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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"How much would you charge to haunt a cave?" - Shemp (I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE, 1948)

Episode Characters

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D. A. Harvey S. KevinJohn WarburtonHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
D. A. John F. X. MaxwellPurnell PrattCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
D. A. MurdockArchie TwitchellFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
D. A. NordeauRobert BurtonSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
D. A. StringerPaul StantonMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
D. Quincy ThrockmortonHallam CooleySOUP TO NUTS (1930)
D. T. patientBilly GilbertMEN IN BLACK (1934)
Dad Prentis, convictGeorge C. PearceBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
DaddyJoe BesserCAUGHT ON THE BOUNCE (1952)
Dagwood BumsteadArthur LakeBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Daily Star editorRobert FoulkHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
Dainty Dolly Dish boss, voiceEmil SitkaTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
DaisyLucille Lund3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
DaisyLucille LundHEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938)
DaisyLinda WintersROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
Daisy FlowersConnie Cezan.UP IN DAISY'S PENTHOUSE (1953)
Daisy MillerNell O'DayCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Daisy SimmsLucille BallTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
Daisy's boyfriendEddie Laughton3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
Dam guardJack C. SmithLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Dam guardVictor ZimmermanLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Damasio ReyesJoe DominguezHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
DameUnidentifiedSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
DameLisa ReynoldsTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Dan BrownBen AlexanderLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
Dan FlanneryAl PearceONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Dan HigginsShemp HowardCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Dance hall girlAllyn DrakeHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Dance hall girlNancy CaswellHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Dance instructorGeneva MitchellHOI POLLOI (1935)
Dance instructorGeneva MitchellIN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941)
Dance sequence musiciansThe Four MadsIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Dance sequence singersThe ShirellesIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Dance studentSheldon JettSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Dance studentBobby BarberSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Dance studentBabe LondonSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Dance teacherPaul EllisSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Dance trio UnidentifiedBEER AND PRETZELS (1933)
Dancehall bandleaderLee KassIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dancehall brawlerKen TerrellIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dancehall brawlerMickey SimpsonIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dancehall bullyRichard AlexanderIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dancehall ticket takerEddie DunnIN THE NAVY (1941)
DancerDennis O'KeefeBOMBSHELL (1933)
DancerGeneva MitchellPLANE NUTS (1933)
DancerKathryn CrawfordPLANE NUTS (1933)
DancerMary HalseyPLANE NUTS (1933)
DancerLoretta AndrewsPLANE NUTS (1933)
DancerAustin J. YoungJAIL BIRDS OF PARADISE (1934)
DancerTut MaceBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
DancerCarl RandallRECKLESS (1935)
DancerNyas BerrySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
DancerMae DiggesSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
DancerBetty WonderVARSITY SHOW (1937)
DancerTommy WonderVARSITY SHOW (1937)
DancerRudolph MedinaANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DancerMiguel Fernandez MilaANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DancerFred VelascoANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DancerCarmen D'AntonioANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DancerRamon RosANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DancerDean CollinsBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
DancerJewel McGowanBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
DancerCarmella CansinoTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
DancerJose CansinoTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
DancerSunnie O'DeaIN THE NAVY (1941)
DancerSol HainesTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerWard ArnoldTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerEddie SearlesTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerDon AckermanTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerRobert Lock LorraineTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerAlex RomeroTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DancerDorothy RayeHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
DancerSayre DearingPITTSBURGH (1942)
DancerJack BarnettCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
DancerBill ShawnHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
DancerJack ColeEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
DancerCarmen D'AntonioSINS OF JEZEBEL (1953)
DancerHoward ParkerHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
DancerTiffany GranethTHREE STOOGES GREATEST HITS, THE (1997)
DancerCaroline JacksonTHREE STOOGES GREATEST HITS, THE (1997)
Dancer with mouse down dressSymona BonifaceLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Dancer, Bette Davis numberEdmund MortimerTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Good Neighbor numberIris FloresTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Good Neighbor numberPaulita ArvizuTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Good Neighbor numberArnold KentTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Good Neighbor numberIgor DegaTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Good Neighbor numberMargarita SavillaTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberJuliette BallTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberMillie MonroeTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberDoris AkeTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberAvanelle HarrisTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberLouise FranklinTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, Ice Cold Katy numberLennie BluettTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dancer, scene deletedGeorge BruggemanIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Dancer, scene deletedJames ClemensIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Dancer, Slim & SlamSlam StewartHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Dancer, Slim & SlamSlim GaillardHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
DancersThe Albertina Rasch GirlsBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
DancersThe Albertina Rasch GirlsHELLO POP (1933)
DancersThe Vitaphone Boys and GirlsPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
DancersThe Colenette BalletMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
DancersThe Albertina Rasch GirlsROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
DancersNed McGurn's TapstersCUCKOORANCHO (1938)
DancersUnidentified HULA-LA-LA 2HULA-LA-LA (1951)
DancersThe Steiner BrothersSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Dancers, scene deleted Kay, Kay & KatyaHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Dancing fat manVernon DentSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Dancing girl's motherGlen WaltersSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Dancing girl's motherAlice BelcherSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Dancing girl's motherTiny JonesSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Dancing girl's motherGreta MeyerSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Dancing girlsThe MGM Dancing GirlsBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
Dancing nurseTerrie RobinsonSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Dancing officerRalph T. BrooksIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dancing partnerGwen SeagerPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Dancing partnerSallu CleavesPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Dandruff patientA. R. HayselDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Dandy DawsonKenneth MacDonaldSTUDIO STOOPS (1950)
Daniel Warren Sr.Russell HicksSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Danny CheckettFred KeatingCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Danny CollinsRudy ValleeTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Danny Warren Jr.Phil ReganSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Dapper MaloneKenneth MacDonaldCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
Dapper MaloneKenneth MacDonaldHOT ICE (1955)
DarleneDarlene OttumSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Dave EveryJames EllisonRECKLESS (1935)
Dave HammonBernard SellCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Dave HolmesC. Henry GordonTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Dave KerryMichael DavidLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Dave MartinBilly WayneHOT STEEL (1940)
Dave Shaw, bus driverWilliam ValWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
DaveyButch PatrickHAND OF DEATH (1962)
DavidTad AlexanderBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
David ArmstrongEdwin CooperBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
David ElliotRobert LoweryMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
David FlynnBen CooperHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
DawnMary ScottHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
DawsonJames LoganHOT SCOTS, THE (1948)
DawsonJames LoganHOT ICE (1955)
de Valerie's butlerEdward CooperHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Dead End characterSammy SteinCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Dead End characterGene RothCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Dead End characterDuke YorkCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Dead End characterTiny WardCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Deadbeat customerRay MillerIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Deaf mute bus passengerAkim TamiroffFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
DealerFrank MayoSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Dean FlintDouglas WoodEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Dean MeredithHalliwell HobbesVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Dean O. U. GongaPhil Van ZandtSCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND (1954)
Dean of Pinkham UniversityJames FinlaysonWISE GUYS PREFER BRUNETTES (1926)
Dean PrimroseEdna May OliverMEET THE BARON (1933)
Dean WorthingtonRaymond WalburnSTART CHEERING (1938)
Dean's secretaryBess FlowersEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
DebbieConnie HoffmanBLAZING STEWARDESSES (1975)
DeborahMargia DeanSINS OF JEZEBEL (1953)
Deborah Chandler ClarkIda LupinoWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
DebutantePhyllis CraneANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
Deck stewardFred WattCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Deck stewardLew DavisCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Defense AttorneyBud JamisonDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
Defense attorney HermanCharles LaneWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Defense plant employeeFrank MarlowePITTSBURGH (1942)
Defense plant hiring clerkJack GardnerPITTSBURGH (1942)
Dek SharpWheeler OakmanTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
Del HendersonPeter WhitfordTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Del LordGeoff BartlettTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Delegate Vance RippemupEddie LaughtonYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Deleted scene as wife; role recastElaine WatersDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Deleted scene as wife; role recastEva MurrayDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Delia PumpernickleJudy MalcolmNO DOUGH BOYS (1944)
Delivery boyRoland DupreeSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Delivery boyAlan AustinSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Delivery driverJack LongSITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
Dell, deputy on trainDell HendersonMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Della BaileyMargaret IrvingSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Della HarmsSally EilersCORONER CREEK (1948)
DeloresChristine McIntyreWHO DONE IT? (1949)
DeloresChristine McIntyreFOR CRIMIN' OUT LOUD (1956)
Delores O'TooleJune Lang3 OF A KIND (1944)
Demonstration customerUnidentifiedCORN ON THE COP (1934)
Dental secretaryAdele MaraI CAN HARDLY WAIT (1943)
Dental studentsUnidentified THE TOOTH WILL OUTTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
DentistJack RiceCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
DentonFrancis McDonaldOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Dentures, voiceVernon DentTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
DepositorBilly MitchellBANK DICK, THE (1940)
DeputyUnidentifiedMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
DeputySteve ClarkHOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937)
DeputyJuan GarciaBRAVADOS, THE (1958)
Deputy Chief RyderLane ChandlerSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
Deputy MortEmil SitkaMERRY MAVERICKS (1951)
Deputy on trainLeo ClearyMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Deputy on trainJohn SheehanMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Deputy SheriffAl ThompsonWHOOPS, I'M AN INDIAN! (1936)
Deputy SheriffVictor TraversYOKE'S ON ME, THE (1944)
Deputy SheriffKernan CrippsTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
Deputy SheriffStan FrebergIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
DerelictHobart CavanaughPITTSBURGH (1942)
Desert Springs cashierMilton OwenIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Desert Springs managerBroderick O'FarrellIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Desk clerkJohn RidgelyHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Desk clerkEddie LaughtonOPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944)
Desk clerkVictor TraversOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
Desk clerkHans ConriedGENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES, THE (1946)
Desk clerkEmmett VoganFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
Desk clerkAl ThompsonBLUNDER BOYS (1955)
Desk nurseElla McKenzieDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Desk nurseInna GestROAD SHOW (1941)
Desk SergeantJack MowerVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Desk SergeantVernon DentSO LONG MR. CHUMPS (1941)
Desk SergeantAllan MelvinWITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968)
Det. Capt. Bill HurdEdmund MacDonaldSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Det. Capt. KellyTom GreenwaySTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Det. CollinsHarry CarterSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Det. FoxJoe DeRitaFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
Det. MinelliBruce MacFarlaneSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Det. QuinnEd GarganANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Det. ReardonEdgar DearingLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Det. SergeantJoseph A. CrehanKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Det. Sgt. SweeneyShemp HowardSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
DetectiveEdward HearnFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
DetectiveLouis MasonPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
DetectiveRobert GravesMAD LOVE (1935)
DetectiveDick RushWOMAN WANTED (1935)
DetectiveWalter FennerANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DetectiveMilton KibbeeANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DetectiveEdward HearnANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DetectiveDick ElliottANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DetectiveThomas JacksonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DetectiveWilliam RuhlMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
DetectiveKernan CrippsMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
DetectiveWilliam GouldKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
DetectiveBert MoorhouseONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
DetectiveRoy ButlerONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
DetectiveJack StoneyDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
DetectiveEddie DunnDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
DetectiveRay TealDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
DetectivePat FlahertyDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
DetectiveJoe PalmaWAITING IN THE LURCH (1949)
DetectiveCharles HamiltonWAITING IN THE LURCH (1949)
DetectiveTom BlackHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
DetectiveJack DonnerHAND OF DEATH (1962)
Detective arresting OrlacEarl PingreeMAD LOVE (1935)
Detective arresting OrlacSam AshMAD LOVE (1935)
Detective arresting OrlacRoger GrayMAD LOVE (1935)
Detective at airport, scene deletedAllen JenkinsIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Detective BlockJesse BlockWRONG, WRONG TRAIL, THE (1934)
Detective Charlie BealeLee PhelpsWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Detective Charlie Beale, scenes deletedTed HealyWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Detective ClancyFred KelseyIF A BODY MEETS A BODY (1945)
Detective CollinsWilliam B. DavidsonWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Detective DalyC. Henry GordonFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Detective DickensFred KelseyLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Detective EdLee BeggsLAZY RIVER (1934)
Detective Hyden ZekeFred KelseyHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Detective JacksonRichard FiskeLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Detective on trainChris FrankeMAD LOVE (1935)
Detective restraining Mr. DinklerStacy HarrisIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Detective Sgt. CassidyBert YoungNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Detective SharpVernon DentSING A SONG OF SIX PANTS (1947)
Detective SharpVernon DentRIP, SEW, AND STITCH (1953)
Detective, scene deletedVernon DentTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
Detective, scene deletedJohn MertonTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
DetectivesUnidentified STUDIO STOOPS 1STUDIO STOOPS (1950)
DevilHeinie ConklinTHREE PESTS IN A MESS (1945)
Dexter SneakHoward McNearERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Dexter's butlerLowden AdamsSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Diamond Back VogelDon CostelloANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Diamond Jim BradyRobert GriegBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
DianaMarjorie DeanneMATRI-PHONY (1942)
Diana EmersonHillary Brooke
Diana EmersonHillary BrookeAFRICA SCREAMS (1949)
Diane QuigleyVicki . TrickettTHREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE (1962)
Dice playerUnidentifiedCRACKED NUTS (1941)
DickErnie AlexanderDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
DickRichard LanePARDON MY TERROR (1946)
DickWilliam NewellWEDLOCK DEADLOCK (1947)
Dick KerriganRudy ValleeTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Dick McManusRichard ArlenLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Dick NoonanMort MillsSHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954)
Dick RobertsRichard ArlenLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
Dick WesselUnidentifiedTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Dickie StevensDickie JonesHOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937)
DiggerBen WeldenTHREE DARK HORSES (1952)
DigginsJohn KelloggPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
DigginsRichard FiskeIN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941)
Dignified manAl ThompsonANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
Dignified womanElinor VandiverePOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
DillonKenneth MacDonaldPUNCHY COWPUNCHERS (1950)
Dillon ''Dilly'' ToddRobert MontgomeryFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
DinerMarcia RalstonSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
DinerBeatrice RobertsSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
DinerPaul ParrySAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
DinerBert MoorhouseSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Diner customerMack SwainSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
Diner customerStanley BlystoneOF CASH AND HASH (1955)
Diner customerJoe PloskiDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Diner managerHarry GribbonBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
Diner ownerJoe BesserOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
DinersUnidentified PUNCH DRUNKS 2PUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
DingbatShemp HowardHIT THE ROAD (1941)
Dinkler, hardware store ownerEdward Everett HortonIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Dinklespiel's daughterHarriette TarlerHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
Dinner guestsUnidentified CRASH GOES THE HASH 2CRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Dinner party guestMargaret IrvingPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Dinner party guestHerschel MayallPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Dinner party guestElmer BrownPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Dinner party guestMelissa ArnoPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Dinner party guestMinta DurfeeSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
DiplomatEddie FetherstonMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
DirectorKing BaggotMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
DirectorHarold GoodwinSTART CHEERING (1938)
DirectorRichard LaneHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
DirectorEddie MarrHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Director's assistantFrankie VanBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Director's assistantMonty FordBANK DICK, THE (1940)
DirkCy SchindellTHREE LITTLE PIRATES (1946)
Dissatisfied customerJack "Tiny" LipsonPLAYING THE PONIES (1937)
Dist. Atty. MasonWilliam GouldSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Distracted bankerWilliam GouldHOT STEEL (1940)
District AttorneyCharles MiddletonRECKLESS (1935)
District AttorneyHarry SemelsDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
District AttorneySelmer JacksonTIGHT SHOES (1941)
District Attorney MartinLewis StoneWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Ditch diggerMax WagnerBANK DICK, THE (1940)
DiverHoughton RalphLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
DixieGrace McDonaldSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Dixon, radio announcerTom HanlonCRACKED NUTS (1941)
DizzyShemp HowardIN THE NAVY (1941)
DizzyAdele MaraBACK FROM THE FRONT (1943)
DobieJack Elam4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
DocRobert GlecklerVERY CLOSE VEINS (1934)
Doc BarkerJack NormanOUT WEST (1947)
Doc BarkerJack NormanPALS AND GALS (1954)
Doc KeeferVernon DentTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
Doc MasonClem BevansGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
Doc McGinnisJoe BesserTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
Doc OverholtHowland ChamberlainFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Doc PowersFrank CravenPITTSBURGH (1942)
Dock master SergeantJoe BesserWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
DoctorPaul EvertonSALT WATER DAFFY (1933)
DoctorUnidentifiedMUSHROOMS (1934)
DoctorGene PerryPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
DoctorBud JamisonMEN IN BLACK (1934)
DoctorEdward LeSaintBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
DoctorAl ThompsonHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
DoctorCharles TrowbridgeSPEED (1936)
DoctorPaul McVeySING, BABY, SING (1936)
DoctorCharles TrowbridgeMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
DoctorJohn TyrrellHOME ON THE RAGE (1938)
DoctorJohn DilsonLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
DoctorPaul ScottPITTSBURGH (1942)
DoctorEddie DunnHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
DoctorJohn InceMR. NOISY (1946)
DoctorVernon DentOUT WEST (1947)
DoctorVernon DentPALS AND GALS (1954)
DoctorCharles MartinSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
DoctorFrank McNamaraTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Doctor ApplebyPeter BroccoTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Doctor attending Capt. GriggsCharles TrowbridgeOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Doctor conducting physicalsJack MulhallBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Doctor GogolPeter LorreMAD LOVE (1935)
Doctor on panelEric MayneAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Doctor on panelLarry SteersAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Dodie RogersJune PreisserHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
DogJames KomackSENIOR PROM (1958)
Dog catcherCharles DoretyFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Dog catcherNed GlassFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
DollyCara WilliamsHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Dolly DevoreChristine McIntyreSTUDIO STOOPS (1950)
Dolores SanchezSuzanne KaarenWHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
Dominick, prison chefFrank MillsMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
DominoHugo HaasSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
DonPeter SullivanSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Don CarloCharles MasterCUCKOORANCHO (1938)
Don TrevorDonald CookHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Donald NovisDonald NovisEVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC (1934)
DonnaLillian MilesKNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE (1934)
DonnyDonald O'ConnorPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
DonovanEdgar KennedyMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
DoormanUnidentifiedBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
DoormanHarry HollingworthVARSITY SHOW (1937)
DoormanJames C. MortonAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
DoormanBroderick O'FarrellPITTSBURGH (1942)
DoormanRalph DunnSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
DoormanJack MowerDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
DoormanVictor TraversGENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES, THE (1946)
DoormanWilliam GraeffSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
DoormanRichard CollierLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Doorman at poker gameJohn GallaudetRECKLESS (1935)
Doorman, Bette Davis numberHarry AdamsTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
DopeyHarold De BeckerI SCREAM (1934)
Dopey BennyNoel MadisonMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Dopey TraynorShemp HowardPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
DoraLou LeonardHUSBANDS BEWARE (1956)
Dora BelleMarcia HealySITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
DorisCarla BalendaEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Doris ReedRosalind RussellCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
DorothyDorothy CostelloSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Dorothy WatersRuth HusseyANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Dot MarshallMabel ToddHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Dot RobertsClaire DoddIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dot's partnerWilliam MansellHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Dottie GlutzLoretta SayersMUSHROOMS (1934)
Double Deal DeckerFred KohlerHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Double-talk customerSyd Saylor3 OF A KIND (1944)
DowagerLaura TreadwellTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
DowagerBetty RoadmanAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
DowagerGrace HaylePRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
DowagerCaroline CookeSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Dowager party guestsUnidentified PEST MAN WINS 1PEST MAN WINS (1951)
Downstairs maidMinerva UrecalMEET THE BARON (1933)
DoyleJack GardnerA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Dr. A. Yank, DentistBud JamisonI CAN HARDLY WAIT (1943)
Dr. AbdulJoel FriedkinPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Dr. AllenEdward EarleMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Dr. Atwell, overseerC. Montague ShawSTART CHEERING (1938)
Dr. Ba Loni SulamiJohn Lester JohnsonTHREE MISSING LINKS (1938)
Dr. BaumlerIvan TriesaultSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Dr. BergensonEmmett VoganMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Dr. Bill CollinsTruman BradleyMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Dr. BrennerErwin KalserSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Dr. BrightHorace MurphyDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Dr. Bright's secretaryBetty McMahonDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Dr. Carl HesserAlbert BassermanGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Dr. Charles PommerPaul FreesSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
Dr. Charles ShingleCharles CoburnOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Dr. CrandallMorgan WallaceOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Dr. CushmanHoward C. HickmanDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Dr. D. LeriousVernon DentFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Dr. D. Lerious' receptionistDorothy ApplebyFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Dr. DeathJohn ConsidineDOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973)
Dr. Doremus, coronerCharles SellonCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Dr. Duncan 'Doc' JacksonRichard CarlsonHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Dr. EltonWallis ClarkCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Dr. Emil GseundheitAndre PolaWAITING IN THE LURCH (1949)
Dr. Emil GseundheitAndre PolaFIRE CHASER, THE (1954)
Dr. FishLionel AtwillSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Dr. Fixyer MindyerSid CaesarSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Dr. FosdickHoward C. HickmanSTART CHEERING (1938)
Dr. GravesDell HendersonMEN IN BLACK (1934)
Dr. GrazlichLudwig StosselPITTSBURGH (1942)
Dr. GriffithHoward C. HickmanWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Dr. GseundheitEmil SitkaSCRAMBLED BRAINS (1951)
Dr. GuntherRoman BohnenAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Dr. Harry ArmsVernon DentDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Dr. Harry LindsaySelmer JacksonMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Dr. HendersonCharley GrapewinTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Dr. Hugo GansamacherMoe HowardSWEET AND HOT (1958)
Dr. I. YankumRichard FiskeALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Dr. Ingred Naarveg Anna-LisaHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
Dr. Jane AlexanderMargaret SullavanAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Dr. JekyllPhil Van ZandtSPOOKS! (1953)
Dr. JonesJohn HamiltonONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Dr. JordanUnidentifiedWRONG, WRONG TRAIL, THE (1934)
Dr. KaneLeslie FentonCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Dr. KemperTheodore NewtonSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Dr. KirbyPaul HarveyTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dr. LamarWilliam GouldAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Dr. LeventhalThomas Browne HenrySAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Dr. Lupus CrummRobert McWadeOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Dr. LymanJohn TyrellNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Dr. MallardKenneth MacDonaldMONKEY BUSINESSMEN (1946)
Dr. MarbeauCharles TrowbridgeMAD LOVE (1935)
Dr. MartinJobyna HowlandMEET THE BARON (1933)
Dr. MasonEdward LeSaintBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
Dr. Nova KaneArthur HavelABSORBING JUNIOR (1936)
Dr. Nova Kane's assistantMorton HavelABSORBING JUNIOR (1936)
Dr. O. B. StretrickWheaton ChambersEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Dr. OnandonadaRichard BrestoffSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Dr. Owen TownleyMilton KibbeeHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Dr. ParrishEdwin StanleySTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Dr. PowellBud JamisonWE WANT OUR MUMMY (1939)
Dr. R. H. VickersJohn QualenI, THE JURY (1953)
Dr. RamseyRoy GordonHAND OF DEATH (1962)
Dr. RandaCarlos DeValdezPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
Dr. SchlennaS. Z. SakellTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dr. SchmidtSteven GerayBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Dr. StallHarlan BriggsBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Dr. StephanowskyCharles HaltonMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Dr. StuartHarry AntrimOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
Dr. Ted BensonRobert ColbertHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
Dr. ThorndykePaul StantonROAD SHOW (1941)
Dr. TitusLudwig DonathBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Dr. ToppanbottomHerbert WarrenVERY CLOSE VEINS (1934)
Dr. WadeJames BushAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Dr. WaltersVernon DentNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Dr. WatsonNigel BruceCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Dr. WheatonFrank MayoTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Dr. WilsonGayne WhitmanBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Dr. WongKeye LukeMAD LOVE (1935)
Dr. Y. Tug, DentistLew DavisI CAN HARDLY WAIT (1943)
Dr. YorkForbes MurrayTHREE SAPPY PEOPLE (1939)
Draft Board memberJack BryanROOKIE, THE (1959)
Draft Board memberTed StanhopeROOKIE, THE (1959)
Draft Board memberAudley AndersonROOKIE, THE (1959)
Draft Board memberJamie ForsterROOKIE, THE (1959)
Draftee devilEddie AcuffHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Drake's announcerPaul BrooksDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Drake's assistantCyril RingIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Dress customerElinor VandivereSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
DresserJeni Le GonARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Dressing room maid UnidentifiedTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Drew, assistant directorWally MaherHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Drill recruitsUnidentified BOOBS IN ARMS 2BOOBS IN ARMS (1940)
Drill SergeantPat FlahertyPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
DrinkerHenry RoquemoreSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
DriverJack GardnerANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Drogo GainesJohn HubbardROAD SHOW (1941)
Drogo's nurseYolanda DonlanROAD SHOW (1941)
DrummerUnidentified SOME MORE OF SAMOA 1SOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941)
Drummer / ''Traveling salesman''Bert RoachHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Drumming customerBert YoungBOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940)
DrunkHeinie ConklinBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
DrunkBill ElliottHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
DrunkBobby CallahanHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
DrunkRobert Emmett KeaneMAD LOVE (1935)
DrunkGus ShyWOMAN WANTED (1935)
DrunkTom DuganSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
DrunkAl HermanPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
DrunkJack NortonROAD SHOW (1941)
DrunkDon BarclayMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
DrunkDon BarclayPITTSBURGH (1942)
DrunkJack NortonHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
DrunkJack NortonIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
DrunkJack NortonCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
DrunkSnub PollardROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
DrunkJack FrackDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
DrunkJoe PalmaHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
DrunkLeonard BremenHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Drunk from Los AngelesVince BarnettSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Drunk nightclub patronEddie LaughtonLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Drunk roadside farmerSlim GautABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS (1955)
Drunk's girlfriendGertrude AstorSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Drunk, Bette Davis numberJack NortonTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Drunk, scene deletedBert RoachTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Drunken barflyHarold BreenCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
Drunken barflyHarold BreenHOT ICE (1955)
Drunken friend of HectorMilton KibbeeFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Drunken friend of HectorHarrison GreeneFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Drunken womanCecil ElliotHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
DuboisMaurice MarsacHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
DuchessMaude TruaxPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
DuchessDora ClementLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Duchess, Curly's ugly dance partnerKathryn Kitty McHughHOI POLLOI (1935)
Duck farmerJohn RandA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Duck hunterJames MillicanA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Duck hunterJack HillA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Duck hunterVictor TraversA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Duck huntersUnidentified A DUCKING THEY DID GO 1A DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Dudley CrispinSamuel S. HindsSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Dudley HornPatric KnowlesANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
DuennaElyse KnoxARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Duenna, Good Neighbor numberAngelita MariTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
DuffyJack BaxleyMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
DuganErnie AdamsKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
DukeLynton BrentCALLING ALL CURS (1939)
DukeHugh HuntleyLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
DukeGerald MohrDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Duke of DurhamLarry FineRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Duke RandallRichard LaneTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
Duke RodmanMilburn StoneKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Dum-DumAbner BibermanANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Dump truck driverChuck MorrisonIN THE NAVY (1941)
Dunk SpencerJoe SawyerDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Dupre's butlerLeonard CareyHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Dutch clown # 1Moe HowardBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
Dutch clown # 2Jerry HowardBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)

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