all by himself! By the way, in this one I think Moe is the biggest crabass ever in this one(which is good) because after Curly gets beaten up by Moe in the boat scene, he says "Look what you did to my nose!" and then Moe just says "Yeah" and punishes him with a saw. Another instance is when Curly wants to be captain so Moe presses his head in a pants presser until he gives in, which was quite funny. 3 1/2 pokes
Posted 2001-08-23 00:55:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-06-18 01:55:00 by Stooge
Not too good. The beginning was really just a weak cross between the first half of COOKOO CAVALIERS and the part with Curly wearing the Admiral's uniform in THREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS. Curly's beach scene is okay, and the Stooges fixing the broken boat is good, but then the last part with the Stooges out at sea is awkward; several lines fall flat and most of them seem badly improvised since there's a lot of strange pauses and flubbed lines.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2003-04-20 04:13:00 by Bruckman
A superior late Curly with plenty of energy. The opening scenes combine gags from Laurel and Hardy's TOWED IN A HOLE and BUSY BODIES. "Hey, Harry James!" "Aw, I'm not that good." "You said it!" The beach scenes reprise ideas from THREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS and seem almost like they were designated for the earlier film but were cut for time reasons; they don't really fit too well here either and there's a distinct shift in pacing as well as character for these scenes (I'm never too comfortable when 2 stooges choose sides against the 3rd stooge). However they gain (for the male viewer anyways) from the inclusion of Rebel Randall, one of Columbia's starlets-in-training. Fixing the boat returns us to Laurel and Hardy territory but with differing gags; I always laugh when Moe spots the propeller and comments "Everything is loose on this thing!" The climactic scenes with the boat floating in an echoing studio tank (much more noticeable than in the raft scene in BACK TO THE FRONT) reuse some traditional gags from Keaton (letting the water out with a drill bit is from THE BOAT and a bomb explosion mistaken for a fish jumping is from THE LOVE NEST). But there are plenty of sidebar Curlyisms and movement to make up for the odd pauses in pace--no doubt this was a difficult sequence to shoot and could only be done once, so a few flubs were allowed to pass. As a fisherman I always get a good laugh out of Curly attaching a section of pipe to his line and commenting "Boy, what a sinker!" before knocking Moe almost unconscious on the backcast. Have to love the "fish rap" in the opening scene too, with its clever, almost Danny Kaye-like plays on musical terminology.

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2002-03-22 20:24:00 by BeatleMoe
This is a very underrated Curly film. I have seen this and TOWED IN A HOLE w/Laurel and Hardy, and I am going to compare them. Both films have funny gags, but I like it when the Stooges are quick with them, rather than taking up half of the film to build them up like L&H. They have better pacing than the veteran duo, and this film is great. Not as slapstickish as others, and the only slow part is the beach scene. I love the ending fishing segment before the Stooges are almost blown out of the water.Memorable scene: The hilarious fishing segment.Rating: 3 1/2 starsBeatleMoe
Posted 2001-03-15 16:30:00 by Ichabod Slipp
Curly's voice cracks in places, but he still has all his comedic energy. And I have no idea why I find "Don't Chop the Wood, Mother, Father's Coming Home with the Load" funny, but I do.

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