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"Is it beautiful treasure?" "No, it's Moe... and he ain't beautiful." - Larry & Curly Joe (NEW 3 STOOGES, THE, 1965)


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The Three Stooges were scheduled to appear in this movie, produced under the title THE JET SET. According to DVD commentary by Sam Sherman, his original plan was for Moe and Curly Joe to appear with Larry, who would participate even though he was in a wheel chair. When it became clear Larry would not be able by October 1974 (he died in January 1975), Emil Sitka stepped into the third spot as 'Harry,' Larry's brother. The team was signed, but... one week prior to March's shooting date, Moe's lung cancer had progressed and the Stooges backed out; he died in May 1975.

Ben Brewster (Bob Livingston) plans to add gambling to his desert resort Lucky Dollar Ranch, but a group of black-hooded riders begin terrorizing Ben's ranch hands, hijacking trucks delivering the gaming equipment. The stewardesses arrive with charter group of guests, and the Ritz Brothers arrive on the scene as two wanderers who take various handyman jobs around the ranch, e.g., life guards, short order cooks, landscapers. Unofficial hostess for the ranch is Honey Morgan (Yvonne DeCarlo), madame of the nearby Bee Hive brothel. Ranch foreman Trask (Don 'Red' Barry) is Honey's ex-lover, at odds with Ben whom he thinks has a relationship with her. Trask is revealed to viewers as leader of the hooded riders, but there's a bigger joker in the deck who's pulling Trask's strings amidst rumor of oil under the ranch.

An overview of the film's script, as planned for Moe, Curly Joe & Emil, appears in The Three Stooges Journal # 130 (Summer 2009).

The surviving Ritz Brothers, Jimmy and Harry, replaced the Stooges and perform much of their act's well-known schtick, including the precision dance routine, first seen in SING, BABY, SING (1936) costarring Ted Healy.

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Miscellaneous Appearances
Release Date
June 01, 1975
Independent-International Pictures Corp.
Production Type
Feature Film
94 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   THE JET SET
Title Origin:   Mel Brooks' BLAZING SADDLES (1974).
Shooting Days:   14 days   From: 1975-03-01   To: 1975-03-15

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Posted 2008-11-10 14:41:49 by shemps#1
I just finished watching Blazing Stewardesses and quite frankly there isn't much to say about this film other than it's pretty bad. With that said I'll start with the positives (what few there are): The Ritz Brothers (Harry in particular) are funny and the only times the movie got laughs out of me was when they were on the screen. It's a shame that this comedy team is all but forgotten in today's world and were pretty much forgotten for the most part when this film was made. Yvonne DeCarlo is wonderful as the proprietor of a cat house and to put it bluntly way too good of an actress to even be in this film. Her talents go wasted here. There is also a scene with "Mabel" that got a chuckle out of me.

Now for the bad, and there's plenty of it. Everybody else in this movie is wretched and boring, including Red Barry and Bob Livingston. The script seems to be haphazardly thrown together, and the ending in particular left me scratching my head in bewilderment. I thought DeCarlo was the ring leader of the ski-masked desperado gang but in the end she ends up living happily ever after. Perhaps it's something I missed.

I realize this is nothing more than a Sexploitation flick, but even as that this movie fails. Would it have been the most risque work in the Three Stooges canon had the group survived long enough to participate? Yes, but that's not saying much. The nudity in this film is almost non-existant; in fact most of the "nudity" (an ass shot and upside-down side boob) happens within the first ten minutes of the film. With Sexploitation films you expect to see some more nudity.

So there you have it; I would only recommend this film to anyone who would like to get a glimpse of the Ritz Bros. or who is morbidly curious about this interesting side-note in Three Stooges history. As I said earlier, it really is a shame the Ritz Bros. are forgotten because they truly are a funny team (the third Ritz Brother, Al, died in 1965) and I can see why so many legendary comedians like Mel Brooks and Jerry Lewis thought so highly of Harry Ritz. It is also interesting to think of how the Stooges would have done in a "what if?" scenario. They definitely wouldn't have made this stinker any good, but it would have been an interesting end to their careers...far more interesting than Kooks Tour at any rate.

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