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"Which would you rather have, a shoe full of dollar bills, or two socks of fives?" "I'll take the two socks!" "You got 'im!" [pow!] - Moe & Shemp (HOT SCOTS, THE, 1948)

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It starts in a courtroom where Moe is charged of Intent to Commit Mayhem. As Moe describes what happened, the scene changes to The Original Two-Man Quartet (Larry and Joe) playing loudly, and Moe can't handle the noise. To calm down Moe's nerves they decide to go on a hunting trip. But Mad Bill Hookup is on the loose, the Sheriff is on his trail, and the Stooges are caught in the middle!

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Moe, Larry and Joe
Release Date
June 13, 1957
Production Type
Short Subject
16.5 min.
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Production Notes   (4)
Working Title(s):   NERVELESS WRECK
Title Origin:   Hellzapoppin
Prod. No.:   1902
Shooting Days:   1 days   From: 1956-11-28   To: 1956-11-28

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 0.50)
Face Slaps: 1 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 1 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (2)
  • "What'a'ya tryin' to do, break his gun?!!"

  • "This area's fine for hunting." "How do you know?" "I saw a sign outside that said Fine For Hunting."
    (Joe & Larry)

Stooge Goofs   (4)
  • Disappearing Hat
    When Hookup pushes Larry away, Larry has his hat on, but in the next shot, his hat is off.

  • Line Flub
    This short has reused footage from IDIOTS DE LUXE and in one of the reused scenes, Moe tells the other two off-camera Stooges that he wants his eggs sunny side down, and he adds â€Å"...and don't turn ‘em over!” After that, the camera cuts over to new footage with Joe and Larry, and Joe says â€Å"Sunny side over, don't turn ‘em down??? This guy is nuts!” But he was supposed to say â€Å"Sunny side DOWN, don't turn ‘em OVER”.

  • Reused Audio Error
    In the two-man quartet scene with Joe and Larry, the audio of their music is replayed from the two-man quartet scene in IDIOTS DE LUXE. However, when Larry's trombone slide flies off, they still leave in audio of a kettle drum beat even though in this version Larry doesn't beat it during that time.

  • Soot in Eyes
    When Moe is chasing Larry and Joe with an axe, you can see him stop for a second because the soot he's covered with accidentally got into his eyes.

Stooge Routines   (3)

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • The first Joe Besser short that was a remake; in this case IDIOTS DELUXE (1945).
    Source: Moe, Larry and Joe filmography
    Added by MR77100 on 2009-05-29 01:26:31
    Status: Confirmed

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Transcript   (N)

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Videography   (1)

Fan Reviews   (13)
Posted 2010-04-30 18:40:47 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2014-12-25 10:05:21 by Shemp_Diesel

Just another bad example of Joe reworking Curly or Shemp material that was done much, much better the first time around. It's not the worst, but that isn't saying a whole lot.

3 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (3)
Posted 2008-08-13 20:04:37 by DocWatson

To me, this was the most tolerable of the Joe shorts. It's a remake of a funnier short which is probably why it's tolerable. I don't have much bad to say other than the fact that there isn't much chemistry with this team. That hurts the value.

3 out of 4 from me.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2007-07-30 08:38:44 by FourthThird
Edited 2007-07-30 08:39:41 by FourthThird

OK but unnecessary remake of "Idiots Deluxe." Joe isn't used particularly well, and ends up mostly being just a warm body filling the third spot (a la Curly-Joe). I don't think his "Sunny side over, don't turn 'em down" -- which may be his best moment here -- was a line flub. (If it was, I'm sure they liked it better than what he was supposed to say!) I agree that the added subplot is an advantage; because of it, this short has a better buildup to Moe's "snapping" than the original had.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2006-09-19 13:35:35 by benjilbum
Pretty lame Stooge movie although Moe and Larry do their best with the weak material. However, it does pick up during the cabin/gunfight scene. They each get off 3 funny things in a quick sequence of events. When Joe Palma admires Moe's rifle he says "yeah, I got it for my Bar-Mitszva". What!?!?! 50 years before then? They Larry gets a handgun and says "I'll get that rat" which I think is very funny. Then Besser does what I think is the funniest thing he ever did with The Stooges. When Palma is shooting off the top of his head he turns around and says "That hurts!!!" and knocks the hat off Joe's head. Just watch the way he does it and I think you'll see what I mean. This film is worth watching just for those reasons. However I agree that the original with Curly was much better, but at this point its obvious they were sleep-walking through their roles to get a paycheck. But even weak Stooges is better than most of what passes itself off as comedy today.
Posted 2002-07-21 06:46:00 by shemps#1
Edited 2006-03-23 19:43:27 by shemps#1
Horrible remake of Idiots Deluxe, and I don't think the original was that good to begin with. However, Idiots Deluxe is gold compared to this tripe.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-04-22 17:31:00 by BeatleMoe
Edited 2006-03-23 19:41:19 by shemps#1
I watch this short more these days, and I found enjoyable parts to up my rating. There's a part in the shootout where stray bullets are flying, and Moe is sitting in his recliner. He lifts up his leg, and the bullet whizzes under it, shattering his nerve tonic. Rating: 3 stars BeatleMoe
Posted 2003-07-10 02:22:00 by Curly
This is so painful to watch!! Moe plays a very convincing part. The bit with the cat is so funny. when Moe needed quiet and he tells it to 'stop stomping around'. I liked it better with Curly in idiots deluxe. Moe is such a good actor!!!
Posted 2001-06-02 01:15:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-06-22 21:45:00 by Stooge
A pretty uneven remake of IDIOTS DE LUXE. The redone gags in the first half are slow, the transitions from the old footage to new footage are sloppy and Besser is awful stepping into Curly's role & re-doing his lines. But it gets a lot better in the middle with the hilarious new plot twist added involving the shoot-out between the sherrif and the bandit right in the Stooges cabin. Then we go back to mediocrity at the end, where Besser was too much of a sissy in real life to let Moe hit him with the axe, so Larry had to take the axe, and the "hard head/broken object" gag didn't look right with him. Moe screaming "My nerves" into the camera as the short fades out was just lame.

I'll give this two pokes, mostly for the hilarious sherrif/bandit shoot-out, which should've been used in its own original short instead of put in the middle of a remake with a terrible beginning and end.

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2003-06-11 16:16:00 by Pat Stooge
This is a crappy remake of a great short.If I were around I would ask Jules this Question "Are Moe and Larry cows?Why do you keep milking loathsome ideas out of them ?!",this short was terrible I rather watch Idiot Deluxe than this.

Reviewer's Rating: (0)
Posted 2002-04-30 05:39:00 by black banana
Decent remake of the classic IDIOTS DELUXE.Most of the new plot deals with the Stooges encounterwith fugitive Mad Bill Hiccup. The scenes in the cabinwith the Stooges are quite funny...FOOD FIGHT!!!Rating 2 1/2 pokes.."Quiet You Imbeciles!"
Posted 2001-05-18 01:19:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2002-04-30 05:21:00 by Mike Holme
Bad remake, Joe does get punished quite a bit actually but the problem here is that Joe seems to take Larry's role which kinda bugs me. Plus, the new addition to the plot didn't work out as well as it could've.Besser abuse: Trombone slide twisted around his neck w/Larry's, Salt poured on tongue, Spaghetti thown in face, and head bonked with Larry's. All are dished out by Moe.1 1/2 pokesEdited by - Mike Holme on 11/29/2001 3:42:21 AM
Posted 2001-10-25 12:32:00 by metaldams
While there are certainly worse Besser shorts, this one just doesn't really take off for me. Honestly, Idiot's Deluxe has never been one of my favorite Curlys, but this is nowhere near as good as the original. I'll give it 2 out of 5 stars.
Posted 2001-03-13 04:26:00 by [Deleted Member]
Not bad for a remake of a Curly short with Joe. I do like the added subplot. One reason this Joe short has always been etched in my mind is because on my very first viewing of it, I happened to catch it on TV, dubbed in Spanish. That was over 20 years ago on some local station. It got my interest and I couldn't wait to see it in English so I'd know what was going on! LOL

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