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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"What is it, heads or tails?" "Gnug!" "What?" "Gnug!" "Is that it?" "Coitainly!" - Larry, Curly & Bobby Callahan (MEN IN BLACK, 1934)

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The Stooges are secret agents, their mission is to protect Professor Sneed from kidnapping by foreign agents after his rocket fuel formula. They disguise as carpet layers and go to Sneed's house, but Larry is mistaken for Professor Sneed and kidnapped along with Moe and Shemp. They pretend that Larry is Prof. Sneed, and accidentally succeed in making a rocket fuel. But just as they're about to be freed, the real professor shows up and the Stooges are confined to a room, the Professor and his daughter locked in a dungeon, and all sentenced to death.

A remake, with stock footage, of FUELIN' AROUND (1949).

Joe Palma doubles for Shemp in new footage.

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Moe, Larry and Shemp
Release Date
September 06, 1956
Production Type
Short Subject
16 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Working Title(s):   THEY GASSED WRONG
Prod. No.:   4245
Shooting Days:   1 days   From: 1956-01-11   To: 1956-01-11

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 8.00)
Face Slaps: 23 Eye Pokes: 2 Head Bonks: 7 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (2)
  • "Wait a minute, I can't lay carpets!" "Why not?" "I'm not that rugged!"
    (Larry & Connie Cezan)

  • "By golly, that's good. Tastes like rotten eggs!"
    (Gene Roth)

Stooge Goofs   (3)
  • Abrupt Cuts
    In one of the scenes reused from FUELIN'' AROUND, Rork and the other two spies are talking about how they'll take the â€Å"professor” (who they think is Larry) over to Anemia, and in the original version after Rork says â€Å"Yes, colonel”, they show a scene with the Stooges laying carpet. But in this version, they cut out the carpet scene, so right when Rork says â€Å"Yes, c--”, he abruptly gets cut off as they cut over to the next scene. Then a few seconds later in another reused scene where Rork and the spies are talking about how they'll take Moe and Shemp along with the â€Å"professor”, this version cuts out a small part where one of the spies points a gun at the Stooges and Rork tells him to put the gun away, but you can still see the spy point the gun right before it cuts to the next scene.

  • Location Change
    As Moe yells in pain after he gets staples slammed into his hand, he has his hand in the stapler, then the camera cuts to the next shot and Moe is suddenly holding his hand in front of him.

  • Nice Attempt To Sound Like Shemp
    In the first new scene with the Stooges, Moe and Larry ask Joe Palma (doubling for Shemp), to follow a woman down the hall. Palma responds with a gruff "right!" which sounds nothing like Shemp!

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Transcription by xraffle:  

[The short open up on a newspaper that reads: "Urania to have air supremacy. Professor Snead's super rocket fuel nears completion. Will power world's first aircraft."]

RORK: [reading the newspaper] Urania to have air supremacy. Professor Snead's super rocket fuel nears completion. Will power world's first aircraft.

[The camera pans away.]

RORK: We must get this rocket fuel formula for our country by hook or crook.

ANEMIAN OFFICIAL: Right! Without aircraft supremacy, Anemia could never conquer Urania. You and Cluttz must visit this Professor Snead. Understand?

RORK: Yes, Excellency! I will make the necessary preparations.

[Rork salutes to the Anemian official and they shake hands. They make a circular motion back and forth as they shake hands. Rork salutes again and leaves]

ANEMIAN OFFICIAL: [rubs his hands together] And I will make necessary preparations.

[The Anemian official opens the globe on the desk and takes out a bottle of liquor. He pours some in a small glass and drinks it. Smoke comes out of his mouth. We hear the sound of a choo-choo train. The Anemian official starts reacting to the drink and his eyes open wide.]

ANEMIAN OFFICIAL: Heh! Eh! By golly, that's good. Tastes like rotten eggs! Mmm.

[Dissolve to a hallway where the stooges enter wearing fake beards.]

MOE: [pulls down his beard] Boys, we gotta be careful and make sure nobody followed us.

LARRY: [pulls down his beard] Right!

[A woman walks by and as soon as she sees the stooges, she gets scared and walks away.]

MOE: Shemp! [pulls down his beard] That dame looked suspicious. You better follow her!

SHEMP: Right! [leaves and follows the woman]

[Moe and Larry walk up to a door across the hallway]

MOE: This is it!!

[The sign on the door reads: "Government of Urania. Department of Inferior."]

MOE: [reading the sign] Government of Urania. Department of Inferior

[Cut to the inside of the office. Two female Uranian officers are working at their desk. Uranian officer #2 is making a rhythmic sound on her typewriter and the rhythm is completed by two knocks on the door.


[Moe and Larry enter and take off their hat and beards]

MOE: Operator number five! [salutes]

LARRY: Six and seven eights. [salutes and hits Moe by accident]

MOE: Oh!

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Good. I've been expecting you. Make yourselves at home.

MOE: Thank you. We will!

[Moe walks up to Uranian officer #1 and Larry walks up to Uranian officer #2.]

MOE: Pardon me. Hahahaha!

[Moe and Larry lift the Uranian officers from their chair and sit down so the officers can sit on their laps.]

URANIAN OFFICER #1: [startled] Oh!

MOE: Ready! Give!

[Moe and Larry give the Uranian officers a nice big kiss]

URANIAN OFFICER #2: She said make yourself at home, no obnoxious.

LARRY: Oh, quit kidding, toots. You know you love it. Give me another kiss.

[Uranian officer #2 grabs Larry's face and bites his nose]

LARRY: Ahhhhhhhh! Ow!

[Uranian officer #1 and Moe stand up after they kiss]

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Ew! What a kisser!

MOE: Oh-ho. Glad you appreciate it.

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Yes, uh…let me see your hand.

MOE: Certainly. [sticks out his hand]


MOE: [flattered] Nahh!

[The Uranian officer places Moe's hand under the stapler and staples his hand several times]

MOE: Oh oh oh oh! Ooooooooooh!

[Moe pulls the staples out of his hand with his teeth one by one]

MOE: Ah! Uh! Oooh! [spits out the staples] Pooh!

MOE: Ooooh! Hey that was mean! Come on, be nice. Give me another kiss.

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Uh, sure. Why not? You pooch and I'll pucker.

MOE: Nyahh! [wipes his lips with his sleeve] Ruff! Hahaha! Hahahaha!

[Uranian officer #1 takes a paper needle from her desk and places it on the chair]


MOE: And how.

[Moe sits down on the needle and Uranian officer #1 sits on his lap]

MOE: [in pain] Oh oh oh!

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Oh, isn't that fun?

MOE: Ohhhhh! [gets up. The needle is stuck in his rear]

MOE: Oh oh! Oh. You're breaking my heart. Larry! Larry! Help me. Help. Larry, help me. Help me. Oh oh!

[Larry walks up to Moe]

LARRY: Wait a minute. I'll get it. [tries to yank out the needle from Moe's rear]

MOE: Oh oh oh! Oh!

LARRY: Wait, hold it still there!

[Larry yanks out the needle and he accidentally hits himself in the face]


MOE: [yells] Ohh Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!


MOE: Oh.

LARRY: [shows the needle to Moe] It's out!

MOE: [relieved] Oh.

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Next time, you'll remember you came here on serious business.

LARRY: [salutes] Yes sir… [corrects himself] Ma'am.

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Now, you have been ordered to protect Professor Snead, the eminent scientist. You will work undercover.

MOE: Yes yes. We will work under covers.

URANIAN OFFICER #1: Neither he nor anyone else must know who you are. You will go to his new house and pretend you are carpet layers.

LARRY: Wait a minute! I can't lay carpets.


LARRY: I'm not that rugged. Get it? Carpets, rugged! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Ahahaha! Hahaha! Ahahaha…

[Moe grabs a glass full of ink and pours it in Larry's mouth while he laughs. Larry holds up his fist in anger. Moe punches Larry in the stomach. Larry spits the ink all over Moe]

MOE: Ooooop! Why you!! [grabs Larry's nose and hits it four times]

LARRY: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

MOE: Now, listen you. We gotta find Shemp and get over to Professor Snead. Number seven.

LARRY: [grabs his ear] Seven!

MOE: Come on. [pulls Larry's arm]

LARRY: Ohhhhh

[The scene ends and a new scene begins with an outside shot of a house. Nearby, three spies pop out from behind bushes and look at the house]

RORK: That's Professor Sneed's new house. I watched from here when he moved in yesterday. [looks through binoculars]

CLUTTZ: So, we have him cornered at last! By now, his super rocket fuel should be perfected, yes, Rork?

RORK: Yes… I think we can persuade him to give us the formula.

[Captain Rork looks through the binoculars again at the house and sees Larry standing in front of the window inside the house while smoking a pipe and looking upwards with a thoughtful look on his face]

RORK: Ah… there he is now. [hands binoculars to Cluttz] There's no mistaking that magnificent head of hair!

[Cluttz looks through the binoculars at Larry]

[Inside the house, it turns out that the Stooges are carpet layers, and Moe and Shemp are in the middle of working. Larry takes the pipe out of his mouth and walks up to the actual Professor Sneed.]

LARRY: Hi ya, Professor. Got nothin' to worry about. My men'll have this job done in a couple of hours.

SNEED: Good.

[Moe overhears Larry saying "my men", then he angrily walks over to Larry]

MOE: Who's men?

LARRY: [nervously] Us men!

MOE: That's better!

[Moe hits Larry's head with a pair of scissors]


[Moe crunches Larry's nose with the scissors]

MOE: Come on! Start cuttin'!

[Shemp puts several tacks in his mouth, then takes one tack out and hammers it into the carpet on the floor. He repeats this until he gets to the part of the carpet in front of the door. Suddenly, Professor Sneed's daughter opens the door from the outside and accidentally hits Shemp's head with the door, causing him to swallow the tacks in his mouth.]

SHEMP: [gags] I swallowed the tacks! [stands up and angrily raises carpet stretcher in hand] I'll-- I'll--

[Shemp looks at the attractive daughter and suddenly smiles]

SHEMP: I'll be doggone!

DAUGHTER: Oh, I'm sorry!

[The daughter pats Shemp's face and walks over to Professor Sneed]

DAUGHTER: Father, step into the laboratory. I've discovered something interesting.

SNEED: Just a moment, dear. [to Moe] I want you men to finish up as quickly as possible. My work, shall we say, is highly secret. Forget my name, forget you ever came here, is that clear?

MOE: You betcha! We won't breathe a word.

SNEED: Good.

DAUGHTER: Thank you, boys. [smiles]

[Professor Sneed and the daughter walk away]

MOE: [looking at the daughter] Nnnnnn! Hee hee hee! [snaps teeth together]

[As Larry is cutting through the carpet, he smiles while staring at the daughter. Not looking at what he's doing, he accidentally cuts right through the front of Moe's shoe, crunching his toes.]

MOE: Yah-ahh!! Aaahh-aahh!! Ohhh!! Aaaaahhh! Ohhhh!!!

[Moe looks at what remains of his shoe and doesn't see his toes sticking out of it]

MOE: My toes, they're gone!! Ohh! Nnn-nnn-nnn!!

[Moe and Larry look at the cut-off part of Moe's shoe for his toes, then Larry sees Moe's toes tucked inside of what's left of his shoe]

LARRY: Oh, there they are!

MOE: So they are!

[Moe hits Larry's head with a hammer]


[Moe hits Larry's head with the hammer rapidly several more times, then whacks him in the nose with it]

[The daughter walks out the door and smiles at Shemp. Shemp tries to follow her, but she unintentionally closes the door right on his nose.]

SHEMP: Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!! [pops his nose out of the door] Ohh! Ohhhh…

[Moe walks away from Larry and goes over to Shemp]

MOE: Quit playin' around! We gotta measure this joint! [hands Shemp one part of measuring tape] Take this tape over to the other wall. [pushes Shemp] Go onnnnn!

[Shemp walks a couple of feet away from Moe while holding one part of the measuring tape]

MOE: How many feet ya got?

[Shemp looks down and counts both of his feet]


MOE: You skillet-head! Gimme that tape!!

[Shemp lets go of his end of the measuring tape and it flings back right at Moe's face and hits him, knocking him backwards into the door]

SHEMP: I'm sorry, Moe! You asked for it!

MOE: You asked for it, too! But… [smiles] we'll forget it! Get to nailin'!

SHEMP: Yes, sir! Gladly!

[Shemp turns around and bends over. Moe quickly grabs the carpet on the floor that Shemp's standing on and pulls it from under Shemp's feet, sending Shemp crashing over a chair and into a shelf. At the same time, Moe accidentally slams backwards into the door due to the force of him pulling the rug.]

[Shemp struggles to pull off the hat that's stuck over his face]

SHEMP: How did I get in this cellar here??

[Shemp finally pulls the hat off. A vase on the shelf behind him falls off and smashes on his head. He makes a dazed expression and passes out.]

[The scene dissolves back to the three spies hiding behind the bushes outside of Professor Sneed's house]

CLUTTZ: [to Capt. Rork] When the professor comes out of the house, we'll capture him. You will take him to Anemia. Leon and I will remain at the embassy.

RORK: Yes, colonel.

[The stooges leave Professor Sneed's house]

DAUGHTER: Well, goodbye.

STOOGES: Goodbye!

[The daughter closes the door]

[In the nearby bushes, Captain Rork is watching the Stooges through binoculars]

RORK: Look! The professor has two assistants.

CLUTTZ: Good. We'll take them, too.

[The Stooges walk past different piles of bushes]

MOE: We'll grab a bite of lunch and hurry back. We mustn't be gone too long.

[An arm reaches out from behind one pile of bushes and grabs Larry]

[Another arm reaches out from behind a second pile of bushes and grabs Moe]

[Shemp whistles, then he turns around and stops whistling when he sees that Moe and Larry are gone. Meanwhile, Captain Rork sneaks up behind Shemp with a gun]

SHEMP: [to Capt. Rork] Where'd those guys go that was here a few min--

[Captain Rork points his gun at Shemp's face]

SHEMP: [gasps] Ohhho!

[Shemp turns around to run, but sees Leon standing there also pointing a gun at Shemp's face]

SHEMP: Ohh!!

[Shemp pushes the gun out of Leon's hand, then begins running away. Leon catches up to Shemp and tackles him to the ground by the legs.]

SHEMP: Let go! My leg, you're breakin' it!

[Leon and Rork begin dragging Shemp away by the feet]

SHEMP: Whoa-whoa-whoa! Moe, Larry!!

[The scene ends and a new scene begins with a shot of a plane flying in the air, then the camera dissolves to a train traveling on tracks, then dissolves to a jeep driving that Captain Rork and the Stooges are on. A graphic on the screen says "State of Anemia".]

[A gate goes up and the jeep drives past it, then stops in front of a building]

RORK: Here we are, gentlemen.

[Captain Rork and the Stooges stand up in the jeep and begin to get out]

LARRY: [looking around] What a joint! [to Moe] Reminds me of the reform school.

[Moe kicks Larry in the behind, causing Larry to trip forward in the jeep]

MOE: Ohh! [helps Larry up] Did you stumble, professor? [squeezes Larry's cheek hard]


RORK: Anything wrong, professor?

LARRY: No, I'm alright.

[Larry steps one foot out the jeep, but his other foot gets caught inside the jeep and he almost falls over on the ground]

RORK: Guard!

[A guard walks up]

RORK: Uh, follow this soldier, gentlemen. He will lead you to the laboratory.

[Dissolve to a close-up of Moe in a laboratory, reading a book titled "Elementary Chemistry" with an astonished look on his face]

[Larry walks up next to Moe and pours a cup of chemicals down a funnel into a jug]

LARRY: [to Moe] Say, I beg your pardon. Do you have any idea what we're doin'?

MOE: Now that you mention it… no!

[Larry does a double-take]

SHEMP: [to Moe] Why don't you tell the General he ain't Professor Sneed? He couldn't invent the rocket fuel in a million years!

LARRY: I beg your pardon! I--

MOE: Wait a minute, you ignoramuses! If they find out we're undercover men, they'll go back and grab the real professor. We gotta make 'em think we're really mixing rocket fuel or they'll shoot us.

[Shemp and Larry get scared]

MOE: Now we gotta fool them, savvy?

LARRY: You're right. It's our duty to posterior!

[The Stooges all do a double-take and Moe and Shemp look at Larry strangely. Larry nervously walks away. Moe continues reading his book while Shemp holds up a cup of chemicals.]

SHEMP: I wonder what this'll do. [reads cup] "Pyrogallic Acid".

[Shemp pours the acid through a funnel into a jug of chemicals. The chemicals suddenly start bubbling.]

SHEMP: Say… that acts mighty powerful!

MOE: Yeah. If they put that in an airplane, something's bound to happen! Get some more stuff!!

SHEMP: Ok, ok!

[Shemp leans up on a shelf and reaches for a jug. As he grabs it, another jug next to it falls and smashes on Shemp's head, knocking him dizzy.]

SHEMP: How'd that mule get in here?!

[Shemp dazedly staggers over next to Moe, who's asleep while holding his head up with his arm. Shemp places a funnel in Moe's sleeve, then takes the jar of chemicals and pours it down the funnel into Moe's sleeve. Moe wakes up and slowly looks over and sees what Shemp is doing.]

MOE: Nyaaah-aaah-aaah-ohhh!!! [stands up] You don't know my sleeve from a jug, you jughead!

[Moe slaps Shemp's head, causing Shemp to accidentally knock over a jug of chemicals. The chemicals spill on the table and cause a fire.]

MOE: Hey! It's burnin' the wood! Put it out, somebody! Larry, Larry, put the fire out!

[Larry grabs a fire extinguisher and rushes to the table]

SHEMP: Larry, come on!!

[Larry aims the extinguisher at the fire and sprays at it, but accidentally gets Moe's face wet instead]

MOE: You-- [looks at jug] Hey! It's strong enough! Let's cork it!

SHEMP: [holds up cork] Here's the cork.

MOE: Ok, kid. [puts cork in jug] Ah!

[The cork suddenly pops out of the jar and lands off-camera]

RORK: [off-camera] Ooowwwww!!!

[Moe and Shemp look off-camera in shock]

[The camera cuts over to Captain Rork with the cork over his eye. He angrily pulls the cork out and slowly walks over to the Stooges.]

MOE: Top o' the mornin' to ya, Captain!

SHEMP: And the rest of the day for myself!

LARRY: Ah, but there's good news today!

RORK: Yes, you have the… super rocket fuel?

MOE: You said it! With that stuff, a plane can go 1400 miles an hour.

SHEMP: In low gear!

[Moe slaps Shemp, then motions for him to shush]

RORK: Splendid! Splendid! I congratulate you, professor! [shakes Larry's hand]

LARRY: Oh, think nothin' of it.

[The General enters the lab with an angry look on his face]

RORK: You should give me the formula.

MOE: Oh, yes, the formula. Why… sure, sure. [to Larry] Tell him, professor.

LARRY: Oh, yeah, y-- [to Shemp] Tell him!

SHEMP: Me?! [to Rork] Well, uh… first you put in a half a pint of… Ectahoosis.

RORK: Ecatahoosis? [begins writing down on pad]

LARRY: [stops Capt. Rork] No, no… Ectawhatsis!

RORK: Whatsis! [writes down]

MOE: Uh… [clears throat] And four grams of Alkabob.

RORK: [writes down] Ah, so!

MOE: Then you pour in the Shiskabob!

RORK: Shishkabob… [writes down]

MOE: Then you fold in a jigger of… uh… Sascraphonia.

RORK: Ah! [writes down]

[The General watches as Rork writes the "formula" down]

LARRY: [to Rork] Say, did I give you carbolic acid? I'd love to!

SHEMP: Put down a squirt of Haratang…

[Meanwhile, the General opens the door and signals for somebody off-camera to come in]

SHEMP: Spelled sideways, it's, uh… Aharagtn [clicks tongue several times]!!

RORK: H-How you spell this, uh… [clicks tongue several times]...

SHEMP: That's right, put it down!

[Captain Rork does a double-take, then reluctantly begins writing down]

RORK: Yeah… [looks strangely at Shemp]

SHEMP: [looks off-camera] Hiya!

[The camera cuts to the General, Cluttz, and Leon bringing Professor Sneed and his daughter in the lab]

STOOGES: Nyaaahh!!!

[The Stooges run towards the open window in the lab, but Cluttz presses a button on the wall next to him, causing bars to drop in between the open window. The Stooges end up banging their heads on it.]


[Leon walks up to the Stooges and points a gun at Larry. Captain Rork walks up to Cluttz]

RORK: Colonel, what does this mean??

CLUTTZ: It means you have captured three imposters, you dunderhead! [looks at Prof. Sneed] This is Professor Sneed.

GENERAL: Yes, and unless you give us that formula at once, you, your daughter, and your friends… all will be shot!

[The daughter puts her arm around Professor Sneed]

SNEED: I'm sorry, but… I'm afraid I can't help you.

DAUGHTER: You see, General, my father has a very poor memory.

SHEMP: [searches around pockets] I've got a little booklet here - "How to Train Your Memory in Five Easy Lessons"!

MOE: [to Leon] Pardon me…

[Moe grabs Leon's gun away and hits Shemp's head with it]


MOE: Quiet! [gives gun back to Leon] Thank you.

[Leon points the gun right in front of Moe's face]

MOE: Don't point!

[Moe pushes Leon's hand away from his face, causing Leon to unintentionally point the gun in front of Larry's face]

LARRY: Nyuh! [pushes Leon's arm down]

GENERAL: [to Prof. Sneed] Perhaps a night in the dungeon will refresh your memory. [to Cluttz] Take them away!

CLUTTZ: [to Prof. Sneed and Daughter] March… March!!

[Professor Sneed and his daughter begin walking away]

[The scene ends and a new scene begins with the Stooges alone in the lab nervously walking around in circles. Shemp stick out both of his arms this time and manages to avoid hitting Moe and Larry until he accidentally slaps Moe when Moe walks past him.]

SHEMP: What is it here?

MOE: What's the matta with you?! [gives Shemp double-handed slap]

SHEMP: Alright… both hands were out that time.

LARRY: [passing by] Beep beep!

SHEMP: Beep!

[On the floor below the Stooges, Professor Sneed and his daughter are in a jail cell. They both look up at the ceiling and can hear the Stooges' footsteps.]

[Cut back to the floor above where the stooges are still walking around]

SHEMP: Heep eep eep!

MOE: I don't know what to do or how to get out of this thing.

[The stooges stop walking]

MOE: Look boys. We gotta get the keys to the cell below from this guy and release the professor. Now look, we'll straighten the whole thing out, right? Shemp! Guard the door! [points to the door]

SHEMP: [walks towards the door] Heep eep eep eep eep eep!

LARRY: [to Moe] Routine number six.

MOE: Ok.

[Rork enters and slams the door in Shemp's face. Rork brings in a table full of food.]

RORK: I personally brought you your last meal before you are shot.

[Moe and Larry begin to look frightened]

RORK: Hehehe! Eat hearty! Pigs feet smothered in lubricating oil. Raw potatoes boiled in pure varnish. Hehehe! And headcheese garnished with nails. Rusty nails! Hehehe! Hahahaha!

[Rork begins laughing hysterically. Larry grabs the pepper shaker from the table. Larry removes the cover, pours the pepper into his hand, and blows it on Rork's face]

[Rork begins sneezing. As he does so, Moe grabs a glass bottle and attempts to hit Rork on the head with it, but he misses and hits Larry instead. When Rork begins sneezing again, Moe takes a stick. As soon as he brings the stick back to hit Rork, he accidentally hits Larry in the head]


[Moe hits Rork on the head with it twice and he becomes unconscious. Moe grabs the keys.]

MOE: Shemp! Come on! Let's get him in that trunk.

[Shemp walks up to Moe and Larry and helps them carry Rork to the trunk]

MOE: Up you go!

[Dissolve to Moe holding up the keys]

MOE: Now, these are the keys to the cell below. We gotta get down there somehow.

LARRY: Yeah, but there's a guard outside. [gets an idea] I got it! That rocket fuel we made. It burned a hole in the table. It'll burn a hole in the floor.

MOE: Right.

[Larry walks off-camera]

MOE: [to Shemp] You know, he's the most intelligent imbecile I ever saw.

SHEMP: Hey! How about me?!

MOE: Oh, you're much smarter - you're just an imbecile!

[Larry returns with the jug of the "rocket fuel"]

LARRY: Here it is, fellas.

MOE: Get busy and make that hole. We'll watch the door. [to Shemp] Come on.

[Moe and Shemp walk over to the door as Larry begins pouring the "rocket fuel" in a circle on the floor around him. Moe and Shemp keep looking back at Larry every few seconds. After Larry is finished, smoke begins to rise from the floor around him due to the "rocket fuel". After a few seconds, the floor under Larry crashes and Larry falls though and lands in Professor Sneed and the daughter's jail cell below.]

LARRY: Oohhhh!!


[Professor Sneed and the daughter help Larry up]

[Moe and Shemp walk over to the hole in the floor and look through]

DAUGHTER: [to Larry] Are you alright??

[Moe tries to slowly climb down the hole, but he slips and falls down]

MOE: Whooaaa!!

[Moe lands right in front of Larry in the cell and knocks him down]

[Back upstairs, the General and Cluttz enter the lab right as Shemp is trying to climb down the hole]

GENERAL: Seize him!!

[The General and Cluttz grab Shemp's upper body and try to pull him back up the hole]

SHEMP: Whoa!

[Moe and Larry try to grab Shemp's legs as his upper body is being pulled by the General and Cluttz]

SHEMP: Ngoooo!!

[Moe and Larry pull on Shemp's legs so hard that they manage to stretch his legs down several feet]

SHEMP: Ohh!!

[The General and Cluttz pull harder on Shemp's hair]

SHEMP: Oohh!

[Moe angrily begins twisting Shemp's foot around in circles]

MOE: Nnnngh!!

[The General and Cluttz manage to stretch Shemp's neck upwards several feet as if it's rubber]

SHEMP: [in raspy voice] You're killing me!!

[Moe grabs Shemp's foot again and angrily grumbles]

SHEMP: [to General and Cluttz] Wait!! You're killin' me!! I'll give up!! Let go!!

[The General and Cluttz release Shemp and he drops into the hole. The General and Cluttz look down into the hole and Shemp reaches up and punches both of them in the face.]

GENERAL: Oohh! Dohhh!!

[Professor Sneed, the daughter, and the Stooges exit the jail cell just as the guard from before and Leon rush towards them]

[The Stooges burst the jail cell back open, causing the guard and Leon to get their heads caught in between the cell bars]


[Professor Sneed, the daughter, Moe, and Larry make their escape and leave the building]

GUARD: Let me out!

LEON: Call the guard!

GUARD: Don't let 'em go!

LEON: Call the guard!!

GUARD: Come back here!

[Shemp is about to leave with the rest of the group, but he returns to the cell and picks up the jug of "rocket fuel"]

GUARD: Stop it!

LEON: Halt!

GUARD: Help!

LEON: Halt!

GUARD: Heeellp!

[Shemp exits the cell and closes the cell door with the guard and Leon's heads still stuck in between the bars]

GUARD: Help!!

SHEMP: What's the guard's name?!

[Shemp kicks the guard and Leon in the behind, then escapes from the building]


[Outside the building, Professor Sneed, the daughter, Moe, and Larry rush down the stairs and head towards the jeep]

LARRY: Quick, get in the jeep!

MOE: We'll make a dash for it!

[They enter the jeep and Moe sits at the steering wheel]

LARRY: Alright, start 'er up!

[Moe steps on the pedal, but the jeep won't start. He looks at the meter and realizes there's no gas.]

MOE: It's empty! We're cooked!

[Shemp runs down the stairs to the building]

SHEMP: Oh, no we ain't! I got the stuff!! I got the stuff!!

[Shemp is about to pour the jug of "rocket fuel" into the gas tank of the jeep]

LARRY: Hey, wait a minute! That ain't gas!

SHEMP: It may not be gas, but it packs an awful wallop! [pours "fuel" in gas tank]

MOE: Ha ha haaaa! [pats Shemp's head]

[The General, Cluttz, and several soldiers run down the stairs to the building]

GENERAL: Stop them! Shoot!

SHEMP: Whoa!! [throws jug of "rocket fuel" away]

LARRY: Aaaah! Come on! Come on!

[Shemp enters the jeep as the soldiers begin shooting at them]

[Moe steps on the pedal and the exhaust pipe of the jeep explodes right in front of the General, Cluttz, and the soldiers, leaving them in nothing but their long johns]

[The jeep quickly takes off down the street as the exhaust pipe continues blowing out lots of smoke and explosion sparks]


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Fan Reviews   (14)
(review deleted without my permission)
Posted 2008-02-09 17:35:00 by FourthThird
Edited 2015-03-06 07:52:16 by [Deleted Member]


Posted 2013-12-12 16:16:50 by ManiacMan

Fuelin Around is the one all time great Stooge films and despite having little new footage, Hot Stuff is actually a pretty good remake. Shemp's absence is not very noticeable and the new footage at the beginning sets up the story in a decent way. The new footage at the beginning features Moe, Larry, and Shemp as spies who are sent to work for the Professor in the original film. In the original it was never made clear as to why The Stooges would have been emplooyed by the Professor as they're idiots. If the professor really wanted to keep his work a secret, he sure could have done better than to hire three morons. Despite what people say, Hot Stuff is actually a decent film that actually manages to improve upon an already great short.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2008-02-18 09:02:16 by KingKongFu
Edited 2013-08-21 18:02:24 by KingKongFu

If I was the director of the Three Stooges I would have thought of better ways to dispatch the fake Shemp to make it more believable and convincing rather than make him follow a suspicious woman. I laughed unintentionally when I saw Joe Palma EEB-EEBing and flapping his arms like an idiot because you can tell that it isn't Shemp at all! I agree with FourthThird that dubbing in a track of the actual Shemp EEB-EEBing and saying "Right!" would have been much better than having Joe Palma do it. Talk about rushing things to fulfill their contract. Now I have never seen this on TV but I have heard stories of this being shown on AMC instead of FUELIN' AROUND. If I had watched this on TV I'd probably be pissed off too since the original short is more watchable. It's probably the same now for SpikeTV but correct me if I'm wrong. I would advise casual Stooge fans to steer clear of this short at all costs.

Posted 2006-03-29 01:32:47 by shemps#1
Edited 2006-03-29 01:36:19 by shemps#1
Hot Stuff is the second of the four "Shemp A.D." shorts, a remake of the great Fuelin' Around and notable for a split second shot of Joe Palma's face in one scene as he's standing in for the deceased Shemp Howard. Keep in mind that he is wearing a beard as he and the Stooges are disguised and undercover. As is par for the course in the Shemp A.D. shorts Palma is quickly dispatched elsewhere (to tail a "suspicious looking" woman) while the focus remains upon Moe and Larry.

The new scenes in Hot Stuff are more tolerable than in Rumpus In The Harem as Connie Cezan and Evelyn Lovequist put in good performances in the first new scene. Other than that there is really nothing to crow about here, and Palma's attempt at imitating Shemp's "eeb-eeb's" is downright pathetic. Again, watching these Shemp A.D. shorts is sad and downright painful. The two poke average is very deceptive and way too high for this short. Two pokes should indicate an average, so-so short, and this mess was anything but.

My rating: 0.5 pokes

As an aside, if you'll notice below I left two comments up from former member Shemp-Joe (formerly known as G.B.). Usually I would have deleted one of them because the general rule is one review/comment per short per member, but I left it up to give the newer members a taste of what went on this thread, which basically turned into a shouting match between G.B. and the rest of us. G.B. has wanted us to recognise the "genius" of Joe Palma, and even went so far as to say he thought Palma should have been recognised as a full member of The Three Stooges. It was because of this fracis that he changed his name to "Shemp-Joe" (his name for Joe Palma). He was banned shortly afterwards if I recall for something unrelated. Just an interesting story from the website's past that I thought I'd share with you.

Reviewer's Rating: (1)
Posted 2002-03-30 03:35:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2006-03-26 22:47:30 by shemps#1
After watching this again, I side with the rest of ya. This short was a complete joke and the Palma business has gotten ridiculous. The only bit I thought was okay was the secretaries bit, but I didn't like that much either. In fact I now prefer "Commotion On The Ocean" just because there is only one scene with Palma in that one. 1 poke
Posted 2003-04-04 17:21:00 by Pat Stooge
Edited 2003-08-10 01:58:00 by Pat Stooge
Stooge is right. This is a horrid short. I really don't
think it was neccesary for Joe to "MEEP" like Shemp,
because he can't. No one can "MEEP" like Shemp!I think
Moe,Jules,Larry, and Joe just wasted one day filming old
footage and didn't even bother to tell people Shemp was
dead. i think it would have been better to do a tribute to

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2002-09-26 11:46:00 by FineBari3
I saw this short for the first time on AMC last night, and was reading the comments on here before I viewed it. As a person that has a film degree, I thought it would be interesting to try to see how they edited this film with the old and 'new' footage of Shemp, plus Joe Palma filling in. I thought it was funny to see how they kept Palma bent over, and conveniantly out of the shot as well. Great editing feat by the people at Columbia. If I didnt know what to look for, I would have never noticed the new and old footage. It is amazing what you can do with editing; people will believe it! BTW, I went into filmmaking because of the Stooges, as they got me interested in film history.

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2002-07-28 01:35:00 by [Deleted Member]
Another fairly decent remake done after Shemp's death. Shemp's memory is well honored with classic stock footage and clever stand in acting by "Shemp-Joe" (Joe Palma). Long live all of the Stooges!
Posted 2002-01-28 21:51:00 by Shemp_Diesel
As everyone else has said the "Palma" stuff was beyond ridiculous by this point. But I guess in some way Palma as the bogus Shemp has made him a legacy in stoogedom that has endured over the years be it good or bad. I'm not sure how well remembered Joe P. would've been if Jules hadn't told him to wear that black hairpiece & flap his arms like a drunk man. 1 poke

Reviewer's Rating: (1)
Posted 2001-10-12 17:50:00 by jaronson
A bad remake of FUELIN' AROUND. In the stock footage, I couldn't tell that it wasn't Shemp, but in the beginning when Moe tells "Shemp" to follow the suspicious woman and "Shemp says, "Right!", it sounds exactly like Palma's voice in UNCIVIL WARBIRDS. Also, when Palma does that eep-eeping and arm-flapping, he looks like a little kid trying to make an impression of Shemp flying.

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2001-07-30 11:19:00 by Dr. Howard
When I saw "Commotion on the Ocean" I couldn't tell where they used Palma. In this short, I could see where he was used. Like in the beginning where they were wearing the phony beards. When Moe tells Shemp to "follow that dame", you can here it's a different voice when Shemp says "Right!" And the scene where they are walking around all funny used Palma too. His back was always towards the camera in that scene and the "eep eep" he did didn't sound like Shemp. Shemp also doesn't get very much screen time except for the stock footage.
Posted 2001-07-18 02:01:00 by [Deleted Member]
Gang, I also agree that Palma's eeb-eebing and arm-flapping was pathetic and ridiculous, but I also agree with those that applauded the low level of success Palma had doing it. Let's see if YOU can eeb-eeb like Shemp. I think Christine McIntyre also did a lousy Shemp imitation in "All Gummed UP"/"Bubble Trouble" after she swallowed the medicine. She also tried barking like Curly. Now,I liked the office scene with Larry and Moe. In fact, I like any opportunity I can get to see Moe and Larry alone. I say that after Shemp died, Why COULDN'T they be "The Two Stooges"?ISLIPP- on the "Hot Stuff" when I'm "Feulin' Around." ©2001
Posted 2000-12-28 21:13:00 by Uncle Mortimer
One of the best comments I've read on this great website is from Stooge Ben (two below)- "I'd rather see any extra Shemp short than one with Joe in it." As far as "HOT STUFF" goes, I just don't understand why AMC is playing it instead of "FUELIN AROUND". I mean the Palma stuff ruins it. Creative or not, it's incredibly lame when Palma does that arm flapping eep-eeping nonsense. MOE, LARRY, CURLY & SHEMP are the originals, the greats and cannot be imitated or stood-in for. The thing is, us fans know how stupid that Palma stuff is. So you know Jules White and the crew did too. It was probably about money. Yes, it must have been a tough, depressing situation when the GREAT SHEMP HOWARD died, but sometimes it's best to stop after losing such a great. (I give the LED ZEPPELIN example with John Bonham.) Still, I like the "FUELIN AROUND" scenes. And like stated above, ANY Shemp is better than Joe!
Posted 2000-12-27 02:58:00 by [Deleted Member]
I am one of the few people who like this short subject. Some like it in spite of the fact that it is "Fueling Around" re-edited with new footage. I may be the only one who likes it BECAUSE it is "Fueling Around" re-edited with new footage! Let's face it, as sloppy as it may have seemed, the fact that this and three other short subjects could be made with Shemp AFTER he passed away is pretty darn impressive! We lost a great comedian in Shemp Howard, if they were able to give us four more films of his talent after his death, I say so be it. I just thought it was pretty clever how the filmmakers handled their limitations, showing Shemp's stand in, Joe Palma, from the back, having them where beards to cover his face, finding ways to get him out of the new scenes, along with working in old footage of Shemp. All of that together really couldn't have been an easy task. Personally, I just found the whole thing to be rather creative. Hey, would any of us have even known where to start if asked to make a new film with a deceased actor in it? Whatever was wrong with this film, I think the producers deserve credit for even being able to produce what they did. I thought "Hot Stuff" was resourceful, clever, and ultimately an honor to Shemp's memory as were the three other Shemp films made in this way. Just my opinion.

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