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"Good night, gentlemen. I hope you have a nice lo-o-ong sleep." "Thanks Dracula." - Ted Lorch & Moe (IF A BODY MEETS A BODY, 1945)


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Pinkham University's (P.U.) "old cockroach" of a Dean (Jimmy Finlayson) blames coed Helene's campus frock shop for the student girls' behavior, and tells her to leave. Helene's boyfriend Napoleon Fizz (Ted Healy), the Dean's cottage caretaker and perpetual student after 11 years in the freshman class, has invented a medicinal plaster that restores youth. After the Dean accidentally sits on the concoction, he reverts to the mentality of a coed-chasing college lad, to the University President's shock. When the Dean serenades the girls at the sorority house, Helene decides to disguise Napoleon as the house matron, and catch the Dean in a compromising photograph to be used for blackmail when he regains his senses. But the arrival of the real matron, the University President and faculty, turns the evening into a farce of mistaken identity.

Stan Laurel, one year prior to teaming with Oliver Hardy to create one of the greatest comedy teams in film history, directed Stooges' straightman Ted Healy in this amusing vehicle, starring Jimmy Finlayson.

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Ted Healy (Solo)
Release Date
October 03, 1926
Hal Roach
Production Type
Short Subject
18 min.

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Shooting Days:   15 days   From: 1926-05-14   To: 1926-06-02

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Posted 2001-05-15 10:52:00 by BeAStooge
Notable primarily as "Stan Laurel directs Ted Healy," this is just an average Hal Roach comedy. The film's life comes from the performance of the great Jimmy Finalyson.

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