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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"He did it." "Thank you... [smack!]... but you started it!!!" - John Tyrrell & Symona Boniface (IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE, 1941)

Episode Characters

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R. C. SaundersRussell HicksSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
R. J. ReynoldsCharles C. WilsonMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
R. O. BroadBill BrauerQUIZ WHIZZ (1958)
R. W. RitterRalf HaroldeLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Rabbi BermanDavid LeonardSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Race announcerArthur TreacherWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Race announcerTom HanlonIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Race announcer voiceLew DavisEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Race starterSam LufkinPLAYING THE PONIES (1937)
Race track clerkLouis NatheauxIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Race track ticket takerEddie HallTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Race track workerJohn LarkinLAZY RIVER (1934)
Radio announcerDennis O'KeefeDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Radio announcerBrooks BenedictDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Radio announcerBobby WatsonDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Radio announcerUnidentifiedDIZZY & DAFFY (1934)
Radio announcerBobby WatsonBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Radio announcerMoe HowardFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Radio announcerCharles TannenMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Radio announcerGary BrecknerIN THE NAVY (1941)
Radio announcerCharles IrwinSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Radio announcerGary BrecknerMISSISSIPPI GAMBLER (1942)
Radio announcerGary BrecknerSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Radio announcerJoseph Forte3 OF A KIND (1944)
Radio announcerLou MarcelleDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Radio announcerJules WhiteSING A SONG OF SIX PANTS (1947)
Radio announcerKnox ManningJOE PALOOKA MEETS HUMPHREY (1950)
Radio announcerMoe HowardCUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO (1952)
Radio announcerJules WhitePARDON MY BACKFIRE (1953)
Radio announcerJules WhiteRIP, SEW, AND STITCH (1953)
Radio announcerJules WhiteHORSING AROUND (1957)
Radio announcerDel MooreCINDERFELLA (1960)
Radio announcer voiceMoe HowardWE WANT OUR MUMMY (1939)
Radio announcer, voiceUnidentifiedHEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938)
Radio announcer, voiceMoe HowardDUNKED IN THE DEEP (1949)
Radio audience memberFlower ParryIN THE NAVY (1941)
Radio game announcerGarry OwenDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Radio hostRay WalkerCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Radio MCGene MorganHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Radio MCGene MorganHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Radio network repWilliam B. DavidsonMEET THE BARON (1933)
Radio operatorSherry HallMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Radio quiz announcerEddie LaughtonTHEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943)
Radio RascalJimmie Haine3 OF A KIND (1944)
Radio RascalDick Carlton3 OF A KIND (1944)
Radio representativeJohn HarronHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Radio RogueJimmy HollywoodBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
Radio RogueEddie BartellBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
Radio RogueHenry TaylorBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
Radio station managerRichard TuckerMEET THE BARON (1933)
Radio station managerJulius TannenSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Radio station managerJason Robards Sr.SAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Radio station pageUnidentifiedMEET THE BARON (1933)
Radio technicianDave WillockCRACKED NUTS (1941)
RadiomanUnidentifiedKICK ME AGAIN (1937)
RadiomanUnidentified BACK FROM THE FRONT 2BACK FROM THE FRONT (1943)
Rafael GarciaEdward ColmansHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
Railyard manUnidentifiedSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Rally speakerJoe E. BrownIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
RalphCharles LangSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
RalphErnie AdamsONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
RalphStanley PriceDOPEY DICKS (1950)
Ralph CravenClyde FillmoreMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Ralph MartinTed HealySTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Ralph PercyKane RichmondMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Ralph PottsBrian O'HaraGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Ralph the prop manRoscoe AtesERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Ralph WatsonLeon AmesRECKLESS (1935)
Ralph WilliamsTay DunnCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
RamesesShemp HowardHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Rameses' fianceeMarilyn JohnsonHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
RamonNacho GalindoHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
Ramon & Rosita vocalistTony SaccoRAMBLING 'ROUND RADIO ROW # 7 (Series 2 # 1) (1934)
RamullahLal Chand MehraMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Rance RodenDon LamondOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Ranch handSamuel M. ShermanBLAZING STEWARDESSES (1975)
RancherEdward HearnHEADIN' EAST (1937)
RancherHenry HallHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Randy ParkerLee BowmanBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Randy Parker Sr.Douglas WoodBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
RaoulChris-Pin MartinLAZY RIVER (1934)
RapBobby JordanGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Raphael's motherNellie V. NicholsANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Raphael, Wacky's babyRichard CalderonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Rath's assistantJack KennyMOVIE MANIACS (1936)
RawlinsHarry McKimGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
RayArnold StangIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Ray FlandersWarren JacksonCORONER CREEK (1948)
Ray machine operatorEddie LaughtonDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
ReaganTed HealyMAD LOVE (1935)
RealtorLew Davis.BRIDE AND GLOOM (1947)
Rebel sergeantEddie FosterSAVED BY THE BELLE (1939)
Rec hall pianistHarry BarrisHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Rec hall singers Hi Lo Jack and the DameHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Reception nurseBetty AndreMEN IN BLACK (1934)
Reception waiterAl ThompsonFIRE CHASER, THE (1954)
Receptionist UnidentifiedROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
ReceptionistUnidentifiedSMOKED HAMS (1934)
ReceptionistBess FlowersTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
ReceptionistJudy MalcolmMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
ReceptionistFlorence MacMichaelLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Recording engineerJohn TyrrellMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
RecruitCarleton YoungBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruit confronting HerbieJoseph La CavaBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruit watching crap gameEddie HallBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruiting MajorWilliam GouldBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruiting officerWillard RobertsonOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Recruiting officerPierre WatkinGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Recruiting SergeantStanley BlystoneBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruiting SergeantJames FlavinBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Recruiting SergeantWade BotelerPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
RedPat MoranHUGS AND MUGS (1950)
RedBill WardGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
Red capErnest WilsonTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Red ChaneyLloyd GoughOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
Red coat waiterJack Gordon4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Red coat waiterRay Spiker4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Red DogJoe GarciaTHREE LITTLE PIRATES (1946)
Red jacket fighterCharlie Picerni4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Red jacket fighterPaul Stader4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Red KellyRussell SimpsonSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Red MorganBud JamisonPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Red MorganDon HarveyMERRY MAVERICKS (1951)
Red Skeleton, voiceJules WhiteGHOST TALKS, THE (1949)
Red Skeleton, voiceJules WhiteCREEPS (1956)
Red VernonCy SchindellMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Red WatkinsFrank LackteenSHIVERING SHERLOCKS (1948)
Red WatkinsFrank LackteenOF CASH AND HASH (1955)
RedcapDudley DickersonMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
RedcapGeorge LeppardTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Redface, convictJack PennickJAIL BIRDS OF PARADISE (1934)
RedheadJune McCallHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Reef, dancehall managerDon TerryIN THE NAVY (1941)
RefereeUnidentifiedPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
RefereeLarry McCrathPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
RefereeDutch HendrianTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
RefereeUnidentifiedFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
RefereeUnidentifiedHERE'S HOWE (1936)
RefereeFred HarperCHOKE'S ON YOU, THE (1936)
RefereeHerb StagmanGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
RefereeUnidentifiedKICK ME AGAIN (1937)
RefereeHarold SchlickenmayerSTART CHEERING (1938)
RefereeBill GainerSTART CHEERING (1938)
RefereeBob RyanGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
RefereeFrankie VanLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
RefereeBert YoungNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
RefereeBob PerryPITTSBURGH (1942)
RefereeLarry McGrathGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
RefereeJohn TyrellBUSY BUDDIES (1944)
RefereeHeinie ConklinHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Reformers Club butlerEmil SitkaTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Reformers Club doormanHarry CarterTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Reggie OdellRalph MorganLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
ReginaldShemp HowardCORN ON THE COP (1934)
Relief desk clerkEddie LaughtonTHREE LITTLE BEERS (1935)
Relocation center refugeesUnidentified THE YOKE'S ON MEYOKE'S ON ME, THE (1944)
Renee & StellaRamona AjonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Renee & StellaRene Rivero GuillenANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
ReporterSherry HallTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
ReporterDonald KerrTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
ReporterDon BrodieTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
ReporterBen ErwayBOMBSHELL (1933)
ReporterHarrison GreeneBOMBSHELL (1933)
ReporterDonald KerrPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
ReporterRobert LivingstonPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
ReporterCharles WarrenPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
ReporterDon RobertsPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
ReporterEdward HearnPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
ReporterEdward NorrisPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
ReporterFred HowardCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
ReporterFred SantleyCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
ReporterFranklin ParkerBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
ReporterMilton KibbeeCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
ReporterTom HerbertCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
ReporterDon BrodieRECKLESS (1935)
ReporterHooper AtchleyRECKLESS (1935)
ReporterFranklin ParkerRECKLESS (1935)
ReporterDavid ThursbyRECKLESS (1935)
ReporterNick CopelandRECKLESS (1935)
ReporterDon BrodieWOMAN WANTED (1935)
ReporterBert MoorhouseWOMAN WANTED (1935)
ReporterCharles MarshWOMAN WANTED (1935)
ReporterDon BrodieLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
ReporterCyril RingLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
ReporterGil PatricLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
ReporterEd McCabeSTART CHEERING (1938)
ReporterBrooks BenedictMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
ReporterEddie HartMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
ReporterDonald McNameeMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
ReporterArthur O'ConnellLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
ReporterEddie AcuffBANK DICK, THE (1940)
ReporterVinton HayworthTIGHT SHOES (1941)
ReporterBilly WayneTIGHT SHOES (1941)
ReporterWilliam RuhlAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterEddie DunnAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterCharles SherlockAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterFrank MarloweAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterGarry OwenAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterJack MulhallAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ReporterEd EmersonPITTSBURGH (1942)
ReporterJimmy LloydTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
ReporterMark RobertsTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
ReporterBilly VernonONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
ReporterFrank MarloweONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
ReporterWilliam TannenI, THE JURY (1953)
ReporterGuy WrayHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
ReporterRobert ChristopherHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
ReporterDon LamondHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
ReporterRobert JordanCINDERFELLA (1960)
ReporterChuck NilesHAND OF DEATH (1962)
Reporter at airfieldDon BrodieIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Reporter at airfieldFrank MarloweIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Reporter at airport, scene deletedCliff NortonIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Reporter at training campBrooks BenedictPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Reporter in courtroomLynton BrentWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Reporter in squad roomStanley ClementsIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Repulsive RoganGeorge MoranBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Rest home managerVernon DentGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Restaurant managerFred MalatestaBEER AND PRETZELS (1933)
Restaurant managerUnidentifiedOFFICER'S MESS, THE (1935)
Restaurant patronUnidentified PLAYING THE PONIES 1PLAYING THE PONIES (1937)
Restaurant patronElaine WatersNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Restaurant patronJohnny KascierNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Restaurant patronChet BrandenburgNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Restaurant patronGino CorradoSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Restaurant patronAngi O. PoulisTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Restaurant patronBlackie WhitefordHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Restaurant patronsUnidentified GRIPS, GRUNTS AND GROANS 3GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Restaurant patronsUnidentified NUTTY BUT NICE 2NUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
RetlingerMoe HowardSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
Rev. Ethan WilkinsWalter HustonOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Rev. KendallWilkie de MartelSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
RevelloAndrew TombesMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Revere's Commons dateUnidentifiedPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Revere's maidAmanda RandolphPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Revere's stablemanShemp HowardPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Reverend AllenWheaton ChambersPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Reverend AmesGeorge LesseyEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
RevolutionaryBilly BletcherSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
RevolutionaryBobby BarberSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
RevolutionaryJimmy AubreySOUP TO NUTS (1930)
RevolutionaryBilly EngleSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
Rex FlemingGeorge MeekerPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
RhadamesRalph DunnMUMMY'S DUMMIES (1948)
Rhodes Harbor CaptainGene RothTHREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE (1962)
Ricardo MontellGeorge LewisOPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944)
RiccoC. Henry GordonSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Rich woman in carGrace GoodallPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Richard BurtonGayne WhitmanART TROUBLE (1934)
Richard CarlsonStanley SmithSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
Richard CincaidArthur ByronCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Richard RussellJohn HowardINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Ring announcerUnidentifiedPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
Ring announcerBilly BletcherPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
Ring announcerUnidentifiedFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
Ring announcerRichard FiskeGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Ring announcerLew DavisHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Ring spectatorCyril RingLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
Ringa BelleEleanor CountsUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
RingmasterUnidentifiedDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Ringside announcerUnidentifiedPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
Ringside fanArthur HoytPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Ringside radio commentatorReid KilpatrickLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
RingsiderRonald R. RondellPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
RippingtonGene RothSOCIETY MUGS (1946)
Rita MartinAnne NagelHOT STEEL (1940)
Rita YolandaChristine McIntyreTHREE LITTLE PIRATES (1946)
Riverboat guestHerbert Winters4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat guestPaul Cristo4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat guestWilliam H. O'Brien4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat guestHal Taggart4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat guestGeorge Ford4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat guestSam Harris4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Riverboat headwaiterJonathan Hole4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
RiveterUnidentified HOW HIGH IS UP? 6HOW HIGH IS UP? (1940)
RiveterEddy ChandlerGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Roadhouse patronBert YoungPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Roadhouse patronCharles DoretyPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Roadhouse patronElaine WatersPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Roadside workerFred "Snowflake" ToonesSOCK-A-BYE BABY (1942)
Rob ColesConrad BinyonGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Rob DaltonJoe BoltonOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
RobberEddie LaughtonMONEY SQUAWKS (1940)
RobberRichard FiskeMONEY SQUAWKS (1940)
Robert BoggsLeyland HodgsonMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Robert FlugerWilliam ForrestDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Robert Harrison, Jr.Franchot ToneRECKLESS (1935)
Robert LatourBruce CabotFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Robert T. MacChesneyBert RoachHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Robert WilsonMontagu LoveSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Robert, reporterTol AveryHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
RobertaVictoria HorneCUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO (1952)
RockwellEdwin MaxwellBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
RockyMike MazurkiWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Rocky DugganMickey SimpsonGENTS IN A JAM (1952)
Rocky JordanFrank SullyTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
RocoHans ConriedCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
RolandRocky WoodsMONKEY BUSINESSMEN (1946)
role recastJoe BesserSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Rolf's loyal soldierTony RockSNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES (1961)
RolloEdward BrophyMAD LOVE (1935)
Roly Q. EntwhistleJoe BesserTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
Ronnie BowersDick PowellHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
RonnyRonald StantonSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Room serviceFred "Snowflake" ToonesOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
Room service waiterDemetris EmanuelHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Room service waiterBobby BurnsHEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938)
Room service waiterGuy RettANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Room service waiterJohnny KascierMISSED FORTUNE, A (1952)
Room service waiterJohnny KascierBLUNDER BOYS (1955)
Rose AllureMarion MartinEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Rose WaverlyMarla SheltonLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
RosebudMaxine GatesGOOF ON THE ROOF (1953)
RosemaryRosemary HagemeyerSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
RosieDorothy DareVERY CLOSE VEINS (1934)
Rosie Clancey / Rosita AlvarezHelen ParrishSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Rosie LaRueWinnie LightnerDANCING LADY (1933)
RositaLolita CordobaCUCKOORANCHO (1938)
RositaDorothy ApplebyCOOKOO CAVALIERS (1940)
RossBobby LarsonGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
RosyHarry WilsonHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Rosy RosenbergWilliam TannenBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Rosy, as a childSidney MillerBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Roulette croupierAlphonse MartellCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Roulette wheel operatorLew Davis.ROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
RoustaboutRichard CramerROAD SHOW (1941)
RoustaboutRalph T. BrooksROAD SHOW (1941)
RoustaboutMike LallyROAD SHOW (1941)
RoyFrankie DarroHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Royal AnnouncerChris FrankeRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
RubeBen HallROAD SHOW (1941)
RubeVictor PotelROAD SHOW (1941)
RubeBlackie WhitefordTHREE LITTLE TWIRPS (1943)
Rube # 1Charles HowardDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Rube # 2UnidentifiedDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
RubyDorothy GrangerWEDLOCK DEADLOCK (1947)
Ruby DrexelRuth ChanningLAZY RIVER (1934)
RudolphNorman OllestadGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Rudolph KrugerJohn WengrafSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
RufusSam McDanielOPERATOR 13 (1934)
RufusJess Lee BrooksHIT THE ROAD (1941)
Rufus InchpinArthur AylesworthOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
RuntyLester AllenCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
RuntyLester AllenHOT ICE (1955)
RupertRobert HuttonCINDERFELLA (1960)
Rupert's auntKathryn SheldonTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Rupert, as a boyRichard KleinCINDERFELLA (1960)
Russ BiffRichard LanePUNCH AND BEAUTY (1936)
Russ MonroeCharles LangSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Russ Raymond / Tommy HalsteadDick PowellIN THE NAVY (1941)
Russell WadeRichard CarlsonHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Russell, reporterRuss ConwayWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
RussianFritz FeldHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Russian BawlinCharles DoretyI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Russian butlerGeorge DavisHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Russian Club patronJack ChefeMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Russian doormanGeneral SavitskyMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Russian womanDina SmirnovaHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Rusty WilliamsJay KirbyROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
RuthAnne GwynneTIGHT SHOES (1941)
RuthRuth CostelloSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Ruth EvansKay MalloryBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Ruth JonesClaire TrevorGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Ruth SherwoodRosalind RussellMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Ryan's associateEdward EarlePRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)

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