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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Is this a musical saw?" "Coitainly, it plays I Hear a Ripsody." - Moe & Curly (IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE, 1941)

Episode Characters

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U-Boat commanderFrederick GiermannTHEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943)
U. S. Attorney JohnsonPaul McVeyBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
UBS radio announcerDouglas EvansTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Ukulele IkeCliff EdwardsSTOP, SADIE, STOP (1933)
Ulysses ParamutualHarry CheshireERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Umbrella SamShemp HowardIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
UncleJimmy ConlinPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
Uncle Bob O. LinkAl ThompsonIF A BODY MEETS A BODY (1945)
Uncle JoeJoe BesserSWEET AND HOT (1958)
Uncle LouieLarry FineSWEET AND HOT (1958)
Uncle MortimerMoe HowardHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
Uncle MortimerMoe HowardBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
Uncle Pat PatrickShemp HowardGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Uncle PhineasEmil SitkaGENTS IN A JAM (1952)
Uncle TimVictor TraversOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
Uncle WartCharles JudelsCLOSE RELATIONS (1933)
UndineLucille BarkleyDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
Unicorn's voiceDal McKennonHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
Union ColonelTed LorchUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union GeneralJames C. MortonUNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935)
Union LieutenantRobert WilliamsUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union MajorFrank LeightonOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Union officerDouglas FowleyOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Union officerFrank ReicherOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Union officerAl RosenUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union officerBlackie WhitefordUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union officerJohn TyrrellUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union officer PriceSamuel S. HindsOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Union PrivateCharles LloydOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Union SergeantJohn TyrrellUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union soldierPaul ''Mousie'' GarnerOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Union soldierCy SchindellUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union soldierJack CooperUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union soldierBobby BurnsUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union soldierJoe PalmaUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Union soldiersUnidentified UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS 1UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
University Board DirectorForbes MurrayEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
University Board DirectorErnest HilliardEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
University Board DirectorEdward EarleEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Updyke Police ChiefRichard DeaconDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Upstairs maidZasu PittsMEET THE BARON (1933)
Uranian officerConnie CezanHOT STUFF (1956)
Uranian officerEvelyn LovequistHOT STUFF (1956)
Used car salesmanDon LamondSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
UsherEddie CokeTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
UsherGary JudisHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
UtahAl BaffertGOLD RAIDERS (1951)

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