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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"I'm the boss here, understand?! I'm the boss and you're nuthin'!" "Some job, a boss over nuthin'." - Henry Kulky & Joe Besser (AIM, FIRE, SCOOT, 1952)

Episode Characters

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K. O. corner manJack KenneyPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
K. O. corner manRay JonesPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
K. O. corner manHarry KeatanPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
KamarLeif EricksonARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Kane's attendantAnthony WardePITTSBURGH (1942)
Kane's attendantFrankie VanPITTSBURGH (1942)
Kane's nurseEdna BennettCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Kansas City news vendorLester DorrSING, BABY, SING (1936)
KarenMary Lou DixPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
Karns, night watchmanStanley BlystoneHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
Kate HardisonMarguerite ChapmanCORONER CREEK (1948)
Kate MastersPeggie CastleTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
Katherine 'Kitty' LorraineAlice BradySTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Katherine PackardMiriam HopkinsSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Kathy MartinCorinne CalvertPLUNDERERS OF PAINTED FLATS, THE (1959)
KatrinaChristine McIntyreLOVE AT FIRST BITE (1950)
KatrinaChristine McIntyreFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
Katy ZalorisRosina GalliGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Kayo, boxerAl BillingsBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Kee's henchmanChester GanLAZY RIVER (1934)
KeeneyJohnny MitchellGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
KeeperBudd FineCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Keith JeffreyJohn SuttonMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Keith RamseyHoward DuffWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
KellerFerris TaylorSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
KellyStanley BlystoneSING, BABY, SING (1936)
KellyDuke YorkHIGHER THAN A KITE (1943)
Kelly, stagehandJohn KellySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Ken AtterburyEddie BruceTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Ken CabotAdam WestOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Kendrick KinneyEtienne GirardotLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
KennedyGeorge SidneyGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
Kennel dogs, voicesJules WhiteG. I. DOOD IT (1955)
KennethShemp HowardMY MUMMY'S ARMS (1934)
Kenny, tennis instructorDan KennisBLAZING STEWARDESSES (1975)
Keystone KopHank MannCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Keystone KopHeinie ConklinCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
KibarCarl EsmondDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
Kibar leaderDale Van SickelDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
KidSidney KilbrickKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Kid MorganUnidentifiedPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
Kid MusclesUnidentifiedBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
Kid PinkyTony ChavezGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Kidnap guardDutch HendrianRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Kidnap guardBert YoungRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Kidnap guardAl ThompsonRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Kilduff corner manJohnny KascierHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Kilduff managerWilliam IrvingPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
Killer KaneSammy SteinPITTSBURGH (1942)
Killer KilduffAl HillPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
Killer KilduffJoe PalmaHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
KingHeinie ConklinHULA-LA-LA (1951)
King AhabEduard FranzSINS OF JEZEBEL (1953)
King ArthurVernon DentKNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
King AugustusEdgar BarrierSNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES (1961)
King ColeVernon DentMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
King O'HaraCecil KellawayIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
King OediusGeorge N. NeiseTHREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE (1962)
King RootentootenVernon DentMUMMY'S DUMMIES (1948)
King Theseus of RhodesHal . SmithTHREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE (1962)
King's aideBobby BurnsI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
King's aideAl ThompsonFIDDLERS THREE (1948)
King's aideFrank SullyMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
King's aide, stock footageAl ThompsonMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
King's entourageUnidentified KNUTZY KNIGHTS 2KNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
King's lawyerUnidentifiedHENRY THE ACHE (1934)
King's personal guardDouglas CoppinSQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948)
King's personal guardDouglas CoppinKNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
KingfisherDuke YorkSOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941)
Kinko, rally speakerJack BaxleySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Kirk, first kidnapperVictor ZimmermanSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Kit Logan ChurchAnne GwynneSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Kitty BensonBetty CampbellGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Kitty BensonDoris DonaldsonPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Kitty BrownAnn MillerTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Kitty CarrollVirginia BruceINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Kitty DavisClaire CarltonFRIGHT NIGHT (1947)
Kitty DavisClaire CarltonFLING IN THE RING (1955)
Kitty McClainGrace McDonaldIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Kitty O'BrienBetty FurnessBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Kitty RandJane FrazeeHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Kitty the HorseEddie DunnMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Kitty's blonde showgirl friendRuth GilletteSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Kitty, as a childBetty Jane GrahamBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
KiwanaJoy WindsorHULA-LA-LA (1951)
Klingman's secretaryIris AdrianHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Knickerbocker Theatre managerUnidentifiedMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardHERE'S HOWE (1936)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardPUNCH AND BEAUTY (1936)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardCHOKE'S ON YOU, THE (1936)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardKICK ME AGAIN (1937)
Knobby WalshShemp HowardTAKING THE COUNT (1937)
Knobby Walsh / Lord Cecil PooleLeon ErrolJOE PALOOKA MEETS HUMPHREY (1950)
Knucklehead SmiffPaul WinchellSTOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! (1960)
Kovack TomarJoe VitaleDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Kovack's stoogeUnidentifiedDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Krause hoodTony DanteHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
KSKS announcerGene O'DonnellTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
KualaUnidentified HULA-LA-LA 3HULA-LA-LA (1951)

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