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"To verify our theory would require the services of explorers who are indeed intrepid!" "That's us! We're decrepit!" - Emil Sitka & Shemp (STONE AGE ROMEOS, 1955)

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Scheming Diana Emerson (Hillary Brooke) wants to get her hands on the wealth of diamonds described in Cuttleford's book "Dark Safari." Buzz and Stanley (Bud Abbott & Lou Costello) work at the department store book shop where Buzz learns of her plans, and convinces Emerson that Stanley can draw the map for her. Mounting a treasure expedition under the guise of a safari with Clyde Beatty, she takes Buzz and Stanley with her, along with strongarm henchmen Grappler and Boots (Max & Buddy Baer), butler Harry (Joe Besser), and myopic big-game sharpshooter Gunner (Shemp Howard). Beatty is also after the "Orangutan Gargantua," fabled to live in the Congo. While on the trail, Buzz and Stanley find diamonds left as bait by a tribe of cannibals, are captured, but escape. The Chief approaches Emerson and offers a deal: a bag of raw diamonds in exchange for Stanley (the Chief has a "sweet tooth").

Shemp's contract for AFRICA SCREAMS paid him $1000/week, with a guaranteed minimum of three weeks. He reported to filming on November 15, 1948.

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Shemp Howard and Joe Besser (Solo)
Release Date
May 27, 1949
United Artists
Production Type
Feature Film
79 min.
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Shooting Days:   37 days   From: 1948-11-10   To: 1948-12-22

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  • "Ooohh, my tent's on fire!"

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Posted 2004-01-17 14:19:00 by Justin T
I just saw this recently for the first time and I found it was pretty funny,but I like Abbot and Costello and seeing Shemp and Besser in non-Stoogeroles was fun, both were pretty funny with the screen time they got.Didn't Shemp appear in some other A&C movies? I know Besser was a regular with them appearing in their movies and their TV show.

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2003-01-02 03:29:00 by [Deleted Member]
I just saw this for the first time since I was about five years old. A funny picture, but Shemp doesn't get very much screen time playing the Mister Magoo-like character of a nearsighted "mighty hunter." Besser's okay, but it's much funnier when Costello imitates him (a short take, blink and you'll miss it). The best performance here is Bud Abbott's; he really hams it up, especially in the scene where he thinks that Stanley (Lou) has been eaten by a lion. Also, you get to see Clyde Beatty do his lion-taming act, and unlike the scenes of Lou in the lion cage that are obviously faked with back-projection, Beatty has three real lions in there!

Reviewer's Rating: (8)

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