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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Boy, can I call 'em or can I call 'em!?" - Shemp (MR. NOISY, 1946)


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THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK  (Image courtesy of Steve Cox)

While rehearsing a new opening bit for their children's television program THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, Moe, Larry & Curly Joe are evicted by their landlady for cooking in the rooming house. Searching for a new apartment, the Stooges travel to Creepy Manor in Lompoc, where eccentric scientist Dr. Dolottle (Emil Sitka) asks them to stay and help him guard his new invention from enemy spies.

At the TV studio the next morning, the boys are on the air and introduce their new cartoon, THE SPAIN MUTINY. In this animated adventure, the Stooges answer a want ad from Christopher Columbus, and join him on his sea journey to prove that the world is not square. But Chris decides to nap for the duration, leaving Moe, Larry and Curly Joe to deal with a mutinous parrot named Feathers.

Filmed in color. SCRAPBOOK did not sell as a television pilot, but Norman Maurer reused much of the footage from the first half, and printed it in black & white for THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT (1962).

The color version of the pilot was distributed to theaters in September 1963 as two short subjects: 14 minute two-reeler with the apartment-hunting and Creepy Manor segments, and an 8-minute one-reeler showcasing the cartoon.

Although the script presents Emil Sitka's character as 'Prof. Doyle, he is called 'Prof. Dolottle' in the film, a pun on the popular children's story character 'Dr. Dolittle.'

In the scene with the spy carrying a sleeping Larry, Emil Sitka doubled for the actor playing Nick the butler.

Moe, Larry and Curly Joe
Release Date
April 18, 1960
Normandy Productions
Production Type
TV Pilot
25 min.

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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   HOME COOKING
Prod. No.:   601
Shooting Days:   2 days   From: 1960-03-16   To: 1960-03-17

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Stooge Quotes   (2)
  • "Looks like a country club for zombies."
    (Curly Joe)

  • "The butler will show you to your tombs... ehm, I mean rooms."
    (Emil Sitka)

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Fan Reviews   (2)
Posted 2011-02-04 21:05:25 by cpp

Unfortunately, this was pretty lame, with a painfully thin plot. Other than a generally more animated Joe DeRita, I found the only highlights to be Moe's pinball bouncing scene in the hallway before falling into the chair, & the opening scenes with the mounted & disguised furniture pieces.

Emil Sitka had a more substantial role than in other 1960s features, but still wasn't used in a more creative role, living up to his full potential. At least he wasn't the butler this time.

Insertion of the laugh track was probably the only way this feature would've gotten laughs. However, having said that, I found the laugh tracks irritating & a distraction. In the absence of Curly or Shemp, what a shot in the arm the presence of Bud Jamison, Vernon Dent, or Christine McIntyre would've given to this otherwise flat feature.

As much as I loved the shorts, I thought that, as a pilot, this wouldn't have been a great introduction to a TV series, or bode well that such a series would survive on its own for long.

Posted 2003-04-05 01:49:00 by Shempington
While this is hardly the boys's best DeRita era work, it isan intriguing piece, nonetheless. The trio is in color, ararity, and there is laugh track pumped onto the soundtrack.It makes for fun viewing, and as annoying as laugh trackscan be, this one seems to work. Most of this footage wasreused in "...In Orbit" in 1962, but the original colorfootage is a real delight. The other major difference arethe cartoon-ish sound effects. Without the benefit ofColumbia's superior sound effects department, the Stoogescome off childish. Otherwise, an interesting and pleasantattempt at trying the see if the boys could hack it as aweekly series. Again, it failed, the first being "Jerks ofall Trades" with Shemp on board in 1949.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)

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