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"That last lot of onions you sent us, even a pig wouldn't eat!" "Maybe you just weren't hungry." - Herbie Faye & Moe (SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES, 1961)

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Space Master X-7, a satellite probe for exploring the possibility of life in space, returns to Earth. In his laboratory, Dr. Pommer (Paul Frees) discovers that it picked up a space-borne fungus that rapidly expands and feeds on carbon-based matter, human or otherwise. Ex-wife Laura Greeling visits Pommer over a custody argument about their son, and inadvertantly becomes a carrier of the microscopic lifeform. Pommer is killed by the alien growth, and a government coverup leaves his ex-wife to mistakenly assume that she is a suspect in his death. Government authorities are now in a race to find her before she can start a widespread epidemic.

Moe Howard has a small role as a cab driver who comes in contact with Laura.

Uncredited, director Edward Bernds can be heard as a television news announcer.

Dr. Pommer was played by Paul Frees, who primarily made his career in animation, particularly the 1960s television productions of the Jay Ward Studios. His best-known credit is the voice of ROCKY & BULLWINKLE's "Boris Badenov," and he worked with The Three Stooges twice in 1965... on the pilot cartoon episode of THE NEW 3 STOOGES, and as the narrator in THE OUTLAWS IS COMING.

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Moe Howard (Solo)
Release Date
July 01, 1958
20th Century-Fox
Production Type
Feature Film
71 min.
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Posted 2010-11-19 21:55:10 by benjilbum
This one was directed by the great Ed Bernds. It was made just as Columbia was closing its shorts department, Besser quit and the boys were out of work. Bernds was obviously trying to get Moe some work by casting him in a straight role as a taxi driver. Fortunatly, not long afterward they saw a huge resurgency in their popularity and aquired DeRita to embark on a new (and highly successful) phase of their careers. Justy an average 1950s sci-fi movie, but worth watching to see Moe in an atypical role.

Reviewer's Rating: (9)

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