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"My sister was engaged to a guy with a wooden leg, but she broke it off." "The engagement?" "Nah, the leg." - Larry & Moe (TRICKY DICKS, 1953)

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The Stooges are dim-witted firemen who spend most of their time covering up their mistakes so they can impress their girlfriends by being in uniform. Curly sneaks out while on duty to joins the girls, who want him to get his two buddies to come too, so Curly trips the nearest fire alarm. Missing the truck, Moe & Larry take the Captain's car and try to beat the truck to the "fire."

Actual filming locations in Los Angeles include Larchmont Blvd., 3rd Street and LaBrea Ave. The story behind these locations, with then-and-now photos, are detailed in The Three Stooges Journal # 100 (Winter 2001).

Originally, there was an extended ending sequence, with the Stooges attempting to repair the Captain's car. The script for this unfilmed scene appears in The Three Stooges Journal # 125 (Spring 2008) and # 126 (Summer 2008).

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Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
August 16, 1936
Production Type
Short Subject
16.7 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   224
Shooting Days:   5 days   From: 1936-05-18   To: 1936-05-22

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 3.75)
Face Slaps: 12 Eye Pokes: 3 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (8)
  • "Aw Cap, you wouldn't throw us out into the cold, cruel world... we'd freeze." "Yeh, it'd be cruelty to animals!"
    (Moe and Curly)

  • "You'll like me after we get acquainted. I grow on people." "So do warts."
    (June Gittelson and Curly)

  • "Oh look at all the little baby hoses... quintuplets! Marie, Annette, Yvonne..." "Hey, don't disturb the rest of them; they're asleep." [slap!]
    (Curly & Moe)

  • "Just why did you 3 half-wits join the Fire Dept.?" "So we wouldn't have to buy any tickets to the Fireman's Ball!"
    (Stanley Blystone & Curly)

  • "Oh, a blind date, aay?" "She ain't blind!... she may be a little hard o' hearin'."
    (Moe & Curly)

  • "Hello, yes, yes, yes...?" "You got 'em?" "The line's busy." "Busy?" "Yeh, I'm talkin'!"
    (Curly & Beatrice Curtis)

  • "Help me with this midget, will ya?"

  • "We're sorry, captain, it was all a big mistake." "Yeah, he forgot to throw the bucket."
    (Moe & Curly)

Stooge Goofs   (7)
  • Boom Mike Visible
    A boom mike is visible in the picture window on the street just as Curly is about to fall on the cake.

  • Disappearing Soap
    When the boys are taking their shower, Moe's hair is covered with soap. But when they rush out of the shower after hearing the bell, the soap is suddenlygone from Moe's hair.

  • Dubbed-In Line
    When Curly says â€Å"The birthday cake!”, his lips don't move.

  • Repeated Action
    When Moe and Larry arrive at the â€Å"fire”, Larry gets out of the car before Moe and asks Curly â€Å"What's the matter?” Then the camera cuts to the next shot and Moe gets out of the car, and following him is Larry getting out of the car again!

  • Stunt Double Goof
    When Curly falls down the firepole, they use a stunt double. Curly's double lands on top of Moe and the double's hat falls off, but when Curly takes back over his place in the next shot, his hat is still on, then it falls off again.

  • The quick-dry uniform
    When Moe throws the bucket of water at Curly, Curly ducks and the water hits Stanley Blystone instead. Yet when the boys run over to Blystone, his uniform is completely dry.

  • Unintentional Hit
    When Moe is helping Minnie (June Gittleson) out of the car, Gittleson accidentally kicks the actress behind her in the jaw.

Stooge Routines   (5)
  • Eyepoke through the telephone or window
    When speaking to Curly on the phone or through a window, Moe pokes his two fingers into the telephone receiver or window, and Curly reacts on the other side as if he actually got eyepoked.
    Also used in:  MONKEY BUSINESSMEN  ·   SWING PARADE OF 1946

  • Needle Points Halfway, The
    This Stooge routine involves a Stooge (usually Moe) wondering how much gas they have left in the vehicle tank. Another Stooge then quips, "The needle is pointing halfway. I don't know if it's half-empty or half-full".

  • Pulling Larry back up the firepole
    When Larry tries to slide down a fire pole, Moe pulls him back up by his hair.
    Also used in:  FLAT FOOT STOOGES

  • Shoving Larry down sink pipe
    After something valuable drops down a sink pipe, Moe picks up Larry and tries to actually shove him down the pipe.

  • Slap-match with a woman
    Curly gets into an argument with another woman (usually while dancing) and he and the woman slap each other in the face repeatedly. This usually ends with them suddenly smiling at each other and continuing to dance like nothing happened.
    Also used in:  HOI POLLOI  ·   AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • Moe's father, Solomon Horwitz, is visible as a passerby on the sidewalk. After Moe and Larry arrive at the false alarm called in by Curly, Solomon passes in the background, walking from right to left and wearing a white hat. This occurs while Curly quotes, "I got ya out, didn't I?"
    Source: FALSE ALARMS (1936)
    Added by MR77100 on 2009-04-02 06:23:15
    Status: Confirmed
    Team Stooge Comments: Mr. Horwitz can also be seen as a passerby after the car crashes into the streetlamp pole.

Audio Files   (3)
  • Biggest Thing in Your Life
    Wave Sound (51.14 Kb)
    "Hello!" "Hello, Moe? Ya better come right over. You're missing one of the biggest things in your life!"

  • The Line's Busy
    Wave Sound (73.89 Kb)
    "Hello... Yes? Yes? Yes?" "Can they come?" "Hold on, can't ya see the line's busy?" "Busy?" "Yeah, I'm talkin'!"

  • Won't you be my boyfriend?
    Wave Sound (74.09 Kb)
    "Won't you be my boyfriend? You'll like me afterwe get acquainted. I grow on people!" "So dowarts!"

Video File   (Y)

Transcript   (Y)

Transcription by Giff me dat fill-em!:  

Fireman: Johnny Grey
Captain: Stanley Blystone
Minnie: June Gittelson

SCENE 1 (Firehouse Garage)

FIREMAN: That sure was a hot one, Captain � the hottest one we've had in a long time.
CAPTAIN: Yeah, we need more help around here. Say, where are those three chuckleheads?
FIREMAN: Oh, those three nuts?
CAPTAIN: Yeah __
FIREMAN: Huh, I guess the squirrels got 'em.
CAPTAIN: Nah, no such luck. Ring the bell; I'll take care of them. Hey, you three up there!

SCENE 2 (Fireman's Quarters)

(the boys are showering)
CURLY: Lah-lee-la-la __ (firehouse bell sounds)
MOE: (to Larry) Hey, do you hear a bell?
LARRY: What?
MOE: I said did you hear a bell?!
LARRY: What'ya say?
MOE: __ the bell! __ the bell!!
LARRY: I can't hear you on account of the bell!
MOE: It must be a fire!
LARRY: A fire!? Hey, it's a fire! (all three run out of the shower revealing them wearing slickers)
MOE: Come on! (slap!) Get outa here! We don't wanna miss another one!
LARRY: Alright, we ain't gonna miss it. Get down there. Alright, hurry up!
CURLY: Wait a minute! Wait a minute, wait for me! (Moe and Larry slide down the pole)
MOE: Hiya Cap! Come on, you'll miss the fire!
CURLY: (has soap in his eyes) Woob-woob-woob-woob __ I'm blind! I can't hear or I can't see ya! Hey, wait for me, hey! (stumbles into pole, sliding down and landing on top of Moe and Larry)

SCENE 3 (Firehouse Garage)

MOE: (picking up Curly) Get up here! Why don't you look before you fall?
CURLY: I got soap in my eyes, I can't see! (Moe eye-pokes Curly) Ooh! Ooh! __ there you are!
CAPTAIN: Why weren't you three at the fire?
CURLY: We just got up, we was taking a shower. (slap!) Oooh! Cap'n, you know how it is __ we was out shaking our tootsies with the girls last night.
CAPTAIN: Just why did you three half-wits join the Fire Department?
CURLY: So we wouldn't have to buy any tickets for the Fireman's Ball! Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. (Moe twists Curly's ears) Yeow!
CAPTAIN: Oh, a comedian, eh?
MOE: Now, listen __
CAPTAIN: YOU listen! You've missed fires, slept through alarms, been late for duty, and broken every rule in the book! You're through, you're fired! And if this was the army, I'd have you shot at sunrise!
CURLY: But you couldn't do that, Cap'n __ we don't get up that early. (bonk!)
MOE: (pushing Curly) Come on! Now listen, Cap __ you wouldn't turn us out into the cold, cruel world? Supposing it was snowing, we'd freeze!
CURLY: Yeah, it'd be cruelty to animals!
LARRY: Our girls love us in these uniforms.
MOE: Aw Cap'n, give us another chance, will ya? We'll put a fire out single-handed!
LARRY: We'll put two fires out double-handed!
CURLY: We'll even start a fire and have you put it out!
CAPTAIN: Well, I guess I'm just an old softie __ I'll give you another chance. But remember, this is the last one!
MOE: Aw, thank you!
CAPTAIN: Get to work and wash that hose!
MOE: We gotta come through for the Captain!
LARRY: __ and the crew!
CURLY: __ and the alma mater, too!
MOE: Come on __ get busy!
CURLY: Woob-woo-woo-woo-woob, woo-Woo!

SCENE 4 (Firehouse Garage)

DELIVERYMAN: Here's your new car, Captain __ the prettiest one of the shipment.
CAPTAIN: Boy, she IS a beauty! I've been saving months for that baby!
DELIVERYMAN: Yeah, take it kinda easy the first 500, will ya, Cap?
CAPTAIN: Don't worry, I will.
CURLY: Oh __ (drops hose in washtub splashing Moe __ Moe throws a bucket of water at Curly, Curly ducks)
CAPTAIN: Hey, look at my new __ (splash!)
MOE: Come on, come on! We're sorry Cap'n, it was all a mistake!
CURLY: Yeah, he forgot to throw the bucket.
MOE: Think nothing of it, Cap'n __ we'll have you cleaned up in a jiffy. Take it easy now, fellas. (Curly picks up a rag and wipes the Captain's clothes leaving long, white streaks) Look what you're doing to the Captain's coat!
CURLY: Now it matches his hat!
CAPTAIN: Stop it!
CURLY: Oh, ungrateful, huh?
CAPTAIN: I should have you fired, but you'll keep working here 'til you've paid for this suit.

SCENE 5 (Hose Washing Station)

MOE: (to Curly) Hey you, roll those hose lines out. (Curly rolls hoses out the firehouse door and over streetcar tracks __ the streetcar cuts the hoses) Say, let's get this over with and I'll ask the Cap'n to let us off tonight.
CURLY: Yeah, we're invited to Mamie's house for a birthday party.
MOE: Oh boy!
CURLY: Plenty of pigs knuckles smothered in garlic!
MOE: Hah!
LARRY: She's got a couple of new girls for us to meet, too!
MOE: Oh, a blind date, eh?
CURLY: She ain't blind, she may be a little hard of hearing.
MOE: Yeah, uh __ come on, get moving here, if you wanna get out.
CURLY: Lah-lee-la-la __ (they start scrubbing the hose, Curly encounters the cut pieces) Woo, oh! Look at all the little baby hoses! Quintuplets � Marie, Annette, Yvonne __
MOE: Hey!
CURLY: What?
MOE: Don't disturb the rest of 'em, they're asleep. (slap!) Come on, if the Cap'n sees us, we're through! Roll 'em up and get 'em hid __ hurry up now!
CURLY: (drags a long piece of hose back over the tracks and a passing streetcar cuts all the hose except the piece over Curly's shoulder) Here's my roll __ Hhmm!
MOE: Got any more in your hands?
CURLY: (extending arms) No __ (Moe eye-pokes Curly and winds his hands into the washtub wringer, then Moe and Larry begin whipping him with pieces of hose) Ooh! Ooh! I'm caught! Ooh! Ooh! Woob-woob-woob-woob! Ow!

SCENE 6 (Mamie's Apartment)

MAMIE: (brings in cake) Isn't it pretty, girls?
MIMI: Oh __
MINNIE: It's swell __ let's eat.
MAMIE: Oh, I wonder why Curly and his friends haven't shown up?
MINNIE: It's me __ I'm a Jonah. I guess the only way I can get a man to come and see me is to call a doctor.
MAMIE: (knock at the door) Come in.
CURLY: (enters) Happy birthday, Mamie __ nyuk-nyuk-nyuk- nyuk.
MAMIE: Hello Curly. Curly, this is Mimi and this is Minnie.
CURLY: (to Minnie) Hiya Mimi. (to Mimi) Hiya Minnie.
MINNIE: I'm Minnie.
MIMI: I'm Mimi.
CURLY: I'm hungry.
MAMIE: Well, sit down. Take a load off your feet.
CURLY: It ain't my feet that hurts. (takes off overcoat revealing a hot water bottle tied to the seat of his pants __ sits down and the bottle sprays Mimi)
MIMI: Oh! __ oh, oh gracious!
MINNIE: (to Curly) Where's MY boyfriend?
CURLY: They had to work, but I sneaked out.
MINNIE: Aw, gee __ you gotta get me a fella. Will you be my boyfriend?
CURLY: Hhmm! (Minnie pushes Curly to the floor)
MINNIE: Do you like the way I play? We can have alot of fun together.
CURLY: Woob-woob-woob-woob!
MAMIE: Curly, why don't you call up your pals, maybe they can sneak out.
MINNIE: Yeah, get me a boyfriend!
CURLY: Alright Hercules, I'll call. Where's the phone?
MAMIE: Right here.
CURLY: (dials phone) Hello? Yes __ yes __ yes, yes __
MAMIE: You got 'em?
CURLY: The line's busy.
MAMIE: __ busy?
CURLY: Yeah, I'm talking!

SCENE 7 (Fireman's Quarters)

(Moe and Larry are relaxing on a bed when the phone begins to ring)
MOE: Hey, hey � HEY! Don't you hear that bell?
LARRY: What?!
MOE: Are you gonna start that again? (slap!)
LARRY: It's a fire!
MOE: It's the phone! (slap!) Get outa here! Hello�
CURLY: Hello, Moe? You better come right over, you're missing one of the biggest things of your life.
MOE: We'll be right over __ (Captain enters room) the next time we're off duty __ hiya Cap'n. I said we can't come over.

SCENE 8 (Mamie's Apartment)

CURLY: Oh, a coward, huh? (Moe eye-pokes the telephone) Oh! __ Oh! Hhmm!
MAMIE: Well, what'd they say?
CURLY: They can't come.
MINNIE: Aw gee, won't you be my boyfriend? You'll like me after we get acquainted, I grow on people.
CURLY: So do warts!
MINNIE: Oh __ (begins chasing Curly)

Scene 9 (Fireman's Quarters)

LARRY: The old man's gone, I'm going anyhow. (starts to slide down pole, Moe pulls him back up by the hair) Ow!!
MOE: You ain't going anywhere! (begins leading Larry around by the hair)
LARRY: Wait a minute __ lemme explain to you.

SCENE 10 (Janitors Closet)

(Moe leads Larry to the closet)
MOE: Get in there, go on! (locks door) Now, so I don't get tempted, I'm gonna stay in here with you.
LARRY: What's the idea __ gimme that key!
MOE: You really want it?
LARRY: Yeah __ (Moe pokes Larry in the eye with key) Ooh!! Oh, a wise guy! � (tries to take key away from Moe, key falls into the sink)
MOE: I got a good mind to make you go down that pipe after it.
LARRY: How would I get in there?
MOE: How? __ (shoves Larry into the sink head first)
LARRY Wait __ ow, my head!

SCENE 11 (Mamie's Apartment)

MINNIE: Come on Pudgy, you be my fella! (begins tickling Curly)
CURLY: Stop, cut it out, cut it out! (accidentally knocks cake out the window) The birthday cake! Woob-woob-woob-woob!
MAMIE: Oh, my cake! (Curly and the girls run down several flights of stairs to the street)

SCENE 12 (Street)

(Curly catches the cake before it hits the ground)
CURLY: Look, it got it!
MINNIE: Oh, isn't that cute? Do it again. (Curly unknowingly catches the hot water bottle on the bumper of a moving truck) Oh, dear!
MAMIE: Stop the van!
CURLY: Woob-woob-woob-woob! (bottle snaps and Curly falls face-first into the cake)
MAMIE: Oh, Pudgy __ you look funny!
MINNIE: He does not! I like him frosting and all!

SCENE 13 (Janitors Closet)

MOE: (peering into sink) Hey, did you find it?
LARRY: Not yet.
MOE: Well, come on up outa there. (Larry crawls from underneath sink)

SCENE 14 (Street)

MINNIE: I want a boyfriend.
CURLY: I told you, I can't get you anybody. (notices nearby fire alarm) Oh! __ if this don't get one, nothing will. (trips alarm) They oughta be here any minute, now.
MINNIE: Oh, goodie-goodie! I'm gonna get a fella!

SCENE 15 (Firehouse/Janitors Closet)

FIREMAN: Phoenix and Central __
CAPTAIN: Where are those three missing links?
MOE: We gotta get outa here!
CAPTAIN: Hey, you stallers!
MOE: (trying to open door) Gimme a hand! (Larry pushes Moe's head into the door) I think I better give YOU a hand! (bonk!) Get out, I'll murder you in a minute!
CAPTAIN: Ah, come on, let's roll. (fire truck leaves)
MOE: Ready __ heave ho! (they crash the door down sliding across the floor and down the pole) Aah! (Moe sits up) Whew!
LARRY: (Larry's head is caught under his coat) Moe, where am I? Help me! Aah-hah-ha __
MOE: Come up out of there! (pulls Larry's head up) Come on, you! Why don't you cut out playing hide-and-seek with me?
LARRY: Hey, they've gone without us again!
MOE: Come on, we'll get in the Captain's car, come on! We gotta save our jobs, come on! (they get in the car __ the car won't start) Is there any gas in the tank?
LARRY: The arrow points halfway, I don't know if it's half- empty or half-full.
MOE: Yeah well __ see that?
LARRY: What? __ (Moe twists Larry's neck) Oh! __ Why, the switch is off! (they race from the firehouse)

SCENE 16 (Street)

MOE: I don't give this new car so much.
LARRY: Yeah, you better take a shortcut if you want to beat the Cap'n. (They pull up next to Curly and the girls)
CURLY: (rubbing his hands together) Ha-ha-ha-ha __
MOE: Where's the fire!
CURLY: (pointing at Minnie) Right here! She's already got me burnt up!
MINNIE: Oh, is this my boyfriend? (grabs Moe) And he's got a car! Come on girls, let's go places and eat things!
MOE: Turn me loose!
CURLY: I got you out, didn't I?
MOE: No fire, eh?
CURLY: No __
MOE: See that? (holds out fist)
CURLY: We ain't got time, here comes the Cap'n!
MOE: Captain?! __ come on, we gota beat him back to the firehouse!
CURLY: No problem, take your time, there's plenty of room for everybody. (they pile into the car and speed off)
MINNIE: Whee! Ha-ha-ha-ha __
MOE: (to Curly) Why don't you sit still?
CURLY: I lost my cigar.
MOE: Well, forget about your cigar.
CURLY: I can't, it's lit!
MINNIE: Oh! __
MIMI: Oh! __
LARRY: Wait a minute __ it must be under me __ what is that?
MIMI: (tickling Curly) Tickie-tickie-tickie-tick!
CURLY: Cut it out, cut it out, now!
MOE: Come on __
MIMI: (covers Curly's eyes) Guess who this is?
CURLY: Wait a minute, don't tell me, I'll get it in a minute. (car drives crazily, Moe tries to take the wheel) Why don't you mind your own business?
MOE: This IS my business! (poke!)
CURLY: Oh! __ oh!
MOE: (car drives crazily) Aaah!! (Curly and Moe let go of the wheel)
CURLY: __ well, if you wanna be ignorant __ (they both grab the wheel at the same time) Give me the wheel, will ya?
MOE: Are you gonna drive, or am I gonna drive?
CURLY: Alright, you drive, go ahead. (lets go of wheel) __ that's enough, now I'll take it.
MOE: He'll have us all killed in a minute __ get on that wheel! (car narrowly avoids hitting a motorist and crashes into a large streetlamp, throwing Moe to the sidewalk)
PEDESTRIAN: Are ya all right?
MOE: Yeah __ no, NO! Take a look at that car, I should've been killed! (noises from trunk)
PEDESTRIAN: Hey, what was that?
MOE: That's the other five people who were with me, but I can't find them. (Moe moves to the trunk and knocks)
CURLY: Come in __ (Moe opens trunk) I'm sorry, there's no more room.
MOE: Come on! Get out! (pulls Curly from the trunk)
CURLY: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Women and children first!
MOE: (to pedestrian) Gimme a hand there, will ya?
CURLY: Woob-woob-woob-woob!
PEDESTRIAN: (grabs Minnie) Come on, lady.
MOE: Help me with this midget, will ya?
MAMIE: Get me out of here! Oh!
MOE: Take it easy.
MIMI: Let me out!
MINNIE: Come on girls, I don't like firemen.
CURLY: Neither do I. (Minnie slaps Curly) Hhmm! (Curly slaps Minnie, she returns the slap) Hhmm!! (they trade slaps again) Hhhhmmm!!! (holds out fist) See that? (She slaps fist and Curly bonks himself on the head) Oh! (the girls leave) I guess I told you!
MOE: (holding out fist) See that?! (Curly grabs his fist and sticks out his tongue __ Moe bonks Curly with his free hand)
CURLY: Oooh!
MOE: Come on, we gotta get that car straightened out! Come on, back 'er out. Alright, hold it now while I get around. (adjusts steering wheel) That's that __ now come on, get 'er out into the street, push, come on, push! (the car's switch is still on and it speeds off by itself)
CURLY: It's haunted! Woob-woob-woob-woob! (car crashes into the firehouse chasing everyone outside, then speeds away again)
CAPTAIN: That's my car!
LARRY: Here it comes! (car drives into the back of a moving van, the boys close the tailgate)
CURLY: We caught it!
LARRY: Yeah __ woah!! (car backfires)
CURLY: The Cap'n!! (Captain chases after them in a fire truck)
MOE: Come on, let's go! � quick!!
CURLY: Woob-woob-woob-woob! (they speed off in the moving van with the fire truck chasing them)


Videography   (2)

Fan Reviews   (13)
Posted 2010-07-20 17:44:40 by Final Shemp
Starting off with some decent bits and a promising occupation for some Stooge mayhem, False Alarms finds itself pretty much belly up and desperate for a gag about 5 minutes in.
The stuff in the fire station ranges between mediocre and excellent, and the short becomes a bit frustrating in these scenes, as it obviously has potential but it's not living up to it. Scenes like Moe pulling Larry back up the fire pole by the hair are instant classics, but long tedious sequences such as the boys in the shower with their fire coats on just simply stop the short dead.
The final straw for the short is the Stooges blind date, which Curly is left all by himself for a while exchanging dialogue with three women who are too loud, obnoxious, and not very funny. When Moe and Larry enter the picture, the short briefly springs to life with non-stop chaos, but its explosive finale only confirms that the short was a dud. The reckless car driving and public panic almost seems like an allegory for how disjointed the entire short is.
It's a shame. The Stooges as firemen has potential to set the boys on fire, but False Alarms is a false alarm.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 1 1/2 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2008-10-25 00:48:17 by medic481
Edited 2008-10-25 00:58:07 by medic481
One of my favorite shorts, but since I am a retired firefighter, that's only natural. My favorite line: "Look girls, they've got a car! Let's go places and eat things!" There is a really nice resturant in Washington DC (Cashion's Eat Place, in Adams Morgan) whose matchbooks proclaim "Let's go places and eat things!" I think the owner must be a stooge fan. BTW, someone else has mentioned here that they visited the firehouse where it was filmed. I am now living in LA, and would love to see it. Does anyone know the where abouts of the building? Thanks!
Posted 2002-07-08 01:19:00 by Del Lord
Edited 2006-03-24 18:51:47 by shemps#1
One of the great ones!!! It benefits from director Lord's handling of the car chase scenes, and from a good deal of snappy dialogue. Bruckman is right re: location shooting. To my reccollection this is one of the relatively few shorts that appears to have been shot elsewhere than the Columbia lot/sound stages. Culver City, perhaps? Question: is the Johnnie Grey who appears briefly in this short the same guy credited with story/screenplay?

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2002-05-14 08:49:00 by Bruckman
Edited 2006-03-24 18:35:35 by shemps#1
Del Lord was a master at comic chases [or "rallies" as they were called on the Sennett lot where he perfected the technique] and he pulls out all the stops for this one. I like these early Stooge shorts for the realism granted by location shooting: actual streets, trolleycars, etc. make the gags that much funnier to me, whereas a sound stage detracts slightly from the setting. Some unusual Stoogian contraventions of the laws of physics in this one [again setting up some very elaborate sight gags]: Larry getting sent up the brass pole, Curly racing downstairs to catch a cake that's fallen out the window, a car's occupants ending up in the trunk after a collision, etc. BTW, that is a Ford V-8 in this short [too bad no opportunity for Moe to give a V-8 to Larry or Curly] and either a 34 or 35 model. Gotta love that streamlined chrome on the hood.
Posted 2002-03-25 01:36:00 by BJR
Edited 2006-03-24 18:34:48 by shemps#1
I was debating giving this 3-1/2 pokes because it has some slow moments IMO, but there are just too many classic lines and sight gags. Maybe the best sight gag of all is found here -- poor Larry getting pulled by the hair all the way up the poll!! ROFL funny. Couldn't help but love this short. 4 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-08-27 00:59:00 by [Deleted Member]
Edited 2005-10-18 12:44:22 by shemps#1
I love this short! Curly calling June Glittleson's character "Hoicules" was definitely great! I liked how when the cake fell out the window, Curly raced it to the ground over all those flights of stairs and caught the cake! That's something right out of a "Popeye" cartoon. June was almost like a fat version of Olive Oyl. It's funny, you wouldn't think that the chief, looking and sounding like he did, wouldn't be big-hearted enough to give the boys all those chances. It was great when they made you believe for a second that Moe actually stuffed Larry down the drain! Great short- but if I find out that there's anybody like the Stooges in my local fire department, I'll start keeping everything soaking wet. ISLIPP- don't gimmie no LIPP. ©2001
Posted 2005-08-21 21:02:58 by [Deleted Member]
Further up, there was a question about the year of the Captain's car. 1935? 1936? It's a 1936. That was one of the first AMT model kits I built. I double checked(GOOGLE) and the 1935 had a slightly rounded grille but not the big wrap around grille like the 1936. Release date was August so there was plenty of time to line up a 1936 Ford. The short itself is one of my all time favorites and one of the first my sisters and I used to recite lines from.
Posted 2003-12-15 22:40:00 by stooge_o_phile
No doubt one of the teams best shorts!By the way.... I SWEAR I can see a man who looks alot like Sol Horowitz (Moe, Curly and Shemp's Dad), as an extra standing to the far right of the screen after the boys wreck the car!Anyone know if that's him?[4.0pokes]
Posted 2002-07-09 23:35:00 by Willie Steal
One of their classics! Actually filmed at the L.A. fire station on 9th street. I have visited it as well as the flight of stairs Curley climbed when delivering ice blocks that melted into ice cubes. The steps are on Ivar Street in L.A. And then there is Gower Street boarding Columbia Studios where the Stooges ended many of their episodes by dashing out the side exit of Columbia and dashing down Gower. Looking down Gower from Hollywood Blvd., not much has changed since the 30's.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2002-05-14 22:00:00 by [Deleted Member]
Larry doesn't get sent up the brass pole in this one, but Moe does pull him up by his hair when he tries to go down it! Quite an "ouch factor" there. It's also sort of painful to watch the Stooges destroy that classic Ford coupe, but it does lead to my favorite line in the short, probably ad-libbed--MOE (pulling hefty June Gittleson out of the trunk): "Gimme me a hand with this midget!"
Posted 2002-03-22 20:31:00 by BeatleMoe
One of, if not, my favorite Curly classics! Larry is punished and beaten to a pulp a lot, and we see a trend here: This is one of the first films to feature great play between Larry and Moe. I get geared up watching scenes with just the two of them, and that's why I like the 1956-1959 period of Stooges films. Great comedy throughout.Memorable scene: Moe and Larry trapped in the bathroom. That, "Give me a hand!" bit puts me in stitches every time I see Larry pace himself with his hand stuck out to drill Moe's head into the door.Rating: 4 starsBeatleMoe
Posted 2001-09-25 17:55:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Some of my favorite scenes, Moe gritting his teeth at Curly picking up the little baby hoses & saying "Don't disturb the rest of em, their asleep" followed by the well timed smack. Curly's spanking at the hands of his comrades & later at the girls house with the water bottle tied to his safety zone. The free for all slap fest with the big dame(Hercules) is excellent. I still wonder why stooges slapping women was ok with the censors but footage of the boy giving them the business in "Loan Wolves" was left on the cutting room floor. The mysteries of censorship past.4 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2001-03-13 21:21:00 by sickdrjoe
Spread out! An early classic. If these first few dozen shorts have a drawback, it's that they're trying to be 'little movies', with lots of plot complications (hence lots of PLOT) that doesn't allow for 3 and 4-minute bits of extended mayhem (like Ye Olde Furniture Shoppe in SNITCH IN TIME.) The boys are very funny, but in kind of abbreviated doses. On the other hand, they're all fast-paced and full of hysterical highlights (like the Phone Poke and the early mayhem in the firehouse)....it also looks to me like Larry gets more screen time in these early shorts and a chance to 'develop' his character more than he would in the 40s and beyond.

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