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"And when I'm finished with my crooning, on my knees I'll fall! My life! My love! My all!" - Larry (WOMAN HATERS, 1934)

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The Stooges are hired by the Detective Hadyn Zeke to go out West and help his client, Nell Higginbottom regain the I.O.U. her father was tricked into signing. The boys get into several scrapes in the process, but fortunately Curly goes insane whenever he sees a mouse, and only a mouthful of cheese will settle him down... "Moe, Larry ... the cheese!"

This was the first of 17 Stooges westerns.

Opening title music is "At the Races," by Louis Silvers; see The Three Stooges Journal # 87 (Fall 1998).

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
January 10, 1935
Production Type
Short Subject
18.2 min.
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Cast Members   Production Crew

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Production Notes   (4)
Working Title(s):   HYDEN ZEEKE
Title Origin:   "Horse's asses."
Prod. No.:   159
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1934-11-23   To: 1934-11-27

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 7.50)
Face Slaps: 29 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (5)
  • Moe, Larry, the cheese! Moe, Larry, the cheese!!!

  • "Ooohh, a woman! Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo!!!"

  • "What about the money?" "G'wan, that's a tin roof." "What'aya mean?" "A tin roof... it's on the house."
    (Nelson McDowell, Larry & Curly)

  • "Every time he sees a mouse he goes crazy." "Why?" "'Cause his father was a rat."
    (Larry, Fred Kelsey & Moe)

  • "If you wuz alone I'd punch ya right in the nose!" "So why don'tcha do it?" "Well... I'm with you."
    (Curly & Moe)

Stooge Goofs   (13)
  • Bottle Location
    When Curly asks for the bottle, the bartender places the bottle next to Curly, but in the next shot, it's suddenly next to Moe.

  • Crew Member's Hand Seen
    When Larry tosses up the $5 gold piece, a crew member's hand can be seen at the far top right of the screen tossing up the change.

  • Curly's Open Shirt
    When Moe asks Decker â€Å"Got a $5 gold piece?”, Curly's shirt is unbuttoned, but it's buttoned suddenly in the next shot.

  • Echo
    After Decker says â€Å"Thieves, huh?”, you can hear an echo of that line.

  • Gentleman Cut
    There is a noticeable cut in the film when Nell announces the Stooges as "Gentleman." Moe looks to his left and starts to acknowledge Curly, then there is a cut and Moe is glanced to his right. Perhaps there was a forgotten line or the cameraman forgot to stop the filming.

  • Missing Part
    When the ropes that Moe and Larry are tied to break, in the background you can see Decker unconscious with a drum busted over his head, yet they never showed how that happened.

  • Mysterious Black Eye
    During Curly's first wild â€Å"Moe, Larry, the Cheese!” outburst, he pushes Hyden Zeke's back into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Then a minute later when Zeke comes back to, he has a black eye, but Curly didn't even hit him in the eye.

  • No explanation
    When the Stooges bow down to Nell, Moe bops Curly on the head, then all of a sudden, it cuts to Larry holding his face in disgust as Moe glares at him with a mean face as if he hit Larry, yet they didn't show it.

  • Number Changing Back and Forth
    After Decker shoots two people who won't pay for their drinks, the bartender goes to a chalk board that says â€Å"Decker: 115 - Opponents: 0”, then he erases the â€Å"5” in â€Å"115” and puts in a â€Å"7”, making it â€Å"117”. However, a while later in the film when the Stooges ask the bartender for drink, the camera shows a close-up of the bartender and behind him, you can see the chalkboard and the number is suddenly back to â€Å"115”.

  • Real Eyepoke
    When Moe says â€Å"Take it easy, Butterfingers!” and pokes Curly in the eyes, it looks like he really hit Curly's eyes (as opposed to poking his eyebrows like it's normally done).

  • Standing Ovation?
    As the boys arrive in the bar & stiff the bartender for their drinks, Decker is seen to stand up to confront them. But as the camera angle changes, & although he already stood up once, Decker is seen to stand up again as the boys move farther away from the bar & he confronts them.

  • Switching Hands
    When the Stooges are looking at the picture of the detective's wife, Curly has a pipe in his right hand, but in the next shot, it's in his left hand suddenly.

  • Visible Wires
    You can see the wires holding Moe and Larry up as they're being hung by a rope.

Stooge Routines   (7)
  • Coin-shooting
    During a coin-shooting sequence, when somebody flips a coin in the air, a Stooge shoots it and it turns into a whole bunch of pennies.
    Also used in:  OUT WEST  ·   PALS AND GALS

  • Goes Berserk After Hears/Sees/Smells Something
    Curly or Curly-Joe goes bonkers every time he hears the song Pop Goes the Weasel and starts punching out everything within reach, and only stopping the music will settle him down ... OR ... Curly goes insane whenever he sees a mouse, and only a mouthful of cheese will settle him down ... OR ... Curly goes nuts whenever he smells "Wild Hyacinth" perfume and only tickling his feet will settle him down ... OR ... Curly goes crazy every time he sees a tassel, and only rubbing it on his chin will calm him down.

  • It's on the House
    When the Stooges are asked by a waiter/bartender to pay for their drinks, they respond with "It's a tin roof" (or something similar.) The waiter gets confused and asks "What do you mean?", followed by the Stooges responding "It's a tin roof -- it's 'on the house'!"
    Also used in:  A MERRY MIX-UP  ·   ROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES

  • Painted-on eyelids
    A Stooge has opened eyes painted on his eyelids while he's sleeping so it looks like he's awake.
    Also used in:  SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS

  • Two men in one coat
    A thug has has one arm in one arm of his coat and a Stooge has an arm in the other side. As another thug tries to beat up the Stooge in the process, the Stooge punches the thug, then spins around as the thug tries to punch him, causing the thug to accidentally punch the other thug caught in the coat. This goes on an on until the two thugs are eventually knocked out.

  • You see this heel?
    When a Stooge is asked if he's a good detective, he responds "You this this heel? I ran that down!"
    Also used in:  SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS

  • You'll never know...
    The Stooges break out singing "You'll never know, just what tears are..."

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • The only short to be directed by Clyde Bruckman.
    Source: HORSES' COLLARS (1935)
    Added by MR77100 on 2009-04-19 01:08:30
    Status: Confirmed
    Team Stooge Comments: An alcoholic, Bruckman's once prolific directing career was derailed by on-the-job problems caused by his illness. In 1934, he was fired from MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE by [ironically] W. C. Fields, who himself took over; however, Bruckman received the onscreen credit due to directors' guild regulations.

Audio Files   (1)

Video File   (Y)

Transcript   (N)

There isn't a transcript available for this episode.

Videography   (1)

Fan Reviews   (7)
Posted 2010-07-15 12:13:10 by Final Shemp
I'm not all that big a fan of westerns, but the Stooges will get me to watch anything. Horses' Collars is a really good short, and one worth watching more than once.
Curly's nutty rage attacks whenever he sees a mouse ("His father was a rat!" explains Moe) highlight the entire short, as he often saves the day by taking on multiple thugs at once. The finale is in particular a big kick, when Curly gets caught up in a Decker's jacket and starts spinning in circles, trailing Decker with him.
The dancing scene where the Stooges frisk everyone they bump into is a hoot, and who can forget the classic bar line "It's a Tin Roof! It's on the house!" There's a lot of fun to be had in Horses' Collars for all Stooge fans.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 3 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2010-05-07 21:59:05 by Bud_Jamison
Great atmosphere and performance by the boys, one of my all time favorites. Once owned 16mm print, wish I still had it!

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2010-04-01 14:08:11 by Gritto RhumBoogie
Great short- all the shorts when Curly goes nuts because of some trigger are great. 4 pokes.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-01-02 02:57:00 by Stooge_Ben
Classic short. 4 pokes. Moe Larry the Cheese! ha it was great. One question.. what happened to the girl who played Nell? Why was she never in any other Stooge shorts?

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-11-15 19:16:00 by vidlisada
Another classic Stooges short! One of my favorites! So many great moments in this one!Hey, did anyone notice in the beginning of the short the bartender changes the number on the blackboard behind the bar to 117, then later when the Stooges are at the bar the number reads 115? Jump cut! :)
Posted 2001-09-25 15:52:00 by Shemp_Diesel
3 1/2 pokes for this western. Moe gets my vote for best line when he ganders a long look at the picture of Fred Kesley's wife. Which side is her face?

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2001-05-27 02:15:00 by Mike Holme
This short is one of my favorites because it was one of the first shorts I saw and I thought it was hilarious! I was laughing at almost every moment! Rating: **** Mike Holme

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