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"Are you sure these are the Three Horsemen?" - Walter Long (THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS, 1934)

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The Stooges are fix-it men who are employed to fix the doorbell in a house that belongs to a nest of German and Japanese spies. Moe, Larry and Curly proceed to destroy the walls of the house looking for the problem before moving outside. Curly is then sent up to fix the wires atop a telephone pole. While "fixing" the lines, Curly slides his chair towards the window of the spies' main control room and crash through the window inside. He discovers their sabotage plans and he, with Moe and Larry manage to sabotage the saboteurs and get the final drop on the spies.

Lloyd Bridges is known for his roles in television's SEA HUNT (1958 - 1961), the film AIRPLANE (1980), and as the gunfighter in HIGH NOON (1952). His sons are Beau, and Academy Award winner Jeff.
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Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
January 01, 1943
Production Type
Short Subject
15.6 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Title Origin:   Possibly a parody of She Stoops to Conquer, an early (1939) BBC TV series
Prod. No.:   533
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1942-05-06   To: 1942-05-09

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 2.75)
Face Slaps: 9 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 1 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (8)
  • "Okay, why can't a chicken lay a loaf of bread?" "She ain't got the crust!"
    (Moe and Curly)

  • "So, F.B.I. huh?" "No, I Be Curly!"
    (Vernon Dent and Curly)

  • "You know I get dizzy in high places!" "You're dizzy in LOW places."
    (Curly & Moe)

  • "Look out, look out with that climbing spike!"

  • "At your service, babe. What's cookin'?"

  • "Oh, a termite with dandruff!"

  • "Oh, I bet I can get THE LONE RANGER on this!"

  • "If we see them, we shoot them between the eyes." "No... in the back."
    (Vernon Dent & 'unknown')

Stooge Goofs   (11)
  • Falling Hat
    When Larry lifts the board sign over his face to block Moe's punch, his hat accidentally falls off.

  • Falling Lamp
    When Curly hits who he thinks are Hitler and his Japanese assistant (but are really Moe and Larry in disguise) on the head with a hammer, a lamp behind him accidentally falls down.

  • Flubbed Line
    When Curly's pulling wire out of the wall & is having trouble, he calls Larry over & tells him, "Come 'ere! Gimme a help! Hold this!", instead of "Gimme a hand!"

  • Jump in Picture
    Noticeable jump cuts in the film when Curly's nose is being grinstoned, when Moe is getting spiked in the eye, ear, and head, and when Moe shoves a hammer in Curly's mouth.

  • Lamp Mystery
    Just before Curly hits Moe andLarry, thinking they're German and Japanese, notice Curly's left arm is outstretched toward the lamp behind Moe. Moe then appears to give some sort of hand gesture with his left hand just before the lamp starts to fall. Although he kicks the lamp shade away, Curly grabs the lamp and carries it with him toward the window. The next shot shows Curly at the window without the lamp. The next shot, when Curly goes back to Moe and Larry, the lamp is back on the table, with the shade in place, as if it was never disturbed. Since Curly bumped the lamp shade first, if he knocked it over accidentally, his reaction to grab and save the lamp was almost unbelievably lightning fast.

  • Magically Appearing Pipe Threader
    When the Stooges walk up to the maid standing outside the door, Curly only has a toolbag in his left hand, but in the next shot, a pipe threader is also in his left hand.

  • Moe's Hair
    The climbing spike scene was obviously difficult to film, judging from the jump cuts. But the cuts were more obvious because Moe's hairstyle kept changing from combed forward to parted on the side.

  • Offscreen Hand
    A hand briefly appears on screen tossing the bowl of batter onto Dudley Dickerson's head.

  • Prop Wire
    As the submarine jumps up and down in the water, you can see the wire attached to the sub, as well as vertical splash marks in the water in front of the sub where the wire lands after it's pulled.

  • Revealing Mistake
    When Curly disconnects one of the wires holding his telephone pole seat, you can hear the wire immediately hit the studio floor, but we're supposed to believe that Curly's about 30 feet in the air.

  • Sudden change
    When we see the squadron of planes approaching the submarine they are all WWI era biplanes with open cockpits. But when they show the close up of the pilot spotting the enemy sub, he is in an enclosed cockpit.

Stooge Routines   (2)
  • Are we ???
    When somebody asks a Stooge if they're good at something, Moe responds "Are we!" Larry says the same. However, the third Stooge asks seriously "Are we?", followed by angry stares from Moe and Larry.

  • Tug-of-war with wire/fishing line
    A Stooge pulls a wire/fishing line on one side of a wall/pond, but somebody on the other side of the wall/pond pulls the other end of the wire/another fishing line. Each time they try harder to yank their own end of the wire/fishing line, they pull each other into the wall/pond.

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • Due to its violent content, TV stations do not air this short.
    Source: The Official Three Stooges Encylopedia
    Added by ProfessorStooge on 2010-01-15 07:14:37
    Status: False
    Team Stooge Comments: A story that has been told enough times that it has passed into accepted Stooge-mythology, and unfortunately reported as fact in at least one book. While a few local stations may have withheld it for violence issues from time-to-time over the past 50+ years, that has never been an established practice. CONGA's absence from Sony's national-market syndication package since 1999 (along with 59 other shorts) was a business-related decision; local market syndication packages have access to it, and continue to air it, e.g., Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, others.

Audio Files   (0)

No audio files are available for this episode.

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Transcript   (Y)

Transcription by Stooge:  


MASTER SPY....Vernon Dent
RADIO ANNOUNCER....Eddie Laughton
CHEF....Dudley Dickerson
PHONE CUSTOMER #2....Lloyd Bridges

Scene opens on repairmen Moe, Larry, and Curly walking around town looking for business.

MOE: Alright, who's next here, ladies? We fix anything. Top-rate reparing while you wait.

STOOGES (in unison, singing): And that ain't alllllllll....ZOOT!

A pretty woman walks past the Stooges, and Curly follows her. Moe and Larry then also follow. The woman walks up to her front door to her house and then turns around to the Stooges.

CURLY: Pardon me, could we...

WOMAN#1: No!

Woman triple slaps the Stooges with her purse, then walks inside of her house and slams the door. The Stooges look at the sign on the door, which reads: MLLE. ZORA, MIND READER.

MOE (to Larry): This is your fault!

LARRY: No it isn...

Moe is about to punch Larry, but Larry quickly lifts the board sign he's wearing and blocks Moe's punch from his face.

MOE (holding fist in pain): Ooh! Oh! Oh!

Larry pulls back down the board sign.

LARRY: Ha, ha, ha...

Moe, without looking, punches Larry in the face with his other fist.

CURLY: Ha, ha!

MARSHA (off-screen): Yoo-Hoo!

Camera cuts over to Marsha, a Nazi woman standing outside a house.

MARSHA (calling the Stooges): Young men!

MOE: A customer! C'mon!

The Stooges walk over to the house.

CURLY (walking up to Marsha): We would like to...

The Nazi Woman shoots him an eerie glance, scaring himaway.

MOE (to Marsha): At your service, babe. What's cookin'?

MARSHA: The doorbell isn't working. Can you fix it?

MOE: Can we fix it!

LARRY: Can we fix it!

CURLY (seriously): Can we???

MOE: Quiet! (to Marsha) After you, madame.

Marsha marches inside of the house. The Stooges follow, but Larry and Moe get stuck in the door way due to Larry's large board sign. Curly grabs the anvil he's carrying and holds it ahead of him, then charges into Moe and Larry, knocking them through the doorway and sending them all crashing inside the house.

MARSHA (as the Stooges get up from the floor): Of all the clumsy idiots!!!

MOE: Beat it, sister! We don't want any strangers lending our trade secrets.


Marsha marches off, leaving the Stooges alone.

MOE (to Larry): The tools. (picking out random tools from Curly's tool belt) Screwdriver. File.

LARRY (also picking out tools) Nippers. Chisel.

MOE: Alright, let's find the wiring.

Moe and Larry walk off.

Upstairs in the house, Marsha meets with the Master Spy in the hallway.

MASTER SPY (saluting): Heil, Hitler.


MASTER SPY: Yeh -- who are those men down there?

MARSHA: They came to fix the doorbell.

MASTER SPY: Dumbkopf! They might be FBI!

Marsha and Master Spy both march inside of a room, where another Nazi spy and a Japanese spy are waiting.

MASTER SPY: Heil Hitler!

Everyone salutes.


MASTER SPY: We contact the submarine in one hour


NAZI SPY: We'll (?) the mine fields by remote control.


MASTER SPY: Then everything....goes POOF!


MASTER SPY: Yeh -- So then (pointing to the globe) we divide the world in half. Of course, Germany gets the biggest half!

JAPANESE SPY (disapproving): Oh, so...

MASTER SPY: Yeh -- So what?


Camera cuts back downstairs, where Curly is tracing a wire that's stuck under a carpet.

CURLY: Oh, stubborn eh?

Curly crawls under the carpet tracing the wire, and as he comes out, he discovers a radio on a table.

CURLY: Oh! A "ra-dio"!

Curly turns the radio on.

RADIO ANNOUNCER: You want to take the $32 or try for the $64?

Moe wanders on screen, not catching Curly's attention.

CURLY (to the radio): I'll try for the $64!

MOE: Alright, why can't a chicken lay a loaf of bread?

CURLY: She ain't got the crust!

MOE (grimacing): You win...

CURLY (excited): Gimme! Gimme!

Moe whacks Curly on the head with a pair of pliers.


MOE: Get outta here and take that radio with ya! Get busy

CURLY: Hmmmmm!!

Curly walks away and tries to take the radio with him, but the wire gets stuck and he's struggling to pull the radio. Eventually, the radio flies out of Curly's arms and whacks Moe right in the face.

MOE: Oh!!!!!!!

CURLY (slapping his own face): Nyaaaaah!

Moe grabs the radio and walks over to Curly.

CURLY (scared): Short wave?

MOE: No, permanent!

Moe smashes the radio over Curly's head and twists Curly's eyebrows like radio knobs.

CURLY: Ohh!! Aaaaahh!! Hmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmm!

LARRY (across the room): Hey fellas, I found a wire!

MOE (to Curly): Go on! Give 'im a hand!

Curly takes off the smashed radio around his neck as he walks over to Larry.

LARRY (showing Curly the wire): See?

CURLY (pushing Larry out of the camera view): Stand aside! I'll show ya how to fix it.

Curly grabs hold of the wire and starts pulling, it, which then starts ripping right through the wall.

CURLY (slapping his face): Hmmmm!

Curly continues yanking the wire, and it knocks a painting off the wall and it smashes on Larry's head.


Curly peeks into the hole where the wire is from then barks at it. Meanwhile, Moe is trying to turn on a light switch.

MOE: Hmm, tough eh?

Moe takes out a screwdriver and starts taking the switch apart. Camera cuts over to Curly still yanking the wire and tearing apart the wall. Then he pulls a phone out of the hole in the wall. The phone rings.

CURLY (picking up the phone): This line is busy!

Curly hangs up the phone and throws it behind him, hitting Moe right on the head.

MOE: Whoa!

Moe angrily picks the phone set up and launches it back at Curly, hitting him on the head.

CURLY (holding head in pain): Ohh! Whoa! Ohh!

Moe grins evily and Curly then grunts at him. Curly looks back in the hole in the wall and sees a second wire.

CURLY (to the camera, while grabbing the wire): Anudder one!

Curly starts yanking the wire and tearing down the wall again. Camera cuts inside of the kitchen, where the chef is mixing some batter. Moe walks up to him and startles him.

MOE: Where's the doorbell?

CHEF (pointing upwards): Right up there, sir.

MOE: Well, woik somewhere else, I gotta fix it.

CHEF: But ah gotta....

MOE: ...scram!

Moe shoves the chef off-screen, followed by loud crashing sounds. Moe looks off-camera, surprised for a second, then Moe climbs on top of the table and starts working on the doorbell. On the other side of the wall, Curly yanks the doorbell wire, which pulls the other end of the wire out of Moe's hand.

MOE (grabbing the wire again): Hmmm! Live wire, eh?

Curly and Moe continue to have a tug of war with the wire, and keep pulling each other into the wall.

MOE (tying the wire around his arm): ...Fix you!

CURLY: Hey, Larry!

Larry runs up to Curly.

CURLY: Gimme a hand. Pull this.

Larry grabs hold of the wire with Curly, and they both pull it, while Moe is still pulling the other end of the wire. Eventually, Moe falls backwards, and knocks one end of the table up in the air, causing a bowl of batter to fall over the chef's head. Curly and Larry once again yank the other end of the wire, and it pulls Moe back up from the floor, on to the table and crashing into the wall.

MOE: Ooh!

LARRY: Somethin' comin'?

CURLY: Gettin' heavier!

Moe stands back up on the table, but another tug from the other end of the wire sends his arm crashing a hole right through the wall.

MOE: Ooh, if I can get ahead!

Moe tries his hardest to pull the wire back, but even more forceful tugging from the other end of the wire sends Moe's whole body crashing through the wall and ending up on Larry and Curly's side.

CURLY (noticing Moe, who has his head down and with powder all in his hair): Oh! A termite with dandruff. Hmm!

LARRY (off-screen): Heh!

CURLY: I get the...

Moe lifts his head and Curly then realizes who he is.

CURLY (in fear): Gaaaawk-gaaaawk-gaaawk! I didn't mean it

Moe tries to pull Curly into the hole in the wall, but he can't fit in, so Moe grabs a wooden stick inside of the wall and whacks Curly on the head with it repeatedly.

Scene cuts over to the Stooges standing in front of a telephone pole outside of the house.

MOE: Trouble ain't in the house. That's definite. (looking up at the telephone pole) Power company probably got their wires all tangled up. (to Curly) Go on up and straighten out the mess.

Curly turns around and looks up the telephone pole.

CURLY (nearly passing out): Nyaaaa-aaah! Wait a minute! What am I doin'? You know I get dizzy in high places.

MOE: You're dizzy in LOW places! Get up there!


Curly accidentally drops the wrench in his hand and it falls on Moe's foot.

MOE (holding foot in pain): Oooh! oooh! Ohhhh!

Moe grabs a pipe wrench from the floor.

CURLY: Oh, Moe! Don't! No, please!

Moe screws the pipe wrench on Curly's nose.


MOE (to Larry): Ready off!

Moe and Larry grab seperate ends of the pipe wrench and pull.

MOE: Heave ho! Heave ho! Heave...

Moe and Larry finally pull the pipe wrench off of Curly's nose.

CURLY (holding nose in pain): Ooh! Oh! Oh, Moe! You stretched my nose all out of shape!

MOE (grabbing Curly by the ear): I'll fix that.

Moe drags Curly over to the grindsone.

MOE: Get your nose on there.

Curly presses his nose against the grindstone as Larry turns it on. Sparks start flying everywhere.


Moe pulls Curly's nose away from the grindstone and Larry stops the grinstone.

MOE: Now I don't wanna hear any more arguments outta you! Get up that pole!

CURLY: Hmmmmm!!!

MOE: Go on!

CURLY: Hmmm!!

Curly digs both of his climbing spikes into the pole and begins to climb it. Moe and Larry help him up.

MOE: Okay. Heave up! Get up there, you!

Curly lifts one of his legs and unknowingly places it right in front of Moe's face, nearly cutting his face with the climbing spike on his shoe.

MOE: Whoa! (lifting Curly's leg) Look out! Look out with that climbing spike!

Curly places his foot on Moe's head, and the climbing spike digs right through Moe's head.

MOE: OWWWW!!!!!!! OH! OH! OH, MY HEAD!!!!!

After Curly pulls his spike out of there, Moe grabs Curly's foot and bites it like a ferocious dog.

CURLY (in pain): WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA!!!!

Curly dangles his foot around a fearful Moe's eyes.

MOE: Look ou...

Suddenly, Curly's foot lowers and the climbing spike finds itself inside of Moe's eye!


Moe, with the help of Larry, pulls the spike out of his eye. Then Curly puts his foot next to Moe's ear.

MOE (trying to pull the spike away from his ear): OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!

The spike digs inside of Moe's left ear.


Curly pulls his foot away, taking the spike out of Moe's ear.

MOE (in relief): Ohhhh!

Curly then accidentally kicks Moe in the stomach.

MOE: OW! -- (ferociously) Let me at 'im....!

Moe grabs a blowtorch from the floor and aims it at Curly's rear end. Then he turns the blowtorch on and the flames send Curly climbing up the pole quickly, in pain.

CURLY: Yeoowwwww!

Camera dissolves to Curly up on top of the telephone pole. Curly looks at all the wires up there.

CURLY (to nobody in particular): This is confusing! (looking at one wire) I'll have to start on you!

Curly pulls out pliers and tries to take the wire apart, but suddenly, sparks shoot out from the wire.

CURLY (dropping the pliers): Nyaaaaah!!!

The pliers fall down below where Moe and Larry are standing and it hits Moe right on top of the head. Larry catches the pliers.

MOE: OW!!! OH!

LARRY: Gee, did it hoit?

Moe sees that Larry is holding the pliers and thinks he hit him.

MOE: No, does this?

Moe whacks Larry on top of the noggin with a monkey wrench.

LARRY: Ooooh! Yeah...

Moe takes the wrench and yanks Larry's nose upwards with it, then starts hitting Larry in the throat with a flat-hand chop.

LARRY: AHHHHH! UGH! (pointing upwards) It's from up there! Up there...

MOE (looking above at Curly): Ohhhhh!

Camera cuts back to the top of the telephone pole, where Curly licks a disconnected wire and the spits downwards off-screen (presumably at Larry and Moe!). After struggling to get the wire on a bell, he puts the wire back in his mouth again, but receives a shock.


Curly once again tries to connect the wire to the bell, but receives another shock, that sends him flying off the top of the pole and landing on top of Moe and Larry and knocking them on the ground. Curly tries to get up but keeps shaking due to being filled with high voltage.

MOE: Whassamatta?

CURLY: I'm charged like a battery!!

MOE (to Larry): Grab 'im.

Larry and Moe grab Curly, but immediately receive electric shocks just from doing so, then let go of him.

LARRY: He's full of high voltage.

MOE: Yeah? Well I'll.... (grabs a lightbulb from behind him) Lemme do something pretty...

Moe screws the lightbulb into Curly's left ear, and the bulb flickers on and off.

CURLY: NYAAAAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAA-AAAH! Hmmmm! Do somethin'! Do somethin'!

MOE (to Larry): Grab that screwdriver, put it in his ear and short it.

Larry begins to screw the screwdriver in Curly's right ear, and the lightbulb in his other ear instantly shatters.

CURLY: NYAAAAAAH! (realizing that the voltage has stopped) Oh! Thank you. Ha, ha, ha!

Moe lightly touches Curly's shoulder to make sure he's not filled with voltage anymore.

MOE (patting Curly on the head): He's alright now, boy.

Scene fades out and fades in to Curly back on top of the telephone pole, who's humming to himself while in the midst of tangling up all the wires. Now, we see a montage of angry phone customers and phone operators.

PHONE CUSTOMER #1: Hello, operator? My line's been disconnected!

PHONE CUSTOMER #2: Operator! Operator! What's the matter?

OPERATOR: One moment, please!

PHONE CUSTOMER #3: Operator?

PHONE CUSTOMER #4: Operator!

PHONE CUSTOMER #5: Hello, operator?

Camera cuts over back to the room with the spies, who are trying to get the submarine radio controls to work.

JAPANESE SPY: I fix it. (starts messing with the controls)

MASTER SPY: So! Yeh -- (to Marsha) Get Emil on the telephone and have him come over and fix the radio right away! Quick, hurry!

Marsha leaves the room.

MASTER SPY (to the Japanese spy): Don't do that! Please...

Camera cuts back to Curly working on the wires on the telephone pole.

CURLY: Think I got somethin' now!

MOE (to Larry): What's he up to, now???

Curly picks up a phone lying on the telephone pole.

CURLY: Hello? Hello???

OPERATOR: No, that line is out of order.

CURLY: Hmm, I don't hear anything!

Curly licks his finger then touches one of the wires, and receives a shock.


Camera cuts over inside the kitchen of the house, where the chef is on the phone.

CHEF: Yes, sir! I will right now...

Suddenly, the phone explodes right in the chef's face.


The chef fearfully backs away from the phone but accidentally gets a waffle-iron caught on his behind.

CHEF (running out of the room in pain): Owwww!! Let go of me!

Camera cuts back to Curly, who's moving his telephone pole seat away.

LARRY (to Moe): We'd better get him!

MOE: C'mon!

Curly stops moving his seat when he looks inside of the window of the room with submarine radio controls. Curly then backs too far close to the wires supporting him, and receives an electric shock, sending him crashing through the window. Curly then gets up from the floor.

CURLY (waving his arm at the window): Hmmmmm!

Curly then notices the submarine radio controls and walks up to it.

CURLY: Oh! I bet I can get "The Lone Ranger" on this!

Curly begins messing with the controls. Meanwhile, Moe and Larry are searching inside the house for Curly.

MOE: Where is that dumpling-head? (pointing to a room) Hey, let's take a look in here.

Moe and Larry walk inside of the room, which has pictures of Nazi swastikas and a large poster of Adolf Hitler.

LARRY: Hey, what kind of a place is this?

MOE: Looks like a Rouges Gallery.

Moe looks behind him and notices the giant poster of Hitler, which startles him.

MOE (poking the poster in the eyes): NYAAAH!

Moe tries to run away but bumps into Larry.

MOE: Ooooh! That's Shicklegruber! We're in a rat trap! We gotta find Curly and get outta here!

Moe and Larry head for the door. Larry takes a peek outside in the hallway where the Master Spy and the Japanese spy are, talking with each other.

MASTER SPY: ...the way the house has been torn down by those workmen...

Larry jumps back in the room and bumps into Moe. Moe reaches over to strangle Larry, but Larry shushes him and they both listen to hear outside the hallway.

MASTER SPY: Yeh -- If we see them, we shoot them between the eye.

JAPANESE SPY: No, in the back!


Back inside the room...


Larry and Moe hide. The two spies open the door where Larry and Moe are and walk up to the poster of Hitler, only the poster has been ripped out and Moe is standing in it's place, dress up as Hitler.

MASTER SPY (to the "poster"): I promise you today the destruction of Zohaba! Heil!

Both spies salute the poster.

MOE (saluting back): Heel!

Both spies walk off, and then do a double-take a few seconds later when they realize what just happened. They both run back up to the "poster". Moe suddenly screams something at them in mock German. As both spies reach in their pockets to get their guns, Larry sneaks out from behind a wall and knocks them out with a mallet. Scene shifs back to Curly in the other room, messing with the submarine radio controls.

CURLY: C'mon, give!

Camera cuts over to a submarine, where the German captain is speaking into the radio.

CAPTAIN: U-29 calling Agent X-43.

CURLY: Aw, stop that double-talk! I wanna hear "The Lone Ranger"!

CAPTAIN: Dumbkopf! I'm nearing the minefield! Take 'er over!

CURLY: Nyaaaah! Sabatoogies! Column fives! Spies! (barking at the radio) RUFF!!!!

Curly gets up and walks towards the door, but he hears someone about to open the door so he hides. Moe and Larry, dressed up as Hitler and the Japanese soldier, respectively, walk in the room.

MOE: (in Yiddish) Eppes ist paskudne. (saluting) Ya vohl!

LARRY (saluting): So!

Curly, thinking that Moe and Larry are the real thing, comes out of hiding and knocks both of them out with a hammer. He then walks up to the window, but remember that he broke it earlier. As he turns around, a ticked-off Moe and Larry are standing there.

CURLY: Nyaaaah! (saluting "Hitler") Heil! Heel!

MOE (slapping Curly): Get out....

CURLY: It's Moe! Was that...

MOE: Yes, it was!!!

Moe snatches the hammer out of Curly's hand.

MOE: Open your mouth and close your eyes...

Curly follows Moe's command, and Moe takes the hammer and accidentally backs it into Larry's head, then shoves it in Curly's open mouth.

CURLY: Mmmmmph!

Moe punches Curly in the stomach, then Curly whacks Moe on the head with the hammer repeatedly until he accidentally hits himself in the face. Suddenly, the Stooges hear the captain speaking through the radio again.

CAPTAIN: U-29 calling Agent X-43. Calling Agent X-43.

The Stooges curiously walk up to the radio controls.

CAPTAIN (aggrivated) Submarine U-29! Calling!

MOE: An enemy submarine!

CAPTAIN: Take her over by remote control.

CURLY: He wants us to take over.

MOE: What are we waitin' for?

The Stooges anxiously begin messing up the radio controls. The submarine starts going out of control. The captain braces himself and yells in German language. Meanwhile, a pilot flying a jet looks down at sea and notices the out-of-control submarine flopping up and down in the water. The pilot drops a bomb from the plane and it blows up the submarine. Back in the room that the Stooges are, sparks start shooting out of the submarine controls.

CURLY: Success!!!

The Stooges shake hands with each other then head towards the door, but it's blocked by the spies. The Japanese spy is wearing a woman's dress since Larry stole his outfit, and two spies are holding a box of dynamite explosives.

STOOGES: Nyaaaaah!

MASTER SPY: FBI, huh??!?

CURLY: No! IB Curly!

Curly whacks the Master Spy on the stomach with a mallet, then on the head, sending him bumping into the two men holding the dynamite explosives box. The box falls to the ground and explodes, blowing the whole house up. After all the smoke clears, we see the Stooges in tattered clothing sitting on top of the knocked-out spies.

CURLY (pretending to speak into a microphone): Hello, Ma. Hello, Pa. It was a great fight!

The Stooges musically tap the knocked-out spies on the head with hammers, making it sound like a radio station sign off.


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Posted 2011-02-10 18:53:14 by [Deleted Member]

I was pretty much raised on the Stooges, but when I recently got the complete collection on DVD, I came across an episode I had never seen before. They Stooge to Conga instantly shot to the top of my all time favorites. The nose grinding, the climbing spike, the torch, all terrific. Not to mention Curly's incredible physical comedy after being electrocuted on the utility pole. How the heck did he convulse like that? Destroying the house, the utter lack of respect for the cook and the maid, ruining the phone lines, all show a classically stoogical disregard for everything and everybody. Plus, Moe giving Hitler the eye-poke treatment, I about fell out of my chair. I wish I could give this higher than 4 stars...

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-08-19 06:56:34 by JustSayMoe
I used to have this on a VHS that I taped from a TV broadcast more than 20 years ago. The station cut most of the climbing spike mayhem, I think I only got to see it stick Moe on the top of his head. I did catch the whole scene on YouTube but now have the complete short on my DVD set. But my favorite moment comes when Moe is startled by the full sized portrait of Hitler and tries to give der Fuhrer the eye-poke ("Schickelgruber!").

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2007-10-21 04:53:55 by hailstone
A war-time effort where the Boys blow up the Axis Powers and create a level of mayhem and destruction trying to fix a doorbell that must be seen to be believed. Great stuff!
Posted 2003-12-19 01:02:00 by [Deleted Member]
"Marsha" the Nazi maid... like, that's [i]really[/i] someone you'd like to have in your house. Right.Not only one of the greatest Stooges shorts ever made, but one of the greatest Curlys (so it gets [b]double[/b] pokes)"" the whole sequence with Curly on top of the telephone pole, destroying every phone connection in town"" "Hello? Hello!?"Sometimes I have to stop the short right there (or when Curly is outside the window), because I'm laughing too hard![i]Topped off with Vernon Dent as a goose-stepping Nazi![/i] In Stoogedom, [b]it doesn't get any better than this![/b] [4.0pokes]No, five!!!
Posted 2003-12-18 21:23:00 by freshfish
The climbing spike scene is the best! I showed this short to my 10 year old son and he laughed his ass off! It's funny, because this is the kind of stuff that used to piss my mother off when I watched the Stooges in the 60's. Now she's 83 and I'm 43 and STILL GETS PISSED when I bring up the topic of the Stooges. Gotta love it. No one's mentioned the other great scene in this short...it's where the buck toothed, coke-bottle glasses wearing Japanese guy answers "No..in the back" when Vernon Dent says "Vehn vee see them, vee shoot dhem right betveen dee eyes." Great politically incorrect wartime stuff! Ya couldn't get away with something like that today...
Posted 2001-12-28 19:41:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-07-01 02:41:00 by Stooge
An excellent fast-paced, violent, and hilarious short. The part where Curly's climbing spike stabs Moe in the ear and eye is probably the single most violent scene ever in a Stooge short. Some TV stations have banned this short because of that scene.

Also does anybody know what that tool is that Moe screwed onto Curly's nose in the part right before he climbs up the telephone pole?

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-07-23 03:07:00 by Bruckman
The climbing spike always makes me cringe, especially that SUCKING sound effect when the spike's pulled out of Moe's head...as if it's embedded in myelin or some such matter. Yet in retrospect it's one of those gags that's so shocking it's funny. As for the rest--incredibly destructive, incredibly violent, and the key to the whole thing is the Stooges' utter disregard of the mayhem they're causing--explosions, electrocution, tearing walls apart, ripping wires bodily out of walls, catapulting batter onto Dudley Dickerson, pipe-threader screwed onto Curly's nose, then the nose reshaped with a grinder after its initial damage, sadistic treatment of Nazis and Japanese, reducing a telephone exchange to complete chaos.......plus plenty more. A definitive Stooge short and the one I'd pick to go alongside HOI POLLOI to illustrate the essence of Stoogery.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-02-06 01:43:00 by jaronson
Absolute classic. A highlight in the video with YOU NAZTY SPY and I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN. I like the way Columbia put these three together as well as other themed videos like HIGHER THAN A KITE and OUT WEST.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-01-20 19:55:00 by BJR
I saw all the great reviews for this "missing 60" short, and decided I just HAD to see it. So I found a streaming video version online, and though it was a poor-quality 34 kbps file, I could see enough to know that this is a masterpiece.I was pretty shocked at the extreme violence in this one! I've seen all of the AMC shorts (I watch it every night/morning), yet I have NEVER seen anything as severe as this! Moe and Curly throw a heavy radio at each other's heads from 15 feet away, something that would have probably killed them both in reality.However, the most violent, and most hilarious, portion was Curly climbing up with the climbing spike. It doesn't get any better than this with Moe! Curly inflicts more pain upon Moe than I have EVER seen, and that includes the tool scene from CASH AND CARRY! Moe's retaliation is unbelievably violent and hilarious too!Aside from all the violence, it had plenty of mayhem and good lines. The tugging war of a wire between Larry/Curly and Moe was hilarious, and can be seen again in LISTEN, JUDGE with Shemp.Moe's "Beat it sister" command to the owner of the house had was a classic, too! I just love the rudeness the boys can show in front of the snobbiest people!I must see this on TV to view in full detail, but from what I can tell, it's probably the best Curly-era short of all. The only short I can think of right off the bat that surpasses this is GOOF ON THE ROOF, and it's even a close battle.Rating: 9.5/10
Posted 2001-12-28 13:42:00 by metaldams
Excellent and funny review sick. Stooge death metal indeed! This short is becoming an all-time favorite of mine. My favorite part being Moe trying to drag Curly through the wall. It's like Satan trying to drag some poor unwilling soul down to the very depths of hell except Moe taught Satan everything he knew in They Stooge To Conga. A masterpiece.
Posted 2001-12-23 08:37:00 by sickdrjoe
The greatest Three Stooges short EVER. End of discussion! (Notice I didn't say the ONLY great short, however.)Wall-to-wall head trauma, plus a nice return appearance by Moe Hailstone. THEY STOOGE is the core essence of everything that I love about these guys - DISREPUTABLE LOW COMEDY. Not ONE socially redeeming second in the whole 17 minutes. Flying tube radio to the skull. Radio smashed over head, plus squashed-eyeball fine tuning. Support beam falling with violent impact on cranium. Screaming humans pulled bodily through walls. The Climbing Spike. Flamethrower used on living person. Many heavy tools dropped from a great height onto characters' heads. Larry takes Moe punishment for NO REASON (including flat-hand chops to the windpipe!). Dudley Abuse (hit with flying waffle batter, phone explodes in face, 'live' waffle iron clamped to his ass.) High-voltage electrocution gags! Curly's face forcibly pressed to a grinding stone!Screwdriver inserted in eardrum, causing flickering light bulb in other ear to explode! Nazis. Japs.Lesbian Nazi. Recycled toy sub footage. Triple-slap from a hot babe. Lloyd Bridges trying to make a phone call!What's that? Not ENUF? You want MORE? Hey, go start your own comedy team. This is as good as the 3 Stooges ever got, and it's still vicious enough today to repulse and horrify your mom. Like I told someone privately the other day, it's Stooges Death Metal! One poke above the highest possible poke-total!!Edited by - sickdrjoe on 12/23/2001 9:37:25 PM
Posted 2001-09-28 14:51:00 by Shemp_Diesel
When I first watched this on the Columbia VHS I was sort of disappointed considering the 2 classics(You Nazty Spy, I'll Never Heil Again) that precede it. After many more viewings afterwards I've grown to like it.3 pokesEdited by - Shemp_Diesel on 11/13/2001 3:15:53 PM

Reviewer's Rating: (7)
Posted 2001-05-05 01:48:00 by B. Bopper
An excellent short, definetly one of my favorites. The increased violence made this short even funnier. It's hilarious, go out and buy this video. I am also not sure which man was Lloyd Bridges.
Posted 2001-02-21 15:06:00 by Ichabod Slipp
Outside of the climbing spike, there's a number of great gags in this short. After seeing this, everyone should know why a chicken can't lay a loaf of bread. "She ain't got the crust!" And darned if that isn't Lloyd Bridges on the phone in that one shot.
Posted 2001-01-03 21:52:00 by Uncle Mortimer
And another thing, you guys at the bottom are nuts! You sound like a couple of old prudes! The violence, the violence...enough already! I watched "THEY STOOGE TO CONGA" yesterday with a couple of good friends (& also long time Stooge fans). When the "climbing spike" bit happened, all 3 of us laughed out loud..and agreed 'what a great scene' it was! Hey, if it disturbs ya..it disturbs ya. But I think if you're going to criticize the spike, or say this short was 'good in spite of the spike', then you're going to have to say the same kind of things about the "Broomstick through the ear", the "Nose to the saw blade" or the "shovel to the head!" I know the "Climbing Spike" is more intense, but come on, we're supposed to be Stooge fans here! "Watch out with that climbing spike!!!"... PRICELESS!

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