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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"If I didn't need you, I'd exterminate you." - Moe (OILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE, 1939)

Episode Characters

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B girlLouise GlennHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
B. A. CopperFerris TaylorTRICKY DICKS (1953)
B. J. CalhounThurston HallDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
B. J., waystation bartenderDewey RobinsonCORONER CREEK (1948)
B. K. DoaksEmil SitkaTHREE HAMS ON RYE (1950)
B. L. FaulkenGrant MitchellHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
B. O. BotswaddleJames C. MortonTHREE MISSING LINKS (1938)
B. O. Davis / Lone Wolf LouieJohn TyrellSO LONG MR. CHUMPS (1941)
Babe unidentifiedSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
Babe CallahanRuth SelwynFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Babe WosentallPhil ArnoldERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Babe's maidUnidentifiedCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Babe, Paradise managerHarold HuberSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Babs StewardRosemary LaneVARSITY SHOW (1937)
BabyPenny SingletonHOWD' YA LIKE THAT? (1934)
BabyUnidentifiedMR. NOISY (1946)
Baby AmosNorman OllestadALL GUMMED UP (1947)
Baby DollLarry FineSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
Baby in strollerCarole CostelloIN THE NAVY (1941)
Baby ManningUnidentified MUTTS TO YOU 1MUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Baby SandyJacqueline DalyaCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Baby, Henry's wifeBillie LeonardWHY PAY RENT? (1935)
Backstage copUnidentifiedHELLO POP (1933)
Badlands BlackieDick CurtisTHREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE (1946)
Baggage manEddie GribbonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Baggage manPhilip MorrisANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Baggage manRalph DunnANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Baggage man at train stationEddie HallANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
BaggieDee GreenI'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE (1948)
BaggieDee Green.STONE AGE ROMEOS (1955)
Bail bondsmanGeorge LloydDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
BailiffLee PhelpsDANCING LADY (1933)
BailiffHenry SylvesterHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
BailiffAl ThompsonDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
BailiffEarl SeamanMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
BailiffPaul BryarSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
BailiffPaul KrugerIDIOTS DELUXE (1945)
BailiffPaul KrugerGUNS A POPPIN! (1957)
BakerBud JamisonACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
Bakery assistantGeorge GrayOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
Bakery clerkMarc MarionIN THE DOUGH (1933)
Bakery dept. clerkJohn TyrrellOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
BakuBuddy RooseveltDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
Balbo the MagicianVernon DentLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Bald manWilliam O'BrienCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Bald manBobby BarberCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Bald man in barC. L. SherwoodWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Bald man in elevatorTenen HoltzHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Bald man in locker roomMarvin LobackTHREE LITTLE BEERS (1935)
Bald man in parkCharles HowardMUSHROOMS (1934)
Bald man, Bette Davis numberCharles FrancisTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bald man, Bette Davis numberHarry A. BaileyTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bald nightclub patronVictor TraversLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Bald spectator damped by sodaUnidentifiedMR. NOISY (1946)
BaldwinDonald BriggsMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
BaldwinDick ElliottTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
BaldyBuster BrodieCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Balloon salesmanUnidentifiedCHOKE'S ON YOU, THE (1936)
Band memberWoody HermanCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Band memberDouglas WilliamsHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Band memberShimen RuskinSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Band's sound effects manFrank O'ConnorSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Bank board memberBob Steele4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Bank clerkGrady Sutton4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Bank guardJames FlavinSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Bank officerReed HowesSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Bank robberBob WoodwardHOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937)
Bank robberJerry MandyCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Bank robberJohnny KascierCAUGHT ON THE BOUNCE (1952)
Bank tellerEddie LaughtonCASH AND CARRY (1937)
BankerFrank O'ConnorGIVE A MAN A JOB (1933)
BankerWilbur MackWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
BankerJose Luis TortosaSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
BankerErnie AdamsPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Banker, scene deletedWilliam ForrestIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Bar customerRalph MontgomeryOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
Bar customersUnidentified WOMAN HATERS 2WOMAN HATERS (1934)
Bar patronJohn KellyPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bar patronJay EatonPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bar patronJack PennickPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bar patronHarry C. BradleyPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bar patronCarl StockdalePRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bar patronsUnidentified PALS AND GALS 1PALS AND GALS (1954)
Barbary Coast typeDon RowanSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
BarberGeorge BerangerHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
BarberHector SarnoDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
BarberMonte CarterCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
BarberJack ChefePITTSBURGH (1942)
Barbershop customerHarry SemelsDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
BarflyTony HughesSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
BarflyTex CooperPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
BarflyJack EvansPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
BarflyJack EvansTHREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE (1946)
BarflyJohn HalloranCORONER CREEK (1948)
BarflyJack CaseyCORONER CREEK (1948)
BarflyJoe PalmaCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
BarflyWally WestGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
BarflyRay JonesGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
BarflyUnidentified HOT ICEHOT ICE (1955)
BarflyJesse WayneOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
BarflyDuke FishmanOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
BarflyBill DyerOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
BarflyJimmie HoranOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
BarflyKenner G. KempOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
BarflyHerman HackOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Barfly and barmaidUnidentified PHONY EXPRESS 2PHONY EXPRESS (1943)
Barfly with letterColey WorthSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
BarflysUnidentified OUT WEST 5OUT WEST (1947)
BarkerEarle HodginsCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
BarneyJoe DevlinANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
BarneyNestor PaivaPITTSBURGH (1942)
Barney JohnsonRichard LaneTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Barney the gorillaArt MilesCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Barney's employeeJoe KirkPITTSBURGH (1942)
Baron Elston CarteblancheSig RumanERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Baron MunchausenHenry KolkerMEET THE BARON (1933)
Baron MunchausenJack PearlHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Baron of GreymatterJerry HowardRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Bart MannersForrest TuckerTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
BartenderBen TurpinHOLLYWOOD ON PARADE # B-9 (1934)
BartenderCharles H. HickmanWOMAN HATERS (1934)
BartenderTom HerbertHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
BartenderNelson McDowellHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
BartenderFrank MoranWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
BartenderFred HarperSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
BartenderJames DonlanHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
BartenderTom McGuireSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
BartenderWilbur MackSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
BartenderWilliam IrvingWHOOPS, I'M AN INDIAN! (1936)
BartenderEddie LaughtonGOOFS AND SADDLES (1937)
BartenderSam FinnHOT STEEL (1940)
BartenderSam LufkinNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
BartenderEddie LaughtonPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
BartenderJerry MandyTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
BartenderEdward ThomasTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
BartenderCharles McAvoySAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
BartenderKernan CrippsAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
BartenderChester ConklinPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
BartenderMartha WentworthSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
BartenderHal PriceROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
BartenderHeinie ConklinMR. NOISY (1946)
BartenderJoe GarciaTHREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE (1946)
BartenderThornton EdwardsONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
BartenderHeinie ConklinOUT WEST (1947)
BartenderHeinie ConklinCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
BartenderHeinie ConklinPUNCHY COWPUNCHERS (1950)
BartenderAlden ChaseOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
BartenderAl ThompsonMERRY MAVERICKS (1951)
BartenderHeinie ConklinPALS AND GALS (1954)
BartenderPaul BryarHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
BartenderHeinie ConklinFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
BartenderCandy CandidoPLUNDERERS OF PAINTED FLATS, THE (1959)
BartenderArt SalterSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
BartenderArt SalterSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
BartenderTiny BrauerOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Bartender, Bette Davis numberSam AdamsTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bartender, Errol Flynn numberMonte BlueTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Barton's secretaryEthelreda LeopoldTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Bartosh, orchestra musicianLarry FineCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
BascombJohn EldredgeSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Baseball CommissionerSam FlintDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Baska JonesEthelreda LeopoldIN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941)
BatShemp HowardSPOOKS! (1953)
Bat MastersonEd T. McDonnellOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Bathing beautyMaria MontezLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Bathing girlJane WaldTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Battered orderlyJohnny KascierFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Battleaxe wife at radio stationBlanche PaysonIN THE NAVY (1941)
Battlefield soldiersUnidentified BOOBS IN ARMS 4BOOBS IN ARMS (1940)
BeaChristine McIntyreHOT ICE (1955)
Bea BopperNorma RandallSPOOKS! (1953)
BeachcomberRobert BarronCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Bearded enemy soldierEmil SitkaSPIES AND GUYS (1953)
Bearded guestAl ThompsonOPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944)
Bearded manJack DuffyPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Bearded nighclub patronLynton BrentLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Bearded trampIvor McFaddenMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Beauregard, bank board memberPaul Langton4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BeauticianBarbara BartayBLUNDER BOYS (1955)
Beauty contestants, scene deletedUnidentified MATRI-PHONY 2MATRI-PHONY (1942)
BeaversTom KennedyHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Bebe MorrisonPeggy MoranHOT STEEL (1940)
BeckyLouise FazendaCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Bedoni, bank board memberMario Siletti4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BeeChristine McIntyreCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
Beggar violinistGus LeonardPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
Bell ringerUnidentified DUTIFUL BUT DUMB 2DUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
BellaMarie MarionMUSHROOMS (1934)
BellaRuth GodfreySHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954)
Bella StevensRuth SkinnerTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Bella, Mary's masseuseGreta MeyerFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
BellboyRay CookeFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
BellboyRed PearsonIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
BellboyGeorge HaggertyPUNCH AND BEAUTY (1936)
BellboyUnidentifiedBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
BellboyJerry FletcherHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
BellboyBuddy PepperMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
BellboyUnidentifiedTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
BellboyTeddy MangeanEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
BellboyBilly BenedictGENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES, THE (1946)
BellboyJohnny KascierBRIDELESS GROOM (1947)
BellboyJohnny KascierHUSBANDS BEWARE (1956)
BellboyMiguel PalenzuelaHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
BelleMary AinsleeHE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952)
BelleRuth GodfreyPALS AND GALS (1954)
BelleMary AinsleeTRIPLE CROSSED (1959)
Belle CollinsHelen Gilbert3 OF A KIND (1944)
Belle StarrSally StarrOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Belle, new footageConnie Cezan.TRIPLE CROSSED (1959)
BellhopGerald PierceSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
BellhopSpec O'DonnellCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
BellhopWarren MillsDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
BellhopThomas MartinDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
BellhopJohnny WalshDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
BellhopDick HirbeDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
BellhopNancy SaundersSLAPPILY MARRIED (1946)
BellowsFranklin PangbornFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
BenBen BlueVERY CLOSE VEINS (1934)
Ben BrewsterRobert LivingstonBLAZING STEWARDESSES (1975)
Ben IversEarle LyonTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
Ben KelvinWalter KingsfordMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Ben RandolphWilbur MackBOMBSHELL (1933)
Benji BenjaminBuddy HackettIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
BennieLew HarveyGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Benny the BounceShemp HowardSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Benny WeaverAlan KingHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
BensonEddie FetherstoneVIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY (1938)
BensonBobby CooperGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Benson's assistant managerJohnny KascierGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Benson's sparring partnerMushy CallahanGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
BerkoJack PerrinLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Bernie WaltonAllyn JoslynHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
BertRobert BarronMISSISSIPPI GAMBLER (1942)
BertFrank SullyDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Bert LohmanStanley BlystoneHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Bert PfeifferJimmy LittleHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
BertieAnne P. KramerOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
Bertram, Horace's brother-in-lawLionel StanderMUSHROOMS (1934)
Bespectaled man in elevatorBill RichmondERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
BessMarie WindsorTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
Besser's stand-inJohnny KascierHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Besser's stand-inJohnny KascierDIZZY YARDBIRD (1950)
Besser's stand-inJohnny KascierAIM, FIRE, SCOOT (1952)
BessieDoris HouckG. I. WANNA HOME (1946)
Beth ConnellFrances LangfordMISSISSIPPI GAMBLER (1942)
BettieDiana DarrinPARDON MY BACKFIRE (1953)
Betting parlor announcerRalph PetersIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Betting parlor clerkBrooks BenedictIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Betting parlor mike manHerb VigranIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Betting window clerkBert YoungEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Betting window clerkFrank PennyIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Betts, convictAl HillBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
BettyNancy KellyCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
BettyChristine McIntyreWEDLOCK DEADLOCK (1947)
Betty BartholemewJune BrewsterLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Betty BradleyPriscilla LaneVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Betty HealyZoe CoyleTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Betty JohnsonMartha RayeHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Betty LansingJean ParkerMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
Betty RandolphAdrienne AmesWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Betty RogersNoel NeillHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Betty ValeGladys BlakeROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
Betty WhippleBillie LeonardSO YOU WON'T T-T-T-TALK (1934)
Betty WilliamsUnidentified NUTTY BUT NICE 1NUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Betty WinslowMarjorie MannersFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
Betty, Elmer's wifeDorothy BrownON THE WAGON (1935)
Betty, Elmer's wifeEthel SykesWHY PAY RENT? (1935)
BettyJoBettyJo HustonSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
BeverlyBeverly HaneySWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
BeverlyMelanie ChartoffSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Beverly AnneBeverly HawthorneSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Beverly's fatherHarvey VernonSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Beverly's motherGracia LeeSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Bey of RumJack "Tiny" LipsonI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Bi-plane pilotBen BlueIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
BidderWilliam WorthingtonCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
BidderAl HaskellARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderRobert BarronARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderNick ThompsonARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderMurdock MacQuarrieARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderArt MilesARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderAnthony BlairARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderAndre CharlotARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderFrank LackteenARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BidderDouglas WoodCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Biddle, French sailorCharles JudelsGOBS OF FUN (1933)
Biff GordonBroderick CrawfordSTART CHEERING (1938)
Biff's stoogeYale OkunPUNCH AND BEAUTY (1936)
Big BoyRalph DunnSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Big Ed WallaceGayne WhitmanHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Big Fink, scene deletedPaul NewlanHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Big Hearted CharlieAndrew TombesIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Big man in elevatorMichael RossERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Big MikeHarold BrauerFRIGHT NIGHT (1947)
Big MikeFrank SullyFLING IN THE RING (1955)
Big Mike DoughertyRobert LoweryTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
Big NigCharles SullivanBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
Bilbo's assistantClaire JamesA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
BillEdward BrophyINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
BillRuss WhitemanONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
BillLynton BrentBRIDE AND GLOOM (1947)
BillBlackie WhitefordHUGS AND MUGS (1950)
BillFrank MitchellGOOF ON THE ROOF (1953)
Bill ArnoldPhil SchumacherCORONER CREEK (1948)
Bill BradleyWeldon HeyburnCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Bill DrexelRobert YoungLAZY RIVER (1934)
Bill HarrisonAllyn JoslynSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Bill NoonanKenneth MacDonaldSHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954)
Bill SteinJoe TwerpIN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941)
Bill WilliamsWally MaherMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
Bill ZacharyStephen BoydBRAVADOS, THE (1958)
Bill, injured minerJohn SheehanPITTSBURGH (1942)
Bill, internRalph DunnTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bill, policemanJimmie DundeeMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Bill, truck driverDon LamondTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Billie Sue Culpeper, voiceLouise GlennIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Billy CaswellPercy KilbrideFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Billy GilbertBilly Gilbert3 OF A KIND (1944)
Billy GilbertBilly GilbertCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Billy GilbertBilly GilbertTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
Billy LowryGeorge 'Spanky' McFarlandHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Billy the KidJohnny GingerOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Billy, farmer's sonBuster SlavenPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Bing Williams & His TroubadoursUnidentifiedHERE COMES FLOSSIE! (1933)
BingoDavid DurandKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
BinkyShemp HowardKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
BirdieMoe HowardHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
Birdie Tony the Wonder HorseHORSING AROUND (1957)
Birdie the horse Tony the Wonder HorseHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
BixbyEddie KaneCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Black employeePaul WhiteGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Black JackJohn L. CasonPUNCHY COWPUNCHERS (1950)
Black LouieRobert StevensTHREE LITTLE PIRATES (1946)
Black man at operaJess Lee BrooksFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Black man at operaBilly MitchellFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Black PrincePhil Van ZandtSQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948)
Black PrincePhil Van ZandtKNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
BlackieLynton BrentA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Blackie ColeOskar HomolkaINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Blackie NortonClark GableSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Blackie, convictBlackie WhitefordBEER BARREL POLECATS (1946)
Blackjack dealerMax Wagner4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BlacksmithHarry CordingARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BlakePaul DubovAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Blake, mine ownerDick CrockettGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
Bland's motherKathleen FreemanWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Blind beggarJohnny BerkesARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Blind manDad MillsFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Blind manOtto HoffmanMAD LOVE (1935)
Blinky SweenyShemp HowardBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
BlodgettErnest TruexSTART CHEERING (1938)
BlondeElaine MoreyCRACKED NUTS (1941)
BlondeGloria VictorHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
BlondeKatina GarnerSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
BlondePippa GrandisonTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Blonde actress' stand-inMike MazurkiERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Blonde chorus girlEthelreda LeopoldTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Blonde girlAlexandra HaySTAR SPANGLED SALESMAN (1968)
Blonde in corridorMarion MartinCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Blonde schoolgirlBetty Jane GrahamTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Blonde showgirlMildred OlsenTHREE HAMS ON RYE (1950)
Blonde stenographerDarlene LuchtERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Blonde trumpeteerHilda TitleRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Blondie BumsteadPenny SingletonBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
BloochEd GarganTIGHT SHOES (1941)
BlossomNat PendletonRECKLESS (1935)
Board memberSymona BonifaceGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Board memberFrank O'ConnorGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Board memberCharlie PhillipsGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Board memberLew DavisGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Board memberJimmy BaysLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board memberHenry EdwardLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board memberByron MorrowLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board memberOwen CunninghamLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board memberTom GreenwayLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board memberSamuel ColtLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Board overseerWedgwood NowellSTART CHEERING (1938)
Boat manJohn TyrellBOOBY DUPES (1945)
BobBoyd DavisCORN ON THE COP (1934)
BobJimmy ClarkONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Bob BakerBrian AherneMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Bob BensonEddie QuillanHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Bob BurnsBobby BurnsPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
Bob MartinAlan CurtisBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Bob PenyonWarren HullLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Bob SaundersRichard DaviesSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Bob SmoynckThom SharpSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Bob StoneRobert LivingstonBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Bob's friendEddie TamblynHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Bobby ScheererRobert ScheererHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
BoboElisha Cook Jr.I, THE JURY (1953)
Bobo the OrangutanBurton WenlandAFRICA SCREAMS (1949)
Bobo, the OrangutanBurton Wenland
BodyguardBilly CurtisHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Boffo corner man # 1UnidentifiedKICK ME AGAIN (1937)
Boffo corner man # 2UnidentifiedKICK ME AGAIN (1937)
BombardierUnidentified BOOBY DUPES 4BOOBY DUPES (1945)
Bomber pilotStanley BrownTHEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943)
Bonecrusher PlatoZeni VatoriON THE WAGON (1935)
BonitaCarol ThurstonI, THE JURY (1953)
BonnieBonnie BonnellPLANE NUTS (1933)
BonnieBonnie BonnellHOLLYWOOD ON PARADE # B-9 (1934)
Bonnie-Bell SchlopkissMary WickesPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
BonnyBonnie BonnellHELLO POP (1933)
Bonny LatourBonnie BonnellBEER AND PRETZELS (1933)
Bonzo the gorillaRay CorriganDIZZY DETECTIVES (1943)
Boogie Woogie piano playerAnn JenkinsPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
BookieAl HillWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
BookieLee PhelpsWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
BookieCharles SherlockBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
BookieJack GardnerBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
BookieJoey RayeBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
Bookie BobBilly WayneBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
Bookie's doormanMarc LawrenceDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Boom operatorLew DavisMOVIE MANIACS (1936)
Boots WilsonBuddy Baer
Boots WilsonBuddy BaerAFRICA SCREAMS (1949)
BopkinsJimmie DoddHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Bored soldierSid MeltonHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Boris KabikoffMischa AuerCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Boris' henchmanErnie YoungRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
BorschtGene RothDUNKED IN THE DEEP (1949)
BorschtGene RothCOMMOTION ON THE OCEAN (1956)
Bos'n mateFrank PennyIN THE NAVY (1941)
BossKit GuardNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Boston Tea Party trioThe Three AdmiralsPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
BottersOlaf HyttenALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Boulder Dam publicity manHarry BowenTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
BouncerRalph SanfordPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Boxcar workmanUnidentified A PAIN IN THE PULLMAN 5PAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
Boxers in gymUnidentified GRIPS, GRUNTS AND GROANS 2GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Boxing bettorHooper AshleyIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Boxing refereeTom TylerBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
BoyBilly WatsonDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
BoySonny BuppSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
BoyTom BraungerBANK DICK, THE (1940)
BoyLarry HarrisBANK DICK, THE (1940)
BoyFrank WardBANK DICK, THE (1940)
BoyGene CollinsBANK DICK, THE (1940)
BoyKenneth LundyMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
BoyTom BraungerMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
BoyAlbert RayBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
BoyDanny MummertMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
BoyPaul ClaytonARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BoyCordell HickmanARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
BoyStephen GottliebIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
BoyJames CoppedgeTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
BoyStanley ClementsTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
BoyBilly GrayONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
BoyKen FairbanksSENIOR PROM (1958)
BoyMyron Berry4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BoyByron Berry4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BoySteve Condit4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BoyManuel Padilla4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Boy at Callahan'sDavid Leo TillotsonHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Boy at Callahan'sSonny BuppHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Boy in back seatDack WindsorSENIOR PROM (1958)
Boy in commissaryBarry LivingstonERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Boy in gymLeo GorceyHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymWard LondeliusHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymRobert TaylorHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymLouis HerbersHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymKent RogersHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymKenneth GrantHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in gymLee Otis Jr.HEADIN' EAST (1937)
Boy in lobbySpec O'DonnellHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Boy throwing gumballsHarry WatsonHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Boy with drinksJimmy MurphySENIOR PROM (1958)
Boy with fire hatGene NashSENIOR PROM (1958)
Boy with ice cream cone UnidentifiedPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Boy with pea shooterMark Miranda4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BradfordVinton HayworthLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
BrakemanMilton KibbeeTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Brandy SmithPorter HallBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
BrawlerDale Van SickelPITTSBURGH (1942)
BrawlerTom SteelePITTSBURGH (1942)
BrawlerCharles HamiltonPITTSBURGH (1942)
BrawlerChuck Hicks4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BrawlerHolly Bane4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BrawlerJohn Hudkins4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Brazilian officerMartin GarralagaSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Breckinridge DrakeAlan MowbrayDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
BrendaBlanche StewartTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Brendan Byers III / Field Marshal Erik KesselringJerry LewisWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Brewery managerRuss PowellMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
BrewsterPaul StantonSING, BABY, SING (1936)
BridesmaidLeslie WilshireSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Bridge party guestsUnidentified NO CENSUS, NO FEELING 2NO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Bridge party hostessSymona BonifaceNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Bridge party ladyJean MurrayPICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944)
Bridge party ladyBeatrice BlinnPICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944)
Bridge party ladyJudy MalcolmPICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944)
Brig guardCy SchindellTHREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS (1939)
BriggsEddie LaughtonOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
Brighto customerUnidentified DIZZY DOCTORS 2DIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
BroganEddie HallSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
BrophyEdward BrophyHELLO POP (1933)
Brother-in-LawShemp HowardNOT GUILTY ENOUGH (1938)
BrownStanley PriceSTUDIO STOOPS (1950)
BrownieBrownie DimitSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Bruce FarradayAdolphe MenjouSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Bruce VanderRaymond WalburnMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Bruised newshawkWally RoseCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Bruised newshawkJohnny KascierCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Bruised newshawkCharlie PhillipsCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Bruised newshawkJohn TyrellCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
BrunetteTamsin CarrollTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Brunette dance hall girlUnidentifiedHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Brunette showgirlJudy MalcolmTHREE HAMS ON RYE (1950)
Brunette trumpeteerDorothy KingRESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935)
Brunhilde, Elya's maidVirginia Christine4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Brutal manPaul LeesERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Bubblegum blower in elevatorCaroline RichterERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Bubblegum customerVictor TraversALL GUMMED UP (1947)
Bubblegum customerVictor TraversBUBBLE TROUBLE (1953)
BubblesJohn BubblesVARSITY SHOW (1937)
BuckFord Washington LeeVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Buck BensonBuck JonesHEADIN' EAST (1937)
Buck KennedyBuck JonesHOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937)
Buck, inmateWalter LongLAZY RIVER (1934)
BudHarris BergerGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Bud JamisonMartin PashleyTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Bud YoungMilton FromeWITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968)
Bud, ventriloquist's palJack GardnerEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Budd, radio station messengerCharles TannenSING, BABY, SING (1936)
BuddyKenneth BrownIN THE NAVY (1941)
Buddy GoldfarbEdwin MaxwellHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
BuffaloJimmy LittleTALK ABOUT A LADY (1946)
Buffalo BilliusJerry HowardGOOFS AND SADDLES (1937)
BugShemp HowardIN THE DOUGH (1933)
Buggy driverUnidentifiedMONEY SQUAWKS (1940)
BuglerCharles DoretyUNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935)
BugsieVince BarnettPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Building laborerCharles ArntPITTSBURGH (1942)
Building managerJohn TyrellALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Building superintendentRalph SanfordWHILE THE CAT'S AWAY (1936)
Building superintendentVernon DentTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
Bull's secretaryJudy MalcolmCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Bullfight announcerPaul EllisSAPPY BULL FIGHTERS (1959)
Bullring attendantEddie LaughtonWHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
Bullring attendantCy SchindellWHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
Bullring attendantEddie LaughtonSAPPY BULL FIGHTERS (1959)
Bullring attendantCy SchindellSAPPY BULL FIGHTERS (1959)
Bullring attendant, new footageJoe PalmaSAPPY BULL FIGHTERS (1959)
Bullring attendant, new footageUnidentified SAPPY BULL FIGHTERS 3SAPPY BULL FIGHTERS (1959)
BullyMoe HowardWE MUST DO OUR BEST (1909)
BumUnidentifiedPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
BumAlan FosterHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Bum in bedHarry WilsonHOT ICE (1955)
Burden's maidMaidie Norman4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
BurgessMantan MorelandCRACKED NUTS (1941)
BurkeDavid ThursbyDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Burlesque barkerJack BaxleyDANCING LADY (1933)
Burlesque patronHarry LeroyDANCING LADY (1933)
BurlyRex EvansFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Burly womanMary LoosMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Burly woman on streetBlanche PaysonSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
Burnside, shaft operatorPaul FixPITTSBURGH (1942)
Burton maidUnidentifiedART TROUBLE (1934)
Bus boyBilly BenedictTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus depot clerkCharles HamiltonWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Bus driver's voiceTony CurtisWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Bus passengerLeo WhiteFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Bus passengerHallene HillMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Bus passengerEddie LaughtonMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Bus passengerJack GardnerMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Bus passengerJoan MatthewsTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerPhyllis GodfreyTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerMorgan BrownTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerLily WestTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerDorothy VernonTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerGeorge B. FrenchTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerLeah BairdTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Bus passengerAdolph FaylauerWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Bus passengerFred AldrichWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Bus passengerSam FinnWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Bus station clerkSherry HallFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
BusboyShimen RuskinSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Bushy-mustached town elderHank BellTHREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE (1946)
BusinessmanHarry McCoyWOMAN WANTED (1935)
BusinessmanWilbur MackSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Businessman in lobbyJohn HamiltonDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Bustoff's waiterWilliam J. O'BrienGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
ButchShemp HowardDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
ButchFrank MoranANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
ButchCy SchindellNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
ButchBilly LenhartIN THE NAVY (1941)
ButchJohn MertonUP IN DAISY'S PENTHOUSE (1953)
Butch McGeeHarold BrauerTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
Butch, convictJoe PalmaBEER BARREL POLECATS (1946)
Butch, dress designerCurt BoisHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
ButlerSidney BraceyHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
ButlerWilson BengePARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
ButlerUnidentifiedHERE'S HOWE (1936)
ButlerWilson BengeMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
ButlerJohn InceTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
ButlerWilson BengeA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
ButlerClarence MuseMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
ButlerCharles ColemanMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
ButlerRudolph AndersMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
ButlerCharles RayAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
ButlerJoseph NorthHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
ButlerJohn ElliottEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
ButlerNapoleon WhitingHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
ButlerMilton FromeCINDERFELLA (1960)
Butler assisting drunkEdward ThomasHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Butler dancerAl MinnsHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Butler drawing drapesJohnny KascierPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Butler in poolGil PerkinsHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Butler mixing drinksSherry HallHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Buttz's aideCharlie PhillipsUNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935)
BuzzShemp HowardGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Buzz BoltonJohnnie ''Scat'' DavisVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Buzz JohnsonBud Abbott
Buzz JohnsonBud AbbottAFRICA SCREAMS (1949)

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